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For the third time during the season, East Fremantle has tasted defeat, this time at the hands of the lowest team in the league— South Fremantle. The result

of Saturday's match on the Fremantle   Oval was a big surprise. Old Easts start- ed as odds on favourites. Even the most optimistic Southern supporter, before the match, must have been doubtful whether his team was strong enough to stop East Fremantle's victorious march for the blue and whites have been playing wonderful- ly good football during the season. On Saturday, however, the team had an off day and Souths, on the other hand, play- ed sparkling, clever football. In all de- partments of the game they had their op- ponents beaten and the side did not con- tain any bad players. Easts lost the game in the packs and in the forward lines. In the ruck Campbell and Sunderland played match winning football. Never failing to knock out to advantage, these two play- ers followed the ball tirelessly and, had all the leads given by them been taken advantage of, South's victory would have been a greater one. Campbell, in particu- lar, delighted the crowd with a great ex- hibition of high marking. Although it was won by such a good margin (19 points), the match was by no means a

runaway game. East Fremantle had a good half of the play but they failed to materialise the many chances they had. Their shooting was bad and they fumbled with the ball, even when not bothered by an opposing player. Souths, on the other hand were much quicker in getting to the ball and, when in possession, did not worry about short passing, but kick- ed long and hard. Giles, on the fringes, played a great game for the winners and was responsible for many a goal-getting lead. He provided the tit-bit of the match when, while running hard, he brought down a fine mark and, without slacken- ing his pace, scored a goal with a long, low drop kick. Daly was the other mem- ber of South's "big four" on Saturday. Throughout the day, but particularly in the last quarter, he saved dangerous blue and white attacks and his fine marking and kicking did a lot to secure victory for his side. He was ably supported by Mahon and others who stood out for the winners were Hughes, Tuxford and Lawn,, the last named player scoring a neat bag of four goals. Jones, playing in goals, was easily the best of the blue and whites. He played brilliantly. Mark- ing surely, repeatedly coming out from

goals at the right time and kicking off with long low drop kicks, he turned many a Southern attack, only to see his team mates fumble and the ball come back. Jarvis played a good game throughout and Gibson, Roche. Ryan and Mudie were others who played well, though not up to their usual standard. A fair crowd at- tended the match, the gate receipts be- ing £105. O'Connor had charge of the whistle and his display was good. The teams were:—     East Fremantle: Dolan, Cinoris, Brown, Buchanan, Coffey, Ryan, Trus- cott, Tarvis, Woods. Jones, Baird, Dunne, Mudie, Sheedy, Williams, Roche, Gibson and Richards. South Fremantle: Tuxford, Sunder- land, Campbell, Staton, Sheedy, Dixon, Mahon, Edgar, O'Connor, Giles, Lawn, Fitzgerald, Hughes, Campbell, Daly, Calder, Lutey and Fuhrmann. Souths were first away and soon

Lawn, from a free, registered their first goal. After some mixed play in centre, Richards sent to Dolan. who in turn sent to Cinoris, who made no mistake and a goal was signalled. After a couple of points had been scored Souths com- menced to pike command and Giles, with a nice piece of play, put Lawn in posses- sion and he again raised two flags. Lawn was freed in front but missed the tall posts. A little later he was tripped and, from the resultant kick notched his third goal. Easts, at this stage, were giving away too many kicks and misjudged the ball frequently. Sheedy (S.F.) was awarded a free and scored the maximum. At the other end, Cinoris had the bad luck to hit the post and his good kick only added a point. The quarter time scores were:— South Fremantle, 4.2;   East Fremantle, 1.2. Sheedy (E.F.) opened the scoring for the quarter with a point. Jones turned a dangerous attack and Williams, playing good football, for-

warded to Jarvis, who was being played in the forward lines because of his good exhibition, in that position last Satur- day, but Mahon saved. Coffey secured a point and Ryan added another. Truscott, receiving from Ryan, scored a brilliant goal from a hard angle and then Souths took charge again. Giles, with a beautiful running mark and well timed kick, raised two flags and Lawn, receiving from Fuhr- mann, repeated the action a minute later. The scores at half time were:— South   Fremantle, 6.4; East Fremantle, 2.6. After the interval it seemed as if the foot- ball was going to become more interest- ing. Dunne scored a goal and Easts were in charge in front when Mahon and Dixon cleared. Giles secured a major at the other end and a great run by Buchanan was spoilt by bad play in the forward lines. Sheedy was put in possession after a pretty chain of marks between Jones, Cinoris and Coffey, but his kick just missed. Dolan was playing a good game and he put Coffey in possession, but Daly relieved. Tuxford eluded Easts' backs and scored a goal and. at three-quarter time, the scores were:— South Fremantle.   8.8; East Fremantle, 3.9. During the last quarter, the play was constantly round South's goal and it was during this quar- ter that the red and white back men shone out. Again and again Easts attack- ed, only to be repelled by Daly, Mahon, Lutey and Hughes, who all played sure, solid football. Only on one occasion did they break through and Dolan, receiving from Truscott, scored a major. Souths only added a point during the quarter and Easts were still battling hard when the final bell went, the scores being:—   South Fremantle: 8.8 (56 points). East Fremantle: 4.13 (37 points). The goal kickers were:— South Fre-   mantle, Lawn (4), Giles (2), Tuxford and Sheedy. East Fremantle, Truscott, Dolan, Dunne and Cinoris. Yesterday a match was played between Railways and Belmont Juniors at Belmont, after an interesting game Railways ran out winners by 8.14 to 6.11.