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East Perth and Perth met at the Perth Oval last Saturday afternoon, in ideal weather, and there was a good attendance in anticipation of a keen contest. It was

a poorly contested game, however, in which East Perth won in all departments, and by a wide margin of 66 points. They were a long way the better side on the day. Perth disappointed. After their   amazing recovery against West Perth on the previous Saturday, in which they ex- hibited brilliancy team’s work .and stay-   ing power, they were, expected to give East Perth a rare battle. Yet, except for a fleeting period in the opening quarter and for ten minutes in the third term, the redlegs never once looked anything like the brilliant band that had pulled a game out of the fire on the previous Saturday. They seemed to lack dash, they seldom developed any concerted action, and their efforts in front of goal were weak in- deed. This inaccuracy anchored their chances considerably. At one period they had kicked eight behinds. and only one major. At this stage East Perth had notched 7 goals 6 behinds — much surer work where the points are scored. The first quarter was poor. Neither   side developed any great pace, and there seemed to be much fumbling. In the second quarter East Perth got into stride, and, headed by Duffy, showed some team’s work which left them with a big lead at half-time. Duffy’s work in this half had been very fine. The clever little

East rover has come right back to form, and his recovery is most opportune, in view of the big games ahead in Adelaide and Melbourne. Duffy in top form is a big asset to a side. Last Saturday he was ever with the ball. Clever in his leads, clever in bis turns, and sure in his passing, he was the man in East's colours more than anyone else who helped to build up that winning lead for his team before half-time. As soon as the third quarter opened. Perth made a bid for re- covery, and, infusing dash into their work, had rattled on two goals in quick succession. Both majors had come from McComish — one of them a beautiful place kick — that rara avis of our game to-day. Were the red legs to repeat their amazing performance of the previous week? Their followers hoped so. Bur it was not to be. Their spurt fizzled out. and Easts, traveling along solidly and occa- sionally flashing out with brilliant pas- sages of play and neat team’s work, had rattled on' two more goals at the lemon bell. They had a lend of 31 points, and were playing so much above the red legs that they looked certain victors. And so it proved. They ran all over Perth, and Gepp (three times). Duffy, and Clune added goals to their tally. In addition to Duffy, both Brentnall and Guhl played great football. Brentnall repeatedly came through to clear with those electric dashes of his, and in the second half of the game Guhl beat his man pointless on the wing. Burgess. Western, Gepp and Walsh were other fine players. Few of the Perth men played to form. A. Watts was very sound in defence, and Sharples in goal, did wonderfully well. Grigg and Love, as first half players, and Royd- house and Matthews (marking finely)   were conspicuous. Umpire Cassey had charge of the game. The teams were: — East Perth. — Burgess, Dobson. West- ern, Mitchell, Duffy, Sparrow, Glew, Guhl, Woodthorpe, Owens. Campbell, Clune, Brentnall, Gepp, Sherlock, Walsh Fletcher, Mitchell.

Perth. — Donoghue, Langlands, Steele, Clowes, McLean, Sharples, Corser, Hicks, Love, Corney, McComish, Morris, Grigg Bryant, Roydhouse, Watts, Erickson, Matthews. Play lacked any ginger in the first few minutes, but the pace improvcd when East Perth, leading out well, got to at- tack, and rattled on two minors in quick succession. The first score of the quarter came from Clune, who, snapping from an acute angle, posted East Perth   first goal. Then Perth livened up, and a rush ended in Roydhouse snapping true. Perth were playing better. But before the term ended, East Perth had assumed the lead, Fletcher scoring the possible before the bell. Easts led 2.3 to 1.4 at the quarter. On the play for the term Easts had been slightly ahead, their bet- ter concerted work giving them the ad-   vantage. The football generally, how- ever, had been poor. In the second term it was even going for some time, both sides missing easy, chances. Then East Perth unfolded some fine football. Sure in handling and leading finely, they piled on a match-winning lead. Whilst keeping   Perth down to four behinds, they kicked 5.3 themselves. Campbell (twice), Owens, Fletcher, and Duffy goaled for them. They were decidedly the better side for the quarter. Perth seemed life- less, and fumbled a great deal. At the half the game locked safe for East Perth with 7.6 against 1.8. If Perth were to have a chance, they had to win back in the third, and they set about this object with rare vim. The   play became faster and more determined. McComish, with two goals early, raised the hope of the red leg supporters, but those hopes were short lived. Relapsing again to mediocrity, the East men rose above them, and, with goals from Camp- bell and Sparrow, had the fate of the game sealed at three-quarter time, with 9.7 against 3.10. The third term pro- vided the best competition of the game. Perth’s determined dash in the early part of the quarter speeding up the game and lending a little spice to the encounter. With a lead of 33 points, East Perth looked sure wingers, and. as soon as the last period began, Gepp. with two goals,   put the issue beyond doubt. With a ham- merlock on the result. East Perth con- tinued to play winning football, and be- fore the final bell rang out, Duffy Clune, and Gepp again had goaled for them. Final scores gave Easts a very hollow victory, with tallies of — East Perth, 14.12 (96 points).   Perth, 3.12 (30 points). Goal kickers: — East Perth: Gepp (3), Campbell (3), Duffy (2), Clune (2), Fletcher (2), Owens, and Sparrow. For Perth: McComish (2) and Roydhouse.