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Displacement of Cattle. Changes on Eastern Gold fields.

The introduction of sheep to replace cattle on stations on the Eastern Gold fields, some particulars of which were given in the 'West Australian' last week.

is not confined to those properties which have changed hands to South Austra lians. Several other stations are in process of conversion by local pastoral ists, many of whom are young men. The Mt. Malcolm Pastoral Company, comprising Messrs. Foulkes-Taylor Bros., E. L. Lefroy, and L. Manning, purchased from Messrs. Horan Bros., a holding of 250.000 acres, known as Glenorn. This property is within four   miles of Mt. Malcolm, and is all en closed with vermin-proof fencing. Sheep are being carried there very successfully and at present 10.000 are depastured. The new owners were so satisfied with the prospects at Glenorn that they pur chased from Mr. David Dick, of the Boulder Meat Supply, a further 300.000 acres of adjoining country, surrounding the town of Morgans. There are. 1,400 head of cattle on this property, which so far is only cattle-fenced. A vigorous policy of development has been adopted, and the conversion of the property to a sheep proposition i.s expected to be completed at a comparatively early date Cattle are also being superseded on Yackabindie Station, consisting of 500,000 acres, surrounding Kathleen Valley and Mt, Sir Samuel, the home-stead being within four miles of the Kathleen Valley   township. This property is owned by Messrs. Adamson (son of Mrs. Adam

son, of Haisthorpe Beverley. whose family has been long associated with the pastoral industry), J. Butcher (son of Mr. James Butcher, who is interested in Boolathana, Meeberie). and Canon Henn ( formerly head master of the Guild ford Grammar School). In addition to about 2.000 sheep., 600 head of cattle are now depastured on the station. Sheep-proof fencing and water conservation are being processed with. and the property is suffi- ciently well improved to enable consider ably more sheep to be carried. The cattle will be disposed of as opportunity offers, nnd they will 'be replaced by sheep. Leinstter Downs is now in the hands of Messrs. E. and C. H. Nairn, who also have interests at Yarrabubba on the Murchison, north-east of Cue. The pro perty will be stocked with surplus sheep from Yarrabubba. Leinster Downs com prises 300,000 acres, and is located due south of Yackabindie almost adjoining the town of Lawlers on the north, . About two years ago Messrs. Goerling and Sons, of Marloo Station, Wuraiga. purchased from Messrs. Rutledge and Willis the Pinnacles Station, of 750,000 acres, situated due east of Mr. E. A Brookcs's Dandarragan Station, Sand stone, which adjoins it on the western boundary. Practically the whole of the property has been enclosed with a ring of 6-wire sheep-proof fencing, and some sub-divisional fencing has also been erected. Tlie country in this -ocality is of first-class quality, and the present owners have done a good deal in the way of well-sinking and water conserva tion. They have about 2.000 head of cattle on the station, but it is intended to realise on the cattle and to replac with sheep as soon as possible.

The Leonora Pastoral Company, which is controlled by Messrs. J. A. Agnew, T. G. Kitching, W. Fitzgerald, and G. Sexton, owns about 550,000 acres ad- joining Erlistoun Station on the east and Tarmoola Station on the west. The present stock comprises 1,000 breeding ewes, and about 1,000 mixed cattle. The country is well watered, many of the wells being of shallow depth.. The Kalgoorlie and Boulder Fire wood Co-'s Erlistoun Station is north, of Laverton, the homestead being 40 miles from that town. Tho property consists of 1.000,000 acres, and is now carrying 4,000 Shorthorn and Hereford cattle, a draft of which was successfully market ed a week or two ago. It is stated that this station is a very fine one and should develop into a particularly good sheep property. It is well watered, equipped in an up-to-date manner, and miles of   vermin-proof fencing have been and are being erected on it. Lake Way Station, Wiluna, which has an area of about 600,000 acres, was re cently purchased by the Lake Way Pas toral Co., the members of the organisa- tion being Messrs. Williams Bros. of Northam. Herbert Lukin. of Guild ford, and Sermon Bros., of Grass Valley. As a result of a progressive policy the owners have provided within 12 months sufficient sheep-proof fencing and water

supplies to enable the property to be stocked with 4,000 wethers from the Mur chison. The wethers have fattened since the rains which fell early in the year and they will be marketed at (in early date. ? Some very choice country is included in tlie 370.000 acres which constitute the Mount 'Weul station, about eight miles south of Laverton. At one time this .hold ing was in the possession of Mr. G. A. McOmish. and was later owned by .Messrs. Fisher, Son and Aluiiin. It was' recently purclulsed by the Mount Weld Station Co..' in which the following are intcrrst ed: Messis. L. L. and G. G. Bati'inan. A. Campbell, anil P. 1). Iluttou.. T!iL- change over took place in March last, on a walK in. walk-out basis, ami then- wi're tlu-n a l)o u lit --00 head of mixed cuttle on the runs. Vermin-proof fencing i.-i being erected, and sheep-proof sub-division will follow, wJiIle water supplies wit bu provided as circumstances permit. The intention of the owners is- to stock up with sheep ofE the shears, ^he cattle to be marketed.

Another progressive « estern Austra lian nustoralist is Mr. Eric G. Wrtkie, who was in partnership with his brother, Mr. Leon Wilkie, in Edjudinu station. When that property was disposed of to Mr. James Withnell the partnership was dissolved, Mr. Eric AVIlkie purchasing ubout 130.000 acres from Mr. J. Oairns and others, adjoining and sur rounding the old Jessop's We'll townsite. The homestead is right nt the siding on the railway between Menzies iir.d Koo kynie. Mr. Wilkie has pursued a vigorous policy with a view to having tlie station ready for stocking with sheep off the shears'. Following the dissolution of his partnership -with his brother. Mr. Leon Wilkie acquired Kookynie station, com prising about 240,000 acres, from Mr. 0. A. LafFer. Imt he. subsequently sold it to Messrs. Howe' and Bright, and then pur chased Melita station from .Mr. W. -I. Nicholls, Mr. Leon Wilkie is now waiting to stock the latter property with sheep. This country is reponed to be looking remarkably well after the recent rains. It has already proved its capacity to stand heavy stocking under most trying condi tions. The well-known Y'erilla station is also in process of conversion from cattle to sheep country. It comprises 300,000 acres, and surrounds the old Ycrilla mining townsite, the boundary coming to within 10 miles of Kookynie. The new owners — the Yerilla Pastoral Co., Ltd.. which com prises Messrs. Percy F. Robinson, Dun can Robinson (his nephew), William Pad

bury, and C. u. Seabrook, of lYrk — se- cured the station from Mr. C. W. Marsh, and 400 head of mixed cattle were includ ed in the sale. The transformation of this property has progressed apace. About 200.000 acres have been enclosed with vermin-proof fencing,, and 2.000 ewes (with rams) have been on the station since December last. Sufficient fencing has been erected for the carrying of about 10.000 sheep, and oniy the high price of sheep has prevented the owners from nocking that number. However, it is hoped that an opportunity to purchase sheep at a reasonable figure wiH come during the shearing season, and the sta tion should be largely stocked and wet improved 'by the end of this year at the latest. ?