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In view of the fine form recently shown by West Perth, in contradistinc tion to the succession of reverses un dergone by Perth, it was anticitiflfwl

that the meeting of these two ten.-rn at the Leederville Ovnl on Saturday r'ter aoon wouM provide West Perth' with i\p \isily acquired four points; arid for the- lirst portion of the game it nnpeared ns if the common propliPT.v would be borne nit West Perth commenced the same in nbsolutely brilliant fashion, nnd were immeasurably sunerior in the first half, although ev'cn then, th-py wnre para mount mainly as the result of spectacu lar high marking, and not through con certed play. But what n chansre after half-time! The Perth men. who hnrt Jeen sluggish and uncertain, returned to the fray like jrinnts refreshed,' and outpaced, outmanoeuvred, even out marked the cardinals, who by contrast appeared slow and unorganisnd. and ivere certain^ ineffective. Whereas in the first half' the West Perth men liad sb,own* greater dash, better anticipation and confidence. Perth went through the second portion of the game with irresis tible vigour, and jnnintained n nace'the more astounding when compared with the lethargy of their earlier efforts. West Perth's early lend was gained mostly ns the. result of overwhelming su periority across the centre, where Gos nell. Johnson, nnd Sinclair bent their im mediate opponents pointless. Affer the interval, however, the- mercurial Grigg was in brilliant vein, nnd flnsh-vl. hither and thither through the crushes, picking up surely, kicking ??grandly, and evading his opponents with almost ron temptuous ease. Nor d:d his pffeefm ness cease with forwarding the bnll to the attacking brigade. On occasion lie ventured right into the forward area and gave and accepted splendid lenfls which., in contrast to the football' o'f the earlier stages of the game, were nothing' short of inspiring. Love nlso under went ji' change of form, nnd proceeded completely to turn the tables on John son who, however, sustained rather n nasty knock. Donoghue took ennrpp on the other flank', and displayed pnep and cleverness, one long low pass cov ering fully 50 yards direct to n mnn. Matthews, who had been surprisingly un certain in his marking, plnyed splen'didlv on the back lines, marking repented!;-, but Watts, whose form was consistently good all day, was easily the pick of th' defenders. Fearless and determined, he came through with great dnsh, and disposed of the ball well. Strangely enough Craig, for the cardinnls dis played his best for.m when the rest of his side had fallen away; in the In.*1 quarter he was particularly good. Flcii' ming. West's goal snenk, was beaten on the day by Watts. He took several epectaciOar anarks. but only cot one goal. It appeared, that he would have done better had his team mates allow ed him to go unhampered for the bnll in the air, while he was a little inclined to go too far afield. Sampson ami Moyle were conspicuous in the early stages, some of the Litter's drop YArJs'g being perfection. Mr-Comisli b.ipgpd five goals for the winners. leading out and snapshooting well, but missing seve ral rather easy standing shots. Brick son and Bryant -alsa displiyed «ood form, the former marking, brilliantly, while Hicks was more than- useful. Dur ing the first half Sharples's goal koenin? was splendid, and prevented several' ad- ditions io the West Perth score. The teams were: — Perth — Donoghue, Langhnd3, Steele, Clowes, McLean. Sharpies, Corser. Hicks. Love, Corney, Bryant. Grig?. Roydhouse, Watts. Erickson, MeAuliffe, Matthews. McCo-mish. West Perth. — Gosnell. Taylor. Craig MeDiawnid. Sinclair. Melbin. Flemminfl, Randall, Denton, Reardon. Fry. Samp son, Johnston. Moore, Moyle, MiClem ents. Kelly. McKenzie. West Perth were first, away, but Perth drew first blood with a single from Bry ant. Gosnell transferred after mark ing brilliantly, and a free to Sampson brought up a goal. Moyle followed with a single, -but Sharpies evaded fur ther attacks. Gosnell, who was domin ating the game, sent down reppated'y ?froin the centre. Flemming and Re.ardon getting minors before Melbin snapped a goal. A spectacular marl; trad dash by Johnston inaugurated a further attnH; which culminated in Fleamiing hems freer! and goaling. Almost immPflinWy Moyle was fouled and gained full points from the resultant free. M:-Comisii broke away and gave Perth « Hrance Bryant getting a goal as the bnll rang' when the scores were: — West Perth 4 3-' Perth. 1.1. West Perth went away for n single from the bounce, followed by a fine goal from Moyle, who drop-kicked from a sharp cngle. Perth now assert ed themselves, and after two points hud been scored, MtLean and Donoghtre cot goals in quick surcpseion. A single followed to West Perth, and then MiKon zie put on two goals in as many min UteSi'~i At-ii-c, 'lh(!r cm! ErMson marked brilliantly and hit the post but West Perth got away for a goal 'from penton. With only a few minmes to half-time. McComish got two giials in a remarkably short space- of time, lea vine the scores: — West Perth. S5; Perth 5.4. West Perth amoved of.' smartly for a minor, but Perth immediately assum ed control, and goals came with ' be wildering rapidity from Donchne hriekson. and M--Comish. ui-iikin-' the scores level. The nttsu-k was 'main- tained for practically tho rest of the term. Erickson getting another coil' white AVest Perth only got one point FIemm,ins had but on« opportunity, which he spoilt by kicking into live m.-in on- his mark. The three-quarter time scores were:— Perth, 9.10; West Perth, h There was no slackening up on the part of the visitors, McComish gonling soon after the recoainvenceuieut. Good worl; by Craig kept the attackers nt l»-iv for a but Hicks and MeCimiisli got jrcals. while several points were scored Just on the bell West Perth broke awav for a goal from McKcnzie, the final scores being: — Perth, 12.13 (8o points). West Perth, O.S tGU points). The goal-kickers -were: — ?Perth: Mc Comish (5). Donoghue (2). Erirkson (2 1 Bryant. MrLp-an, and Hicks. AVcst Perth: McKcnzie (3) Moyle (2), Samp son, Melbin, Flcnwning, and Denton. McIntosh a new umpire, had charge of the game, and did not do at all badly. He was rather free with the whistle, but did not tolerate rough play, and although he was in a few instances betrayed by

his inexperience into giving kicks which were undeserved, performed rather cre ditably.