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Not a very large crowd attended at the WA.CA. Oval on Saturday afternoon to witness the meeting of Perth ami East Fremantle. The conditions for football

were splendid — brilliant e-unslnne sr.ft fast dry turf bringing out the more attrac tive points of the game. Playing on their lome ground, the Perth men had sre.-it lopes of victory, and were the more de termined, as a win would have brightened considerably their chances of inclusion in the final four. However, on the day the Fxemantle team was too good, and

ilthough the game -pas well contested, :he result was assured from half-way hrough the final quarter. Perth were irst to score, but East Fremantle soon ;ot the lead, and held it to the end, ?ventually winning by 31 points. Perth ivcre ill served by their forwards at the beginning of the match, particularly by Matthews. This player dragged down j some magnificent ' marks, but kicked wretchedly. Love, of Perth, was the player of the match. On the wing he displayed pace, marked well, and dis posed of the bail to advantage, while when sent down to strengthen the for ward lines he scored one goal, and was responsible for severa-1 others. Buchanan, the East Fremantle wingster, was aiso in fine- form, marking and kicking well, although at times he was inclined to run too much, and on two occasions was pulled up for not bouncing the ball. Grigg iplayert beautiful football in the pivot position for Perth, his dash and eei-iike turn being features of the came, while only once did he miskick. The cen tre was all day the scene of good font ball. Brown doing excellent work for the. winners, while Clowes (transferred from the back line) was solid on the wing for Perth.. The same was fast and open throughout, and it was tihfi better system of East Fremantle which won. The long low dron kick, taken on the run. gave thp visitors an immense advantage, the home team .relying' too much on blind punting. East Frema-ntle's back men rose to great heights in the' second half. Perth got to within seven points of their opponents, but Clark. Baird, Jarvis. and Roche stemmed the .tide of further attempts, and enabled the victors to keep on the offensive most of the time. JIudie. 'play- ing his first game for the season, showed to advantage. Watts was easily Perth's star defender, picking up surely, showing good anticipation, and putting in lone telling kicks. Doinn and Matthews were alone in the air. both marking .splendid ly, the former being responsible for a lot of handy work. The teams were as follow: — East Fremantle.-^Dolan. Cinoris. Bu chanan. Brown, Baird, Coffey, Clark, Dunne, Gallagher, Gibson, Jarvis, Mudio, Roche. Ryan, Woods, Sbeedy. Truscott, Jon-es.

Perth. — Langlands. Steele, Clowes. Sharpies. Corser. Ilicks. Love. Corney, Morris. Grshara, Bryant. Preston/ Gnss. Rc;»Jhonse. Watts, Eriukson, McAuliffe, Matthews. Desultory play for the first five min utes ended in Erickson goaling after rp ceivir^ from Hicks. Another attack, en gineered by Grigg. culminated in a point, and then Buchanan to Ryan to Dolan gave the seasiders their first goal. Matthews marked well, but kicked badly for a sin gle, tout Grigg to Bryant gave Perth n further 50a!. The visitors then made a determined rally, three singles coming in quick succession, followed by a fourth, when Dolan hit the post. Perth took the leather away, a spectacular _ dash by (Jrigg transferring, and two minors were notched. One of the prettiest incidents nf the match followed. Brown, hem med in by three opponents, eluded them nicely, and. by nice passing between Sheedy. Cinoris, and Gallagher. Dolan was enabled to goal. Gibson followed witih a single, and then Gallagher, re reivmg from Dolan, kicked a major, the first quarter scores being: — East Fr« mantle, 3.5; Perth, 2.4. Despite the efforts of Watts and Love, Baird ' and Dolan put East Fremantle in scoring po sition soon after tihe resumption, and two singles came before Gallagher snap: ped a joal from th« ruck. Another minor, and then Steele. Love, and Erick son gave Perth a goal. A long drop kick bv Sheec'.y found the big opening for Old Easts, -two singles coming before Grhjg' eued the pressure with a spirited dash. ' Jarvis returned, however, and after a single, Gallagher pnt on the visitors' sixth goal. From the bounc* Buchanan secured, a'nd came through in brilliant style to goal again. Just be fore the long interval Matthews found the tall tposts for Perth, the scores be ing: — East Frcmantlc, 7.11; Perth, 4.4. Perth were fast away from the bounds, Corney picking up nicely and goaling. After a single had been sapped. Morris to Grigg to Lovo added Perth's sixth major, (but Matthews, after a glorious mark, kicked atrociously for a behind. Perth's attack continued. Love to Bry ant meaning a further goal, but the seasiders' quickly took a hand-, and re ceived a goal from Gallagher, who ran on after a scramble. Grigg was respon sible for a minor for the red legs, but East Fremantle kept on the offensive for the remainder of the term. Truscott setting a goal, and Coffey hitting the

pos't. leaving the scores: — East Jfre mantle. 0.13; Perth, 7.0. The home team commenced the final quarter in deter mined fashion, a point being rushed soon after the commencement. Morris then only raised one flag from an easy shot, but. after Matthews -had set right down, Erickson marked grandly and achieved the possible. East Fremantle took :i turn, and once more teie post was hit. Sheedy being responsible. Two singles to Perth and thr«| to East Fremantle were scored before Dunne to Coffey add ed a goal to the seasiders' tally. Perth were now obviously beaten, and Cinoris and Truscptt added goals 'before the bell, the final scores being: — East Fremantle, 12.17 (89 points). Perth. S.10 (58 points). The goal-kickers were: — East Fre mantle. Gallagher (4). Dolan (2). Trus rott (2). Sheedy, Buchanan. Coffey, and Cinoris: Perth. Erickson (3). Bryant (2). Matthews', Corney. and Love.