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There was a good, attendance at Sn tuacp Oval last Saturday to see Subiaeo ? and East Perth play. The weather con ditions were ideal — an inviting warmth

in the snn and little or no w:nd to favour either end of the Oval. Both sides were keea to win. East Perth desired to hold their place in the first four, and . Snbiaco were anxious t»- keep upsides with East Fremantle in the fight for top place. And so keenness was the key note of the game. It was a rugged battle. Pace\ vim, and determination were present all through, and it was a .thrilling game to watch. It was rugged ; in the extreme, but a few too many flashes of venom did not please. At one period of the game Frank O'Connor, us ually so much the master, lost control, and rafferty rules were the order of those minutes. He was not in his best form. East Perth won. and won well. Within ,ten minutes of the start of the game they had been set a leeway of 21 . points to make up. yet finished full of dash with a surplus of 13 points'. From half-way through the first quarter East i Perth kicked S.13 to 3.9 scored by Su 'biaeo. They rose superior to the maroons in. dash. Jong kicking, in pace, and in - determination, and their players went into the crushes with rare abandon. ,. Yet in the first ten minutes of thp match ithey appeared dwarfed by the l-rl]naD'-e of Subiaeo. who rattled on 3.3 to aU /and certainly piayert beautiful footka'I ' in the procuring of this lead. East PertT- ''fumHed-and played the short pass with disastrous result. But from this on* their methoas sltered. Fumbling gav jlace to snreness.: the short pass to Ions , telling kicks, whilst the ruggedness of their charges wore the maroons down , This extra power was apparent, narticn larly. in the second quarter and toward* ?the. end of the game. For a- game a* rugged as this was there were sow igrand flashes of foot'nalL Again nnd again came a meteoric break-away from ? the' crushes, with the ball whisked th-» length of the field, by quick transfers or streaming runs. And bhe high marking was fine on occasions. Victory went to ; East Perth because they revelled in th-- welters to a more marked .extent than Subiaeo and (because they maintained a break-neck speed from half-way through the -first quarter to the very end, with never a let-up for a second. Their men must nave been in great condition. Ther«- :.were some great showings on the day. Duffy played a wonder game for the .?winners.' He has not been playing regu larly tihis season, but last Saturday slip ped into his top form a-nd. was a domin ant power in the victory. Eel-like in his turning, full |if dash and courage, dipping, for the ball with the' certainty that thp pea-fowl dips for its prey and alway* disposing to the best advantage the litt!' ? carnival rover charmed with his football —football that was clean all. day. Bur gess was a great defence player. In the first half he was narticularly good clear ' in? for Easts repeatedly witih clever marks or brilliant relief dashes. Owens was at his top marking in brilliant fash . ion, and the two lads on thp flanks, Gubl and Dobson, were responsible for many telling transfers. H. Campbell kicked . five goals, and Western. Walsh, Sparrow and Sherlock were noticeable players ' in an eighteen who all played very ably, all the way through. Subiaeo were not quite as even. They had several men badly knocked during the course of the .- game, and one or two others did not play to too form. Baihen was responsible for many fine flashes. . He marked, kicked, and ran like a champion. Those swerv . , ing runs of his. ended off by long and ? telling drop-kicks, are always fine to watch. Leonard until injured did well, '' and others in maroon colours noticeable were Cockburn (battling hard). Seaddsm ..' (iff the last' quarter), J. Grig?, who played ?gooif footbail at h^Hf-forward, ? Sunning (in flashes)', and Outridge in thi first half. The teams were: —

Subiaeo. — Cockburn. Wieland, Bahen, ^Brophy. Guhl, Green. Hickey. Pengel, 'Leonard. Riches. Ontridge, Grigg. Sex ?ton-.Beasley, Bunning, Scaddan, Rodri guez, Hodge. East Perth. — Burgess. Dohson, West .-era.' Duffy. Sparrow, Woodthorpe. Guhl, Owens. -3aynor, Campbell. Clune. Brent Ball. Geuo. Sherlock, Oileara, Fletcher, 'Walsh. Markham. - The ipace was a cracker from the start, and East Perth missed scoring with seve ral dashes. Then Subiaeo transferred and two minors and a goal from Outride' sent them to the front A superb dash by Bahen' gave Rodriqnez the ball, and a second- jroal was posted. A minute later ? Sexton had snanped true and Subiaeo held a lead) of 3.3 to nil. It -ras a paralysing ten minute?. Subiaeo Had, p'jayed fast. Jong, and concerted fnot baE. and had risen superior to Ha.=t Perth, who Averc overdoing the short passes andi fumbling. Tint;, suddenly. Easts developed form, and Campbell wit them into the fight ag-in* with -two goa's 'in. quick succession. At thn b-'J ?Snbiaco held a lead of nine points, with tallies of S.3 againsif 2.0. Burgess, in defence for Easts, and Bahen, at the. pivot for the maroon, had been outstanding players. East Perth were qu;ckly- away upon re sumptioB. A minor and a goal from Dnffy bronght them upsides -with Subbco. The football was now electrical — charged with pace and. vim, nnd with the bnnrps hard and freely given. E-:.«t Perth were leading in play, and. by- the determination of -their foo;ba2- and rug jedness of their ru^h^s, they scemod to rarry Subiaeo off their feet. Campbell (napped true from a serum in front, and ? they were six points in front. It was* a jood pull up. Then Snbiaco steadied. Dutridge made a wretched attempt at foal, bnt, immediately after, retrieved irith a. major. Even pegging again. To wards the end of the frrm East Perth ? took charge, and, at half-time, were 'two points' in front, the board showing 4.0 to 4.4. It had been- an East I'prth terra. - In which pace, vim, and determination had jiven them the ? calL Duffy, in this guarter. had played beandful footba1!'. -continually giving his side chsuces of tcoring. After the long i&terval East Perth were early on the offensive, yet Could not score. Repeated offensives Kere not pressed home 'by the forwards, who were aCC astray. Eventual!}- Owens, from a brilliant mark, broke the spell wkh a goaL This put them ten points in the Jead. Sixteen miuntrs of the -term 'hsd -ticked off before -Subiaco got into . attack, and their charge was tapped off by a goal from Cockbnrn. A moment later . Rodriguez had shot right, and the ma roons were three points up. It was a meteoric change- in fortnne. Again, the .play became electrical, with Snbiaco doing slightly the better. They had puLcd . themselves together very- finely. At the -lemon bell they were in liic lra/1 with ? scores of G.7 3piinst 5.0. It was any , body's game. But Bast Perth inoker! a Stfie the stronger side in play. When \l came to tearing through, or whenever matters were congested, 'their power was apparent. They had four points to make .up. They were first away from tin bounce, opce more, and a minor went on immediately. A moment i:i!er Spar row hit the post. Then caaie a peculiar incident. Ov.-ecs and Ouiridgr- went f«r a high mark. Owens won. but O'Connor gave the ball to Outridge. On reflect-on he reversed his decision. Owens kicked into the goal mouth, where Western marked brilliantly., and pcored full points. 'East Perth were now in froct_ At 'the other end Cocfcburn scored a minor, ar.d I; then hit the 7-ost. Only two points the 1. difference. The- excitement w:is intense. j and O'Connor lost coutrol. Rafferty i rules resulted, and it was aOl in. E-sts were the stronger side, and rammed Lome their sorties, with a pace and vim born of determination. Campbell got fill! points, and a little Jater, marking ;i beau tiful pass from Owens, scored again to seal the fate of -th;- game for East Perth. They, were not seriously troubled over the last few minutes, and won with tho final tal'ies showing: — East Perth. 8.1' (01 points). Subiaco. 6.12 (-JS point .-). I Goal kickers: For liust Perth, Oanvp | bell (5). Western. Owens, -i-nd Puffy. I Hnd for Subiaco Rodriguez (-), Outridst I (2), Sexton, and Cockburn.