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^Jr! and the prospect of an easy ,win for the. home team militated 'against a large attendance at the Perth Oral -on Saturday afternoon, when South

Fremantle met Bast Perth. Contrary to 'the general expectation^ South Fre '.niantae succeeded in scoring two [points more tiian their opponents; but, to say ?the least of it. the victory was. a lucky 'one. East Perth had 25 scoring shots, -' and tie victors 17. and- that comparison fairlyr accurately reflects the margin be 1 tween .the teams. The game was re - deemed from intolerable -filnese by. the -splendid- last quarter of the home team, who were very unfortunate to'loee, al though wretched kicking deserved no Aet ter; fate. Tihe TisuaB-r relialble 'Bonny' Campbell, although bagging five goals, .failed, with an equal number of shots', ' the other forwards berns1 equally at fault. J. Campbell of South FremanSe. pjayed _ a really -magnificent game, marking surely -and kicking. weR. He achieved three % goals, and. with Snnderfond, at one period of the game, com-pleteiyi dominated the ruck, beating Owens and Western pointless. In .the last term, ?when:- 'East Perth maintained an unceasing attack, lie 'and Bateman 'were the men who stood -between South Fremantle and defeat. 'East Perth fielded a new player, named Dobson, who showed great dash and .?pace' on the right wing, disposed of the ball' weM, and was concerned in almost ?every scoring, movement of the home -team. Another new comer, dune, was .very- conspicuous in the ' halMorwa'rd 'lines, although ie has-yet to fiearn that short passes when within shootihg. dis tance are not always-good football. Fitz i gerald played most reliably. - and did not fan to make, use of the latitude allowed in hoWSng the ba5L Daly ana Mabon - were instnrmeirtai in repdKng many at . tacks, but on the whole the home for wards bad the better of the day, aitioujrh bad ticking nullified! their good work in the^field. O*-Meara., Guhl, and Sparrow 1 -were effective, but BrentnaH was nut the player he usually is, the greasyi turf giv ing hjm no chance to recover himself ? after hw iuMog x rushes. Fuhnnann handled the ball quite a Cot, and sent the leather to the forwards on many occa . Hons,. Laws -succeeding' in getting three goals. The teams were as follow: — ?:? Sooth Fremantle.— Turford. Sonder knd. OampbeQ, J.. Staton, Fuhnnann, Dncon, Mahon, Maier, Giles, Pressley, Lawn, iFitegeraiL CsnspbeH, ? E, Daly, .- GaHer, Ctack. Bateman Lutey. . ? ?' East Perth. — Burgess. Dobson, West ern. Mitchell, Duffy. Sparrow. Wood thorpe, Guhl. Owens, Gaynor, Campbell. Chine. ' Brentnall Sherlock, OiMeara, Fletcher, Walsh, Markbani. Short passing gave East Perth the.first major. Campbell ?beinj* faced with a de serted goaL 'South Fremantle immedi ate^ji whisked the ball to the other 'end. where Lawn equalised. . Sparrow to Campbell meant another goal, and a South Fremantle attempt was touched by Sherlock. With the ball crowded, play centred m (East Perth's forward lines, five singles coming before 0'iMeara to : Campbell brought up the third goal. At 'vtHe other end. Staton brought up the Visi tors' second goal from a free, the quarter scores being: East 'Perth- 35; Sooth Fre r mantle. 2.1. -Straight from- the bounce. Sunderland seated, and -soccer tactics added two singles. SliHer to Giles (who ?was- playing well) put on the sea-sidws' fourth goal; but East Perth got away for a single. A brilliant individual effort by Sparrow raised both flags, but G. Camp '-.beK and Fuhrmann transferred to thi other eno for a minor. Fubrmann sent ? wel\down again, and G. CamipfbeH, mark ing ?beautifully, achieved a goal. A fur ther Attempt yielded- a behind1, and then iDEer to Fitzgerald to J'. Campbell brought up a further goal. East Perth tried hard to get away, but a free to G. Campbell was converted into a goal, and a further point left the half-time scores: South Fremantte, 7.6: East Perth, 4.6. - East Perth commenced the second term with a minor, but -Sonth Fremantle at tacked, and Lawn grabbed from a scrum and goaled. -Western and CMeara put on points' for East Perth, tfie latter s shot being touched. Dobson to ?Sparrow to Campbell meant a goal, followed by two more minors. Camplbell. freed, ponied again, and just as the beS rang Markham and Sparrow gave Owens a chance, which lie accepted, leaving the scores: South Fremande. S.6; East Perth. 7.11. Im mediatelyi after the resumption. Sunder 5and eon-verted a free into a goal, but a ipoint to Fletcher made the difference six points. Each side ©cored singles, and then, despite two fine macks by G. Camp bell, the royal -blues got two more minors. Great worl? by Dobson .kept up the pres sure, bat -Mahon. Bateman. and1 G: Camp bell resisted their efforts, until OTUparn. receiving from Gnhl. ran on and goau-ed. putting his side two points in front, with three minutes to go. Two more singles came in quick succession, f nd then South Fremantle got away and found the East Perth defenders missing. A free was awarded against Bnrgess. although he appeared -to be in front of lawn. and. if bo. could not have fouTpd him. and the South Fremantle forward dropkk-ked a nice goal, the bell ringing immediately. The final scores were: — South Fremantle. lfl.7 (67 points). East Perth. S.17 (65 points). The goal .kickers were: — Sonth Fre mantle: Lawn (3), J. Campbell (3). Sunder-and (2). Staton. and Giles. 'East Perth: 'Bonny' Campbell (5). Sparrow. Owens, and O'Meara. Penglase officiated as central . umpire, and. considering the scrambling, congested nature of the gani*. did weB^ although his interpretation of the holding the bail rule at times appeared inconsistent.