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?Spectators at- Subiaco Oval witnessed a hard and willing tussle between 'Perth and .Subiaco. Despite continuous ram in th-e first half 'and. the resultant sod

den field and greasy 'ball, tue play was fairly fast and not without .its. good patches. A certain amount ?of scramb ling was unavoidable, but, considering the conditions, the game was open, ai though 'soccering' took the place of handball and 'stab' passing. ? The most disappoinin* feature to barrackers wiis the greasy ball, for on severail occasions when scoring seemed certain a' slip or a trick of fortune roibbed- the player of his chunce. Perth, with 15 scoring shots to their credit, compared with Su biaco 's 14. were 'unfortunate to lose, ,for many of their behinds would have been certain goals under different conditions. Subiaco forwards did well' in handling the ball in surer fashion. In such wea ther there were not many outstanding players. Bahen was probably the most, consistently conspicuous man on the field. Grigg, Perth's centre man, wa? also good, and, in the 1'ast half particu larly; led many rushes forward, nnd iu several instances bent his onnonent on

the -mark. The backs of both teams were required to play a dogged saine in which scranifoiing, slipping, and much ground play was the general rule. Bro 8 by on one side and Watts on the other id well, the' former taking a' couple of very good marks. McComish. active and energetic, was Perth's best forward. Morris, a new player, was very useful for Subiaco in front of the goals. Subiaco was without the- services of Scaddati, Leonard,, and Ahearn, and Perth Was without Evans, Hicks, and Corser. The teams were: — ' Su-bineo*: Coekburn, Wiel.ind, Bahen, Brophy, Giihl, Green, IJickey. Pviigel, Riches, Grigg, Thompson. Sexton, I5eas fey, B.unning. Rodriguez, Farquhar, Mor ris, and Edwards. Perth: Langlands, Stceile, Clowes, McLean, Sharpies. Love, Corney, Mc Comish. Morris, Bryant. Grigg. Royd house. Watts. Turner, Erickson, Mather, McAuliffe, Matthews. Brack .was the umpire, and, although he missed some obvious faults, he did nothing outrageous, ns a section of the crowd appeared to think. ?In the first quarter Subiaco led. off quicW.y, but a- free kick saved Perth, and, pushing forward, the city men were the first to score, a point being gained from a scrimmage in front of the goal. Brojrtiy was conspicuous in defence. Then the maroons launched a fresh attack. Singles were kick-ed by Cockburn and Edwards and a goal by Miorris. Perth took command at the bounce, but Guhl saved welL Bahen led down from the centre several times, but Perth backs prevented scoring until!' neat play be tween 'Bahen and Hickey gave Beasiley the ball, and another point was added to Subiaco's- -score. Perth replied with two singles, but in the last minutes of the quarter Subiaco rushed forward and Rodriqucz s-crew-kicked a major. The scores were then 2.3 to 0.3 in favour bf Subiaco. Perth did well in the second quarter. Mat'thfc-ws had command of the ruck, and he sent the ball forward from every bounce. During the first five minutes of the term Perth made attempts to score. Finally MeComish booted a goal. Piny wavered across the centre until Sorbiaco carried it forward with 41 rush. A single was sccurca from the scrimmage. Perth's next goal was kicked by Matthews. Subiaeo rniscd another single. They held the advan tage from the kick-off, and after several attempts scored another point, Morris booting over his head and hitting, the post. 'Perth's Ml forwards were then given a chance, but were outwitted by the greasy ball, and before they cmiid recover the pack was on them. ? The city men continued the attack, and Bro phy and Beasley saved at dangerous mo ments. The scores at half-time were: — Sutllaco, 2.6: (Perth, 2.3. Early in tho third quarter rain, which had fallen con tinuously from the commencement of the game, stopped. Perth lod off. and a quick pass from Sterie to MrComish rp SUJted in a sing-ie. Gri^g led their next rush, but Subiaco raHied. Again and again Bahen sent the fall forward, cut Perth backs were p'Jaying well. A hard tussle on the centre and a pass down the wing put Perth in scoring position again, but McComisli kiekod out of bounds. Hickey cleared well for Su biaco. and a free to Edwards?, after the ball crossed the -centre again, gave Wie land possession. A gonl resulted. Perth won another chance soon after the bounce, but the ball was sent out of bounds. Subiaeo raHied. Bahen ran

around in a eir&'e rather bn-llianuy, but lost the baill to Grigg, who passed to McComish, who passed to Morris, who kicked a goal. Shortly afterwards Erickson ihit the post. Matthews and McLean sbot for goals, but the goalie cleared, and smart play by J. Grigs gave Subiaco another chance. 'Watts saved wall. For a time he and Brophy, the respective centre half backs, were the points between which the game was carried on. Then Grigg broke through Sulbiaco's defence, and, kicking a single, brought the scores level. Xeiir the end of the quarter T. Morris gave Subiaco | another goal from a free kick. The scores were: — Subiaco, 4.6; Perth, 3.0. Perth still had a good chance of win ning. They opened the quarter well, and a soa} -by McComisli again made tite

scores even. Subiaco rallied. Langlandji saved well ' Grigg cairried the ball ncross (Jie centre, and McComish received an other chance. Grigg and Bahen were showing saine Wight play, Perth held a slight advantage, but the ball was sel dom beyond the half-forward line. Perth men were playing a great game, but ?So- biaco backs were too strong. When the attack weakened Subiaco took command, and a point by. Rodriquez and goals by Edwards and Morris followed in quick succession! Perth attacks again. An easy goal! was missed. Three . behinds were scored, and several allots fed short. Rodriqucz gave Subiaco another point. Grigg and McLean gave Perth two -more singles, and. the red legs were stUl strug gling towards the goal mouth when the bell rang. The game had been a hard one.- Finai scores were: — Subiaco, 6.8 (44 points). Perth, 4.11 (35 points).