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To the accompaniment of almost inces- sant rain, and a piercingly cold wind, East Fremantle met West Perth at the Fremantle Oval before an attendance      

much thinned by the uninviting weather. It is very many years since West Perth have lowered the colours of East Fre- mantle on the Fremantle Oval, but on Saturday they hoped to break the spell. East Fremantle beat them again. Both clubs fielded very strong eighteens. In the opening half the football was wonder- fully good, considering the wretched con- ditions and the men showed snap and sureness in handling the greasy ball, and kept the game wide and fast. The seasiders were a little ahead for the half. They had broken away with just a bit more "devil" and had given leads more cleverly, Sheedy excelling in this phase. Just before half-time, Parks, the West half-forward, was grassed accidentally, and carried off the field. A torn ligament prevented his reappearance, and, after half-time, West were left with 17 men. East Fremantle opened the last periods with a lead of three points. From half time they kicked 7.10 to 3.5, and ran out the easiest of winners. Three goals in quick succession in the third quarter sealed the game for them. Even with Wests fully represented in this last half Easts would have won. They played the better football on the day, showing more snap, better concerted work, and "soc- cered" the ball with better effect. Then, again, they won across the centre — that very important line — and their two flank men, Buchanan and Brown, showed a wonderful turn of speed and dash. East Fremantle remain at the head of the pre- miership table, and have got there by con- sistently solid football. In this match nearly every man on the side did well, with Sheedy the star. The dapper little rover was right at his top, whether flit- ing about the fringes, or placed at half- forward. His dash and leading were very fine, and he topped off his football with those true and telling drop-kicks. Sheedy's was a fine game. Brown and Buchanan, as mentioned before, were both good, and Rocke, Jarvis, Jennings, and Truscott were above the average. Truscott kicked four goals. Up in front of the posts the East veteran was as lively and elusive as a youngster. West Perth had two very fine players in Boyd and Flemming, Boyd has a penchant for playing great games on the Fremantle Oval, and produced still another one on Saturday. His dash and determination carried him far, whilst those back turns on opponents were made with the "Jack Leckie" polish. Flemming is a goal-front menace. Full of grit and the power of getting the ball for himself, he secured six of the seven goals kicked by his side. Melbin was little behind this pair, with a

game full of snap and cleverness. He is a tiger for work. Fry, Parks (until in- jured), G. R. Taylor, and McDiarmid were noticeable for good play. F. O'Con- nor had charge of the game, and did well The teams were: — East Fremantle.— Dolan, Cinoris, Bu-   chanan, Brown, Band, Coffey, Clark, Dunne, Gallagher, Jennings, Jarvis, Jones, Richards, Rocke, Ryan, Woods, Sheedy, Truscott. West Perth.— Gosnell, G. R. Taylor, Boyd, Craig, McDiarmid, Soutar, Sin- clair, W. D. Taylor, Parks, Melbin, Flem- ming, Denton, Reardon, Fry, Sampson, Tyson, Johnston, and Moyle. The game commenced well, and was fast and open, despite the wet conditions. Gallagher notched the first major, giving Easts a lead. A great dash by Boyd gave Wests their first real chance, and Flem- ming scored for them. Immediately, Truscott swung the lead back to the (Continued on Page 10.)  

FOOTBALL. (Continued from Page 9). home side. Then Wests assumed ascend- ancy in play, and, just before the bell. Flemming scored again for them. They led by two points at the quarter, with 2.4 against 2.2. Early in the second term it looked an East runaway. Play- ing in splendid unison, with Sheedy dis- playing great football, they added three goals before half the quarter was spent. Gallagher, Sheedy, and Cinoris finding the right opening. Wests looked rattled, but pulling themselves together finely, and infusing plenty of dash into their football, they pulled back before half- time. Parks and Flemming scored for them. It had been a capital quarter, both teams in turn showing football of the best. Half-time scores gave East Fre- mantle the lead, with 5.3 against 4.6. Immediately upon resuming, Truscott kicked big points for Easts, and Galla- gher, fed cleverly by Truseott, repeated soon after. Then Flemming steadied Wests with a major, but whisked to the other end, Truscott marked the ball right in front and called up the twin flags. Easts were on top now, and Dunne scored their ninth. Wests looked beaten, but Flemming brought them into the pic- ture again with two goals in quick suc- cession. Just before the bell, Truscott opened out the lead again, and the scores at three-quarter time were 10.5 to 7.7. Easts entered the last term with a lead of 15 points. Both sides were tiring, but East had most in reserve, and, after an even quarter of an hour, they broke away and put on two more goals before the final bell, Sheedy and Dolan getting the majors. The final scores showed Easts easy winners by 32 (points, the tallies being:—   East Fremantle, 12.13 (85 points). West Perth, 7.11 (53 points). The goal kickers were:— East Fre-     mantle: Truscott (4), Gallagher (3), Sheedy (2), Cinoris, Dunn, and Dolan. West Perth: Flemming (6) and Parks.