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West Perth and East Porih played be fore -.i bis atrendance at Laed-ervili-p Oval, the gate realising fl'll. Wests won very ?casXv. coiml-i'telv running over the East

men in the final stugesi o£ the game. bu% it must be here s.-.iil that the royal biuies fielded a weak ^ide. sadly depCeced by ac citlenr. IleUbard. Hilton, Sbar?. Flet cher. Duffy, WoirJrhorpe, iind Walsh wer» on the casualty lJ*t, and that good foot baller Gepp. injured an ankle- during the course of :he game. But, -nev«-rt!n?less, on? cannot take away the f-r?ii:t of victory froiu the cardinal*. Their supurioriij WK..S too apparent on the- day. In every department of the gaone they were ahead Aral they alayed with so much vim aJid with so 'much brilliance that 'they wouW probably have defeated Easts had they been fully manned. Wests aire ve-ry well just now. They jumped right away from the bounce ou Saturday, and in devas tatii^ ehargps had rained on 21 to'snts -»re Sve iuinu:*? had ticked off. They bad left Ea-sts clamped to thsrr places and rose superior in paw. in da.-vh, and in the air. It was a paralysing fiv» minutes. Then Easts ffteadiled, found tbxr feet, and marched the cardinals. They had reduced the margin by the quar ts. Ilain fcCl in the second term. Ea.-tj hautEed the we: bail more surely, and n'ded by match-whiaing football from young Guhl on tbe left ft-ing, they hau crept ffp and were only 9 points off a ha)* time. Their euirporters were hope ful. Bu: those h-oj-es were da-shed to tiie ground over the final half. TVests kicked S.9 to 2.3 in this last half, and ran oat the easiest of victors_ by 51 points. In the third, quarter their marks men shot home 2 goats- 6 behinds, and their defenders kept Easts down to 1 minors. In the Inst quarter Wests raced right away and out-paced, outmark ed and showed too much dash for the tiring East band. Gosnell gave a clas sic display, at the -pivot. He -was shad owed by Brentnall, but was never beaten In the air and on the ground the ball was his, and long driving kicks topped oS a great display. Melbin was very fine. A riser for work, his ground play was wonderful. . Kipping for the bat on the run and picking up with much dexter ity, ,he wormed his way through the crashes and seldom missed his kick. Craig starred in the air, and came -through with some fine dashes in defence. Kerning, too, marked superbly and kicked seven goals. His kicking is improving so much that h-e promises to be a deadly goal front menace, as he can get the ball for him self. Nearly every man in cardinal uni form drew full weight, hut mot so Easts Too few men .played to form. Gchl and A. Western were notable exceptions. Guhl was probably the best man on the field :n the first half, afid a ,most useful player in the second part of the game. On the left wing he was a pow-er and his foot ball ther-e in the second quarter helped more than anything else to keep ? East Perth in the picture up to half-time. H-: was sure, elusive in She extreme, and fed into the forward lines ably. Western had a day which suited. With the ball heavy and the going hard he was at his best. Ho icarked very finely and 'was always notice able for sound work. Brack had charge of the game. The teams were: — West Perth: Gosaell. Boyd, Craig. MeDiarmid, Sou tar, Sinclair, Parks. Melbtn, Fleming, KandelL, Uenton. Kear don, Fry, Sampson, Johnston, Dennis, Moy-le, KeEy. East Perth: Burgess, A. Western, G Mitchell, Sparrow, Gaynor, Guhl, Owens, Barratt, GCew. CampbeJl, Brentnall, Sher lock, Gt-pP. Oileara, C Western, Head J. Mitcae-11, Markbam. West IVrth had the advantage of a slight breeze in the opening quarter and jumping a-way with rare dash had regis tered 3.3 'in five- minutes, before- Easts had found their stride. Mulibin and FiJeming twice had been their goalge. ters. Then came an even pati-ii. be iori- Wests, wrth irresistible dash; had raised a fourth goal, Fleming again doing the needful. It looked! -a West roinpaway, but Easts steadied in the .last minutes of the quarter, and_ C. Western and Cajn-pbell kicked majors for them. The ffoarter scores wore 4.4 to 2.2 in .favour of Wests It had been a West quarter in which Gos nell, . Melbin, Craig, SIcDiarmkl, Boyd, and Parks, hid played glittering footbaL — tire qisuGity Unit Guhl. of East l'-'t!- foul als.o shown. It rained very hard as soon as the second term opciic-u. l-.asta improved, matching tiie dash of :hc car dinals-, and being more sure in the hand ling of the wet ball. A goal from Owen? followed by one from Gepp brought them to wrtKn one point of Wes:-s. Hut Movie se-nt Wests ahead again, bu: no sooner had the ball b?en bounced off again than it was wblsked to l'he eastern end, where O'Meara ucored full points. Again one point the difference. Just -m the- bell JfOeaiing put Wests ahead again. It had been a splendid quarrer. in which both sides piiyei with rare dash and vim. Easts, however, were surer with the bax, and this, together with Guhl's marked superiority on the left wing, had placed - them ahead in the play. Guhl's exhibition was faulbless. Half-time scores favoured Wests by uiue points — 6.0 to .5.3. Play in the- second quarter had pron-isod a good match, but by the lemon bcijl Wests had the- goinc- won. scoring -A to 0.2 for the term. Melbin and Samp son scored the goals. ile't outtade these two scoring the play was give and take, with the back men of either side doing particularly well. The play wa* sriE hard and fast. Lemon bell tallies were: —West Perth, 8.10; East Perth, 5.5. The uas-t quarter is easily told. It was an East debacle. They s^esned spent- an-d unable to ?ecp'6 with the rushes and brilliance of the cardinals, who piled. on 6.5 to 2.1 for the quarter. Fleming, :l»ree rimes; Parks twiee, and Melbin kicked them goals, whilst Glew and Campbeo. scored for Easts. Firail tallies were:^ Wcist Perth: 14.15 (90 points). Bast Perth: 7.6 (48 points). Goal-kickers for West Perth: Fleming (7). Parks (2). Melbin (3), Sampson and Moyle; and for East Perth: CampbeL (2), Gepp, Ow*na, C. Western, Gl-ew, O'Meara. The most prominent pHayers for the victors -were Melbin. Gosnell, Craig, Mc!piararcd. Fleming, Cenlon, Parks, Sin clair. Keardon. Boyd, and Soutar, and for East Perth Guhl (an easy first), A. We3t etm, C. AVestern, 3Iarkham (in patches), and Sparrow.