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East Fremantle met South Fremantle to try conclusions again in the first match of the second round of the league contests at the Fremantle Oval on Satur-

day afternoon. Despite the threatening weather there was a large attendance. When these teams first met East Fre- mantle proved easily the victors, but the improve form shown by Souths in their match against Subiaco, and the defeat of East Fremantle by East Perth on Monday last, buoyed South's supporters up with the hope that on this occasion they would be able to turn the tables and register a victory. A gentle breeze favoured the hospital end of the oval, and towards this end South elected to kick. Brack umpired. The teams were as follow:—   South Fremantle: Sunderland (vice- captain), J. Campbell, Staton, Fuhrmann, Dixon, Sheedy, Pressley, Lawn, Fitz- gerald, Hughes, H. Campbell, Daly, O'Connor, Clack and Lutey. East Fremantle: Dolan (Captain), Cinoris (vice-captain), Buchanan, Brown, Baird, Coffey, Dunne, Gallagher, Jen- nings, Jarvis, Jones, Talbot, Richards, Roche, Ryan, Woods, Sheedy and Curtis.

South started well. Their marking was considerably better than Easts, and they showed a disposition to dash in with the result that they frequently found themselves in front of their opponent's goal. However, they early showed that they were not too sure of the ball and "mulled" quite a number of times, and had it not been for this weakness, they would undoubtedly have been further ahead at the first bell. The quarter   was rather rough and ragged, but on occasion good flashes of open play were shown. East Fremantle seemed unable to raise the ball and frequently kicked into the man on the mark. In the second quarter, however, Easts woke up. They marked considerably better than Souths, taking it all round, and began to show some of their system which had proved effective against Perth two Saturdays previously. Souths still continued their ball fumbling. J. Campbell and Sunder- land showed out above the rest of the red and whites in aerial work. The second quarter was plainly Easts, and in fact they predominated for practically three quarters of the time. They showed greater dash and no hesitation when in possession of the ball. They generally placed the ball to far greater advantage than the red and whites. Their victory was undoubtedly won on superior play, and was well deserved. In the first quarter South opened kicking with the wind towards the hospital, and shortly afterwards Lawn picked up smartly and raised full points. J. Campbell, after taking a nice mark from a long kick, was responsible for a point. J. Campbell was much in evidence at this stage, mark- ing well. Jennings for South Fremantle put in a second goal from a free. Then there was some uninteresting play, be- fore J. Campbell again sent down a long kick which Jones, the East Fre-   mantle defender, was unable to stop. Lawn was responsible for the next goal for Souths, before a rally by Easts saw Cinoris in possession of the ball, and he registered the first goal for his side. Brown on the wing figured in a very nice piece of forwarding work. The scores were:— South Fremantle, 4-2; Easts, 1-5.   Souths were away again at the begin- ning of the second quarter. Campbell pulling down a nice high mark from which, he opened full points. Easts then im- proved. Coffey sent to Gallagher, who passed to Jennings (East), who put in their second goal. The play at this stage was more crowded, Souths throw- ing chances away with needless frees Barney Sheedy, after a nice bit of play on the press box wing, put in East's next goal. The quarter closed with the scores as follow:-South Fremantle, 5-3; East Fremantle, 6-6. The third quarter saw East Fremantle still in the   ascendancy, playing superior football in all departments, the scores at the bell being:— Souths, 6-7; Easts, 8-9. In the last quarter Easts practically ran all over Souths, and proved easily the vic- tors, the final scores being:— 11-12 to 7-10.   The goalkickers were:— South Fre-   mantle: Campbell (4), Lawn (2), and C.     Jennings. East Fremantle: Talbot (3), Sheedy (3), A. Jennings (2), Cinoris, Coffey and Dunne.   The following players might be men- tioned for good work:—Easts: Sheedy, Coffey and Talbot (on the forward divi- sion), Jarvis, Ryan and Jones. For South Fremantle: Sunderland, J. Camp- bell, Lawn, Daly, Lutey and Hughes.