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East Perth met Perth at Perth Oval before a good attendance and defeated them by 1-1 .points, six of which went on as the final sons was riuzins. It was

an even .lassie in scores ail through and the winners secured vicfory by virtue of greater accuracy in front of goal and by stronger football over the «ast ten min utes of the journey. Up to this period Perth had been the masters, but had Ie. opportunity of scoring slip away from them. In the opening quarter Perth had led slighcly in play, yet East Perth were ahead in tally with 2.1 against 1.4. In the .second term Perth were miles ahead in play. Exhibiting superior pace and dash and with a clear-cut ascendancy across the centre they had overshadowed the East men. who fumbled badly and never seemed to develop enough pace to check the gaSoping red legs. Bat all tiaeir cleverness amidficld want for little. In front of goal they were weak. They kicked 3.8 and some of the shots missed were very easy. East Perth kicked 1.2 — the major from a' lucky kick -off the ground. At half-time the scores read: ] —Perth, 4.12; East Perth, 3.3. Perth should have held a more commanding lead than this on the football for the half. As it was.. East Perth .were still within strik ing distance. After half-time East Perth4 were a different side. They developed dash, mislaid their fumbling, and match ed the red legs in pace and marking. They went to the attack early and Owens scored for them. Then it was ebb and flow until the board signalled .the sides level at 43 points alL But Perth, sever letting up for a moment, had snatched the lead back .before the lemon bell and led by five points. The play in the third quarter had warmed the crowd up for something good in the final dash. And they «ot it — footbaH of the best *with tihe pace a cracker, ?whilst the varying for tunes right up to .the last few minutes lent additional zest .to the onlooker. For a space it was hard and even. Then East Perth with a gallant burst sent on two minors and a major, which gave them a lead of tihree points. The red legs with a brilliant sweep in which the balf went from Clowes to Love to Morris in a flash, pulled back the lead a moment later, and tearing through again Evans gcaled for them and opened out their ad vantage to nine points. They were piay ing superbly just here, when a ''dolly' pass in the centre went astray and saw the ball whisked to t'he other end and where the right opening Tvas^ found, giv ing Easts a great chance again. A long kick goalwards instead' of that 'dolly' pass would have launched, perhaps, an other scoring sortie for Perth. A mo ment later Campbell darting forward for a pass secured and with a beautiful long distance punt had goaled and sent the royal bines once more to tihe lead. Great football of varying fortune! ' There were still eight minutes to go, witih the red legs dying hard. But they made a mistake in playing the wings too much. Easts with another burst down the centre top ped it Kjff with a major and the match now looked theirs. Just on the bell Campbeit kicked another wonderful goal, giving the side a fair margin of winning points. East Perth's finish was- full of merit. Perth's football throughout the day, except in front of goal, was high class. In .the East recovery no one played a greater part than Owena Per haps with GosneHs tills East Perth man might be bracketed as the greatest foot baller in the land. Superbly bu3t. fleet, and a glorious ihigh mark, he is equally good in a place of following in the pack. Last Saturday he was quite a match winner in the last half. Campbell, too, was good. He is a great forward — one of these men who seldom lhas a day oS and the possessor of a 05 per cent, effi ciency foot. Sherlock was sound at full back and Sparrow and Burgess were an other pair, who played a big part in the East victory. Perth had three great play er*- on the day — Crigg, Love, and Clowes. Urigg at the pivot was seddom beaten. His turning was elusive, his dash fine, and he fed in wibh long drop kicks. Love gave a great display on the wing, showing pace and cleverness all day. AVith bet ter kicking he would have been the finest player of the day. Clowes, for a defence man is smalL But he is all class — a gritty fighter, with dash, pace and clever ness.' A. .Watts was 'another defender for Perth who did a lot of useful work, whilst their full back — Mather — gave a great display, one run- round the far wing being the choice item of the game. Cas sey had charge of the match. Turner, Bryant, and Langlands were absent from Perth, and Hebbard and O*Meara from East Perth. The teams were: — East Perth.— Burgess, A. Watson, C. Mitchell, Duffy, Sparrow, Sharp, Carson, Guhl. Owens, Barratt, Glew. Campbell, BrentnaE, Gepp, Sherlock, Hilton, J. Mitchell. Perth. — Donoghue, Steele, Clowes. Mc Lean, Sharpies, Conser, Evans, Love, Corney, McComish, Morris, Preston, H. Grigg, Roydhouse, .Watts, Erickson, Mather, McAuliffe. Although Perth, -were playing finely East Perth were the first to score and had registered two majors by Campbell and Gepp, before Perth found the big opening — Alan Evans snapping true just before the belL Sound defence work on either side and Perth'si ascendancy across the centre bad been features of the first quarter. Scores: — 'Perth. 1.4; East Perth, 2.1. In the second term Perth had all the best of play. ? Aian Evans. Steele. and McLean scored full points and a long succession of minors went on. before Ea--t Perth scored. The- only East at tack ended in Campbell booting through off the ground Items for the quarter were a dash by Grigg and Steele, which gained full points, and a fine long place kick by' Morris, which was brilliantly marked by McLean in the teeth of the goal. From this, however, a weak kick only raised one flag. Half-time scores were:— Perth. 4.12; East Perth. 3.3. Owens scored early for Easts and Evans retaliated for Perth. Gepp and Camp bell goaled at the other end and East Peroh were ?upsides with the red legs 43 points all. A great Perth dash just be fore the bell was topped off by Donoghue and Perth were ah«id at lemons, with 6.12 against 6.9. The' last quarter has been described above. It was great foot ball, with the pace a cracker and the for tunes changing. Owens from a superb mark put Easts ahead. Morris swayed back .the lead and Alan Evans opened it out wkle. Barratt and CampbeS recov ered rie advantage for Easts and the same pair with further majors sealed the same in r.he !ast few minutes. The fual scores were: — East Perth. 11.11 (77 points). Perth, S.15 t63 points). Goal kickers for Ea-=t Perth: Campbe!! -;'-), Owens, Barratt. and Gepp (2 each) For I-rth: Evans (4), Steele, McLean. Morris, and Donoghue.