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West Perth met Perth at the W.A.OA. Oval last Saturday afternoon before a good attendance, and won by a fair mar gin of points. It was zrand weather, thp

rain clouds of hte earlier dajs giving place to sunshine, and the ground was in capital' order. Possibly the Perth men, by virtue of their fine form of previous games, were better favourites, despite the fact that injury precluded three good men like H. Grigg, Love, and Morris from nlayinj. But they found the cardinals in brilliant mood, and never once looked like winning. Perth played just a little below their best; West 'Perth played their finest game for the season. And the cardinal band can play good footbalL For jears now a weakness in front of goal has an chored their chances, and that weakness in shooting is still there, but on Saturday last mid-field supremacy rained the ball so often amongst the forwards that they had to score. At the quarter it was 4.(5 to 1 goal, and at half-time they had 6.10 to 4.1. In both quarters West Perth had been a long way ahead in play, bat that ol^ inaccuracy in front of goal Bad kept their tally down. Perth had made every use of much more slender opportunity anil had scored four major points in five scor 'nz shots. The third term was the best of the match. The play was fast and the scoring big. Eight goals went on — five to Wests and three 'to Perth. Perth's un canny shooting continued, they adding Hieir three additional majors in four scoring tries. This accuracy had kept them xtill in the picture. At one period in this third quarter Perth had run to within 11 points of the cardinals, when the tallies read 7.13 4o 7.2. but a devas tating attack, in which Denton. Fleming (twice), and Parks scored goals for Wests left the scores at 11.15 to 7.2 at the lemon foelL Wests looked certain winners now. They were playing with too much dash and brilliancy to lose. Yet the redlegs died hard, and had their un canny shooting only held out might have made a closer go' of it. As it was they ramed m six behinds in quick time and Followed this bad run with a goal. The last quarter was theirs in play but it was the only -term in which they held anv advantage. West Perth won in the air, m dash, and across Jhat important line ? .Hie rentre. They were s-tronger in going through the crushes, and showed, as a team, great dash. Their centre line held the call in play all day. But it was in tne- air that their most marked supremacy was apparent. It is a long time since more glorious aerial work has been seen Craig. Gosnell. Fleming, Boyd. Parks', and McDiarmid. What magnificent cap tures at finger- tip did these men make. Craig. Gosnell, and Fleming were won derful. Craig has a grip of steel for the ball, and his judgment in leaping is fine Gosnell s supple bodly and mighty leap ing allows him to come from all sorts of angles to capture- above his opponents * Iezning probably rises higher for the ball than any player Jiere, and has that rare knack of just 'dwelling' in the air when up above the crowd. Be has very sure hands as we!L Had he as sure a foot or even half the accuracy of a 'Bonnie' Camp-bell or a Hodriquez what a super forward he would make. From number Jess opportunities he got five goals last Saturday. Gosnell, Sinclair, and John ston formed a centre line which won all the way. Parks played very finely and .Boyd was at his best exhibiting that de termination wiich has always made him such a great footballer in big games Perth were served best by McLean. Mc Comish Watts, and Clowes. McLean in tue last halt marked superbly — as superb -W?SIan/ ln «*rdilial colours; McComish flitted about .tirelessly ail day, and Watts and_ Clowes were, always prominent for useml jf not showy work. O'Connor had charge of the match, and besides holdin» nrm control was fast and impartial Thp teams were: —

West Perth: Goswll; Taylor, Bflyd, t/racj^ McDiarmid. Sinclair, Parks, Me£ bin, Fleming, Randall. Denton, Reardon, Jry. Sampson, Johnston, Moyle, Bidstrup Perth: Donoghue, Steele. Clowes, Me fe?.!;? T''r- E'd'»- ?«£ ?M'1 several defence dashes pro w*^6 °Penj,ns featnre» °f the match. their only score ior the term. West iertn assumed ortmplete control after this and from repeated attacks gained 4 goals fc behinds by the end of the quar ter, lleming, marking superbly, got TW°/ the -^ and Park« ^e other, s.on had played brilliant football for tha cardinals., In the second -teTmpith ended off a brilliant dash with a ™]°TJ°l fxsn. The Wests took a hand far P,*S' 8°laI«d^^'»i Evans scored for Perth, and Parks again pierced the ?WS for the cardinals. It ^ ebb and flow. Perth ended off the quarter w,th a major from McLean. -£,£3l£ *£ «^ wasi,th« outstanding_player of nrn 2f w 1 c?amP'0D- Perth had im l£l a ^l *«* PowfiMd themselves^ tor them in six scoring tries. McDiar nud retaliated for Wests, and then £ had rained through four goals iw 1-2 at lemons. For some time in the last quarter the play was even, and then St ^ a foe.™^ sent th'rongh sis minor* in succession, and brofc* the bid run with a goal from Evans. ButWests fcSdM, af '' attaCkS- leaviDS tt» Perth, S.11 (:-0 points).