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iJF^VT probabIS' tne most exciting ?5S£™.0£Hle PT ent footbaJ1 seas°» ww witnessed by a .large crowd at the Fre mantle Oval on Saturday, whon ♦ E? i.'S

rlXi if'^ Freman^ and Subkco resulted m a drawn game. T4e res-ult KrV*^!?1^6- 1 Snbi,aS° J°n™eyed to S2 Port with the knowledge rhat thev had ^n ? *?&*£*? While SoiIth Fremanti' occupied ; the Attorn position on the list! Ihe visitors started odds-on favourites, out after a first quarter in which Sou:h J: reman tie dominated the play and show ea that they were a much improved team it could be s«en that the game was not to. be the runaway that most people thought it would be. For excitement and thrills, the match provided ail that could be desired, but, from a football point of view, tlae game was not a very good one. The play throughout was o*f a serambly nature, the ball appeared to be tricky and players seemed to experi ence great difficulty in holding a mark or passing accurately. On the day. the Port team 'was unlucky in not winning outright. Their game was superior to that of their opponents, who seemed un able to demonstrate the concerted play which has (helped them to victory in pre vious matches. Th«y did not appear to be able to get started properly. South Fremantile, on the other hand, dashed away from the first bounce and they held their lead until close to the end of the niatdh. Individually, South Fremantle has players equally as good as other teams bn:, up till 'Saturday, they seemed to have been unable to operate in con junction, with one another. Saturday's match showed that the team is ma king

if the improvement continues, they wili indeed -be a team to 'be feared. Sunder land was a tower* of strength throughout the day and did a great deal to bring about the final result. In Hie back lines for South Fremantle, Hugh«s and Daly were responsible for the turning of many a maroon attack and Millar (very dash ing in parts), Lawn (kicking and marking wonderfully well), and Fitzgerald were other notable players in a team in which there were few passengers. Subiaco were best represented by Leonard, Scaddan, Rodriquez (kicking well for goal), Cock burn and Bunning. The Port team was without the services of Turford, Staton, Giles, and J. CaOlow, while the most not able absentee in the maroon ranks was Baflien. The teams were: — Subiaco. — Cock-burn, Wieland, Brophy, Ahearn, Guhl, Green, Hickey, Pengei, Leonard. Riches. Grisg, Thompson, Sex ton, Beasley. Bunning, .Scaddan, Rod riquez. and Farqulhar. South Fremantle.— Sunderland. Camp bell, Holmes, Fuhrmann, Dixon, Sheedy, Mahon, Miller, Edgar, Jennings, Pressley, Lawn, Fitzgerald, Hughes, Daly, O'Con nor, Clack, and Lutey. Following the bounce, a free to Camp bell saw the ball travel to South's goal mouth, where O'-Connor picked up from the ground and snapped a goal within a few minutes of the start. Souths again took charge and, after O'Connor had managed a minor, Edgar cent to Lawn, Who kicked the second goal with his lefl foot. Up the other end, Guhl scored a point and the ball was again taken back to where 'Lawn, receiving from Shendy, notched the third goal. Soon after Camp bell gave Lawn another chance and he made no mistake. For the last few min utes of the quarter. Subiaco held the play and Ahearn scored a major just before the bell. The scores then read: — South Fremantle, 4.3; Subiaco, L3. The play during the second quarter was fairly even. Sanderland, Edgar,- and Lawn^ were prominent for the Port team and' Rodriquez, Cockburn and Bunning did good work for the maroocis. Rodriquez managed two goals during the quarter and Cockburn one and Lawn scored both of South's majors. The scores at -the half term were: — South Fremantle, 6.0; Subiaco, 4.S. Souths opened the third quarter with a point and, after some mixed p5ay, Fitzgerald sent a hard one to Lawn and this player marked in a most spectacular manner. His goal was the just reward of such a mark. At the other end. Rodriquez, from a free at a hard angle booted true. The play became generally mixed. Souths were determined to hold their lead and their back men were playing wonderfully well. Leonard was playing a good game and he sent to Grigg. who passed to Ahearn, who scored the maximum. Rodriquez and Jennings added inajorg for their re spective sides and at the lemon bell the scores were: — South Fremantle. O.S; Subiaco, 7.S. With Subiaco 12 points behind and playing hard to win. the last quarter promised to be interesting. For fully ten minutes no score was made, though the visitors forced the ball down time and again. Sunderland. Miller and Hugbes were mainly responsible for turning the game on these occasions. At last Bunning, after a good dash, sent to Leonard, iwho in turn, passed to Afoearn and this player brought Subiaco six points nearer victory. At the other end Jennings scored a point from a good kick. A pass from Grigg to Leonard looked dangerous, hut Daly saved. Beasley scored a point and, shortly after, receiv ing from Scaddan, placed his team^ a point in the lead with a fine goal. With -ut five minutes to play, excitement grew intense and when Ahearn, from a free, placed ihis team one point in front pan demonium reigned. Hughes cleared from the kick and Sunderland, with a long punt sent well down. Lawn, running hard, effected a magnificent mark and there was a lull in the noise while he made his kick. The ball just missed the tall posts and -one flag was rised. Scores were again even and they remained so until the end. Souths -were in command when the belL rang. Tie final scores were: — Subiaco, 0 goals 10 behinds (64 points). South Fremantle, 0 goals 10 behieds (64 points). The goal-kickers 'were: Subiaco, Rod jiquez (4). Ahearn (3), Cockburn, and Be&sley; South Fremantle, Lawn (6),. O'Connor (2), and Jennings.