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With .???^??nriitl wp.-ithpr, anri fast, firm turf, tin1 i-onuitiiii'.s d-r Saturday's jrann :tr the IVrth Ova! bi'twcpu Subiaco and Kast IVrth were p«*rfvet. ami a ;iar

;'.ca.ariy '.irge crowd gathered m anttri Iiati'ii! (if a 'stirring exhibition. They wen- nut disappnintrd. Although last] .viiar'- prctuiors ha-v a I'omforranli' margin I fi? ;n-:nts in thi-ir f.-ivmi.- at tin- tiuni h't-ii. j K.-i-t IVrth. particularly in the s-'r-imj ::ml risinl nuarii1'*. proved tlit-:n«tM-rs t-- be the making »f a lino team am! j-r-i- v'dfl a tine exhibition of fuotbf'J. Suhiaco were ol-\ 'i-u-ly tin- Viotter team. -iiiii!r:K ! [?:.rt :r ular'v in I In- air. wiiere mine s:-rved them Letter than I'.roTihy Cba'f-brtck 1 m-, ('?ni-khurn lliaif-forwanJ ?. The hero of I lie match, however, was AJiearn. who. playing forward, tagged eislir goals. He wjs- always in position, mtrked sii!eml:il!j. and kirkiti iitM-iirately. The Subiaco for ward line pivc a magniiicpnt display, pverv man leading well, while there was 1111 sipn of seliishtioss. Of the Kii.-t IVrtii men Cepp. when taken away from rhe back line, gave a fine exhibition, while. Sparrow was niasnificent. 1:U- eJu.-lve turn and Ion? kicking beins a featnre cf the game. J. Ouh! wa= a!so nv-st crinspicu ous. battiins fiercely among the bister m.-n, IJurgefs (back) also strfving hard. The teams were as follow: — Su'oiaco: Cockburn. Wieland. Bahen, Brophy, Ahearn. A. Gnhl. Green, Hiekey, Pengel. Leonard. Riches. Grigg. Thoinp s--n. Sc-aton. Beasley, Dunning, Scaddau, Farquhar. Kast Perth: Burgess. Ilebbard. West prn, Duffy. Sparrow. Sharp. Worwithorpe, J Gtrbl. Oweo. Gaynor. Olew, CampbeTl. Xcwton. Brentnali, Gepp, Sherlock O'Meara. ILirkham. Throe magnificent marks by Beasley. Bahen. and Abeiirn enabled the latter to score within 775 seconds of :he bounce, but a da-ii by Ilebbard immediately brought up a sinslc for the home team from I'nmpbe-U. Fast exchanges follow e;i. until Owens .snapped the ball tbroiiKh for a goal. Another single, anil then (Jrisz. leading out beautifully, passed to C(t.-kbiini. irn'key, and WieSand for a'

goal. Tho East Perth back men appear ed to be 'wandering, and Ahearn, after marking, was allowed to run through un molested for another goaL Bunning then came throii»I; with a fine dash, passing to Ahearn for the fourth goal, the fifth coming from Leonard, who grabbed tlfe leaiher and screwed it through after Bahen had rai.sUicked. East Perth now puiled themse-Ives together, and added three singles before the bell, when the scores were: — Subiaeo. 5.0; East Perth. 1.5. In the second term East Perth com. mewed to play more open football, and as a result the game became fast and spectacular. Singles were registered by both sides, until Campbell, marking a bail kicked from rhe ground, added a goal. Sparrow sent down from the centre, and CaTJ*;.oeU, freed, again raised ooth flags. Subiaco broke away for a minor, but a thrrliing exchange of passes by Sparrow, Owens, and Glew took the ball the length of the ground, concluding with a brilliant goail by- the last-named. A further point to either side, and the half-time scores were: — Subiaco. 6.4: East Perth, 4.7. Su biaco were first away after the bounce,

ami, finding the back men astray, Anearn had no difficulty in registering a goaL Sherlock frustrated a further attempt, and East 'Perth got away. A shot by Western which fell short was -splendidly marked by Sparrow, who added full points. Another single-came from Gepp, and then Campbell, missing a mark from Owens, recovered, grabbed the ball, and steered it through the goal posts with a screw punt. Abiaco now had a turn. Leonard to Bunning adding a goal, bnt a series of nice passes ended in Owen marking and giving the home team a similar score. Several minor, points were scored by both sides until, just at the conclusion of the term. Wieland snapped a goal, leaving fhe tallies: — Subiaeo., 10.7, East Perth. 7.10. With only 15 points* leeway to make up, East Perth flung themselves into the last term vimfnlly. Sparrow sent down from the bounce, and Campbell, marking weH, put the ball right in front. An obvious free to OTileara meant a goah Again from the bounce the ball went via Sparrow to Campbell, who. after a scramble, reduced the lead by a further six points. Subi aco seemed momentarily 'rattled,' but soon found their stride, and got away for a goal from Wieland. Once wore the maroons surged forward for a goal from Leonard, and then Ahearn. freed right in front, udded a further 'sixer.' Cock burn to Ahearn meant anoflier goal. East Perth made another attempt, a point being folilowed by a goal from Gepp, hut Subiaco were too strong, and following a minor Ahearn goaled again. East Perth made a last attempt which netted a sin gle. Subiaco retaliating with a goal from Riches just on the belL The final scores were: — Subiaco, 16.10 (106 points). East Perth, 13.12 (72 points). - The goalkieke-rs jyere: — Subiaeo: Ahearn (S), Leonard (3), Wieland (3), Bunning, and; -Riches; East Perth: Camp bell (4), Owens (2), Sparrow, Glew, Gepp, and O'ileara.