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The considerably improved Perth team proved too strong for -South Fremantle on Saturday. The match, roiach w_s nlaved on the W.A.C.A. ground, fell far

short of an inspiring exhibition. With the exception of Mathews. Steele and Erick son on .the one side and Su-nderiind. Fitz gerald and Jlahou on the other, the play ers appeared HMess and often lazy. Mathewss return to the game was the brightest feature of the game and be was well supported by his two team mates, especially Steele, whose p!ay en the fringes and delightful passing, were responsible for the greater number of Perth's successful attacks. J. PengJase was umpire awl did weiL The team«- wete: — ' -. Perth: Donoghoe, Steele, Clowes, Mc Lean, Sharpl-es-, Cbrser. Hicks, Evans, Oorney, ilcComisi, Morris, Bryant, Grigg. Roydhous& Watts, A., Turner, Eriokson and Mathews. South Frema-ntle: Tuxford, Sunderland. Dixon, Mahon. White, Edgar, Giles, Fitz geraild. Pressley. Lawn. Hughes, Camp bed, H., Daly, Robinson, Calder, Clack, Callow and Gates. Faulty leading by Perth in the opening five minutes gave the visitors a series ot opportunities ' and Giles scored a single and a major, followed by another major for which Robinson was responsible From that time the visitors were not in tie hunt for the remainder of the quarter. Mathews. freed in front, missed a loOy shot but Steele captured the kick off and with a fine swerving run and well judged kick opened Perth's major account. Fed by Steele. Evans goaled and 'keeping np the pressure McComish snapped fcwp singles, and Evans, through eeifish play in £ront. added only a minor to the. tal'y when a major was possible by judicious paissing. Mahon and H. Campbell were battling hard to breai up Perth's offen sives, but Evans eCuded his marks-man and passing well put McLean in posses sion. The big Pertbite made n6 mistake, anil before tbe bed rang Bryant. Erick eon and Evaas- had each added weLl merit ed six pointers to their side's tally. Ar the first bel! the scores were: — Perth. 6-5; South Fremaotle. 2-1. 'I he -change over did not diminish th-e Perth attacks and .Bryant and McLean scored a goal apiece eoon after fc':.e resucrption of the game. South's put in a claim and Press try scored two singles before Lawn found the right opening. Sunderland. working bard, put Robineon in possession. He shot across the goal mouth, but Cald;r enprured and shot true. Roydhoase was responsible for a sparkling run and fed Erii'kson well. Erickson. who had beoa I. laying we', had no difficulty in scoring the maximum. Then followed a series of majors to Souths. Lawn found t.-.e goal unattended and made no mistake Ktmled :n front he potted his thirdi. Iiob iiiv-on received a fFee in a good position and reduced the deficiency by another fiz pointer. Marking w-eil out of ruck McLean trieil 'for the goal and Ericksoa captured a-imost on the Jii». His major made the scores at ha:f time: — Perth. 10-5; South Kremantle. 7-H. The se-eontl quarter w:is Souths, but the remainder iif t'--? match. e=peel-il!y the quarter, belonged to Perth. Lawn goahsl early :n the third quarter and Krickson i'[.lHed vr.xh a simikir srore a! the oth»r end. Edgar found the tall timbers from a .scramble :n f.ront. MeConiish scored the niaxiauim and Fitzgerald saved seve ral like-ly Perth rnslies. Erickson found the right opened, hut the ball was toufii ed by Callow. Corney. .Utherto. unno ticed, came into prominence by 5coring :i goal and Ones equalised. Comey again ra-.-wii the twin flags and as the result ot ;i d:inbt wher'icr McLean or Callow ImJ marked th,- 'leather. Donogbtie found the ball ::r his fi-e: and promptly goa-led. He was lui-ky iipfore tha iju.irter ended to repeat his success, wjen the scores read: — I'errh. 17 7: Souti Frcma-nMe. KM!. Kniith couii; only uvartage to augment t.:i?:r -eore by. tivo points iu the I'j^'.ng quar t.-r. \vlu- McLean. .Evans. Donoghui? and ivVTins' a;;iln scored major.s for Perth. r':i:i! *ci-'es were: — IVrtli, L'l-7 tl.'t*. points). Smith Fremantle. 10-8 (KS points). Thi- gi-al kickt-ns were: — Tenth. Doiiog 1'iir. Kv:m.- and Erickson 14 each I. Mc Lean Kit. ISryant and Corney i- ea-ehl. S;i-i-- IWomish; J-out. -j Frenwmtle, I^iwn (4 1. Ilobinson (2), Edgar, Giles, (.'alder. Gates.