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Those hot rivals of last season, Subi- Subiaco won by 13 points, with a tally of

11.7 against 9.6. It was a close and ex- citing game, yet too massed and fierce to become a good exhibition. There were few open and wide exchanges and the pass to a team mate was not often. Very seldom did either team work on any combination and it was a match in   which the individual swayed the victory rather than those concerted team moves   so fine to see. Subiaco were triumphant in the air and in patches worked up some semblance of concerted attack. ground and nippier to the ball. For the first three quarters the play was commonplace mostly, yet relieved in pat- ches by some very brilliant aerial work or lovely short dashes. Yet the scores were always close enough to rivet atten- tion on the game. In the last quar- ter the match assumed some colour. Bursting away Easts scored twice in quick succession. They had climbed to within striking distance of their adver- saries, and were playing the better foot- ball, with plenty of pace and vim. The mercurial Rodriquez steadied the mar- oons with a goal. East Fremantle again came into the picture a moment later and looked possible winners, but Rodri- quez once more scored, sealing the game for his side. The last quarter was the best both in play and incident. Brophy played a wonder game for Subiaco. At half-back he was supreme—the best on   the field. He never made a mistake, marking superbly and clearing with bril- liant dashes. Hickey darted about in a roving commission tirelessly and was re- Cockburn's high marking was a feature from great heights and was responsible for several goals. Rodriquez, a master of position play, scored five majors for and darts in for the passes with fine dash. On East Fremantle side there were some fine players, too. Rocke and Jarvis at half-back were a pair who broke many a Subiaco sortie, and Jen- nings, everywhere, was a fine player. In the third quarter, Dunne was always under notice for fine football. The play- ers showed too much regard for keeping the ball away from the boundaries and this made for congestion, which was needless. Braack's umpiring also was       a contribution to the massed work. He   used the whistle too much, pulling up the tation of the holding the ball is too fine and stops the continuity of play ever year. The teams were:- Subiaco.-Cockburn, Brophy, Ahearn,     Guhl, Green, Hickey, Pengel, Leonard, Riches, Grigg, Thompson, Sexton, Geas- ley, Bunning, Scaddan, Rodriqnez, Ed- wards, Farquhar. East Fremantle.— Dolan, Cinoris, Bu-   chanan, Brown, Baird, Curtis, Coffey, Barter, Donne, Gallagher, Jennings, Jar- vis, Jones, Lewis, Richards, Rocke, Ryan, Woods.   Easts were early away, but Rodriguez had first goal up for the maroons. The play was fast with Easts in the ascend- ant. Gallagher opened their account with a clever snap and a moment later Cin- oris had scored a second. Then Leon- ard, with a lovely long torpedo punt evening matters at the other end. Play was becoming a bit vimful and concerted football at a discount. Frees were num- erous and only short dashes and a few thrilling high marks were saving the game from commonplace. Before the bell Rodriguez had scored again for Subi- aco, leaving them with a bare lead of 3 goals neat against 2.3, scored by Easts. The play in the early part of the second quarter was again spoiled by too much congestion, Jennings scored early for Easts and Ahearn replied for Subiaco. Then from a glorious high mark in front of the sticks, Coffey goaled for Easts This put the teams close together again. but Rodriquez finding an open goal open- ed out the gap again in the maroons' favour. Just here Subiaco were building up supremacy and opening out well up forward, exhibited the only real bit of concerted football for the half. A heady pass Rodriquez to Grigg brought full points and at the half Subiaco held a handy lead of 6.4 to 4.3. The third   term opened with a beautiful passage of football between Hickey, Grigg and Cockburn, which brought full points. Then it was vimful and even. Attacking hotly Easts scored. Lewis finding an open goal. The play was too close and fierce to be clever and few of those wide ex- changes were seen. From a great mark Cockburn goaled again for Subiaco, but a little later Cinoris had put Easts in the picture again. But Subiaco were doing the better and Leonard, finely judg- ing an opening, darted through to score a clever major. Lemons' bell saw the scores:— Subiaco, 9.6: East Fremantle, 6.5. It had been a Subiaco quarter, they had been, cleaner and quicker and picked out the man more accurately. The last period was full of excitement. Coffey, from a free, and Barker, from a serum, in front, had notched goats for Easts early and the Subiaco lead was reduced to 7 points. Easts were now ahead in play dashing for the ball with rare de- termination and doing most of the at- tacking. A goal to Rodriquez steadied the maroons a little, but with 20 minutes of the quarter spent Buchanan dashed through to score again for Easts. It was anyone's game, but the alert Rodri- quez again stemmed the tide for Subiaco and scored a further major which made the match secure for his side. Final scores were: — Subiaco: 11.7 (73 points). East Fremantle: 9.6 (60 points). The leading players for the winners were Brophy, Hockey, Grigg, Rodriques, Cockburn, Green, Leonard, Ahearn and Pengel; and for East Fremantle, Rocke, Jarvis, Jennings, Dunne, Jones, Dolan, Buchanan and Coffey.