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The English mail, with advices to July 26, and telegraphic news to August 10, arrived on Saturday, September 16, being several days overdue. The delay was caused by the breaking

overdue. The delay was caused by the breaking down of the Golconda in the Bed Sea. Both Houses of Parliament meet on Friday next. A sharp contest of parties is looked for. There has been a "split" in the Cabinet. Mr. Reynolds, the Treasurer, has resigned, as his colleagues will not consent to his bringing forward this session the free-trade policy to which he is pledged. The Hon. Arthur Blyth has been called upon, and has accepted the vacant office, and Mr. P. Santo, M.P., is Com missioner of Public Works, vice Mr. Dutton, who is appointed Agent-General. Mr. F. S. Dutton, late Commissioner of Public Works, goes home by this mail to succeed Mr. Walters as Agent-General. Mrs. Torrens, the lady of Mr. R. R. Torrens will also go to England by this mail. It is expected that Mr. J. T. Bagot will put up for the vacancy in the representation of Light, owing to the departure of Mr. Datton from the colony. Other gentlemen are spoken of as likely candidates. The Validating Act has been hailed with much satisfaction in the colony, as have also the Validity of Marriages Act and the Retiring Pensions to Governors Act. His Excellency, accompanied by his Private Secretary, Mr. S. Tomkinson, and Mr. F. Halcomb recently visited Port Lincoln and Port Augusta, and was most loyally received. His Honor Mr. Justice Gwynne has officiated in the Insolvent Court during the illness of Mr. Commissioner Macdonald. He has adjudged several insolvents to lengthened terms of im prisonment, and his regime is looked upon as likely to be very beneficial. Mr. R. R. Torrens has resigned the office ol Registrar-General, and intends remaining in England. Mr. W. B. T. Andrews, the Deputy Registrar, has been promoted to the vacancy, and his appointment has given general satis faction. The Directors of the Bank of Adelaide have appointed Mr. Souter, late of Sandhurst: manager; Mr. H. Stodart, accountant; and Mr C. S. Penny, share clerk. Mr. Stow, QC, has obtained leave to is?uc writs upon informations of intrusion Sled bj the Attorney-General against Messrs. Cook< and the Hon. J. Baker. This is looked upoi as the commencement of the battle of tlu pastoral leases. Mr. Alfred Jones, one of the purchasers o the annual leases on the Murray, has been dis< possessed of his run by the original tenant, Mr Heywood. It is stated that some of our Northerr settlers ictend going to Western Australia, U 6ettle there and engage in pastoral pursuits. Dr. Walker has returned from his visi North, and he reports that the blacks are not ir a state of destitution, as was represented. Thirty-six additional valuations of pastora leases have been sent in by Mr. Goyder. Mr. J. P. Stow's interesting narrative of th< voyage of the Forlorn Hope along the N.W Coast, together with his notes upon Westeri Australia, have been published in the form of i pamphlet. Mr. W. P. Auld surrendered to his bail at the Police Court on September 1, on a charge of killing a native at Chambers Bay, but the case was further adjourned till November 20, as additional evidence is required from the Northern Territory, and other persons are implicated.   During the month of August the fees of the Lands Titles Office amounted to £617 155., against £498 2s. in the corresponding month o 1864, and the value of property brought undo Torrens's Act was £89,424 against £69,772 ii the same month of last year. Mr. McKinlay and the other members of his party embarked on board the Ellen Lewis, for the Northern Territory, on Saturday, September 23. The party consists of Mr. McKinlay, ex- plorer; Dr. J. S. Millner, surgeon and Protector of Aborigines; Mr. John Davis, storekeeper and Messrs. T. Gillbanks, F. W. Thring, E. G. Mayo, T. B. Crispe, D. Collier, S. Watts, G. P Morris, T. Glen, J. Horner, and Police-trooper Potter. The Ellen Lewis takes 32 horses, 200 sheep, and a supply of stores. Mr. Finniss will return by the Ellen Lewis, in order to make his statement to the Government. Several mem bers of the party will be brought back on the charge of murdering the native at Chambers Bay. Mr. Manton will assume command during the absence of Mr. Finniss. Dr. Millner has been appointed lay reader at the Northern Territory settlement. Messrs. McKinlay and Stow were invited to a dinner on September 5 by the previous mem bers of the Northern Territory Expedition. The adjourned annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was held on September 6, when the report was adopted, with the exception of a paragraph that was expunged on the motion of (he Hon. J. M. Solomon. Intelligence has been received in town that the new Murray steamer Culgoa had been snagged, and had sunk with 20 tons of cargo on board. The emigrant ship Electric arrived on Saturday, September 23, only one day after the Murray. Both vessels sailed from Plymouth on July 1. The Electric was nearly blown ashore on the rocky coast near Brighton, but was rescued by a steam-tug from her critical posi- tion. On Saturday, September 23, a boat which had been out from Glenelg to the ship Electric was capsized in returning from the vessel. Four of the crew were drowned, and only two saved. These two were daringly rescued by a gentle man named Phillips, who swam his horse out to them and handed them a line. The Cornwallis, emigrant ship, arrived on August 26, after a good passage of 83 days. It is expected that (he intercolonial line of telegraph will be opened as far as Blanchetowa very shortly. The New Zealand Exhibition prize certificates have arrived in the colony, and have been for warded to the fortunate exhibitors. The Competitive Examinations have been very quiet this year. In consequence of the with drawal of the Government aid the examinations were honorary, and only two boys came up for examination. It is thought that this is the last of the Competitive Examinations, which have been established for six years. Dr. Murray, Secretary to the Archbishop of Dublin, has been appointed Roman Catholic Bishop of Perth. Three other Bishops are named—Dr. Qain, Dean Hayes, and Dr. Shiel —bat it is not stated to which of the vacant dioceses —Adelaide, Goulburn, and Armidale— they are respectively appointed. A site has been purchased for .a Wesleyan College, which it is projected to build. The site adjoins the residence of the late Dr. Kent, at Kent Town. The Rev. J. P. Sunderland, formerly a mis sionary at Samoa, has been interesting the public in the cause of missions in the South Seas. The Rev. Mr. Taylor, of California, has delivered a series of lectures upon " Palestine" and " St. Paul and his Times." which were well attended. The Bev. J. C. Page, Baptist missionary at Barisanl, India, is now in the colony on sick leave. He has given a great many particulars about Indian missions, and the Baptist _ Asso ciation have undertaken a small district in India. The annual brickmaking match took place on Thursday, September 7, and was very successful. The annual Poultry Show was held on Sep tember?.

A number of ploughing matches have taken place in the country districts during the month. The Hindmarah Rifles hare beaten the Kadina Rifles in a friendly match, by a majority of 53 points; and the Munno Fans hare been suc cessful in a contest with the riflemen of Milang. The turbine wheel has been successfully adopted in the city for the purposes of printing and of cutting tobacco. A man named Coope has been crushed to death by a heavy piece of machinery falling upon him in the foundry of Mr. A. Jones, in : Blyth-etreet. A. young man named Richard Bladder, who had been in the colony only fire months, was drowned in theTorrens on Thursday, September 21. There was a narrow eacape from a serious fire on Wednesday, September 20, at the shop of Mr. Saul Solomon, in Hindley-street, but fortunately the flames were subdued very quickly. Ambrose Sieben, the man who was run over bv some goods' trucks at the Port, has eince died from the injuries he then received. A young girl, daughter of Mr. W. Ber mingham, was recently found drowned at the Bay. She was deranged, and as her clothes were found on the jetty it is thought she com mitted suicide. Lyster's Opera Troupe opened at the Victoria Theatre on September 25, with brilliant success. Mons. and Madame Simsonsen, assisted by Misses Liddle and Warden, hare given several conceits in White's Rooms, but hare not been so successful as their talents deserve. A highly successful concert by amateurs was given on September 4 in aid of the Albert Bells Fund. It is expected that £50 or £60 will be realized by it. The Circus kept by Mr. H. Burton has made a highly successful stay in the. city. An information against Mr. H>nry Burton for erecting a circus tent within the city has been dismissed in the Police Court, and an * appeal to the Supreme Court refused. The Leotard Acrobatic Troupe hare been playing successfully at the Theatre, and hare now gone into the country districts. There were seven entries for the Annual Steeplechase, which was won by Cadger. Cadeer was well ridden by Mr. Gordon, M.P. for Victoria. Mr. J. H. Allen, an American tragedian, has recently given several literary entertainments in White's Rooms. It is intended to hold a grand Volunteer Review on the Prince of Wales' birthday. Mr. P. Kelly has imported a splendid draught horse named Comptroller. A great quantity of horse stock is now being imported from Tas mania. Mr. G-. B. Shaw's engraving of Noel Paton's picture, "The Silver Cord Loosed," has been greatly admired. Mr. Thomas, of Kooringa, has been ap pointed by the Agricultural Society for the pur pose of analyzing the various soils in the colony. Dr. Schomburgk has entered upon his duties as Superintendent of the Botanic Garden. Mr. Joseph Fisher has sold his interest in &b Register and Observer newspapers to Mr. John Howard Clark. Dr. Morgan's meat-salting process has been most successfully performed in pnblic. The new safety blasting compound has been very favorably reported upon by Captain Pen berthy, of Kanmantoo Mine. An Aerated Bread Company has been started in Adelaide. The steamer South Australian recently made the trip from Melbourne to Adelaide in 39 hours —the fastest passage on record. A circumstance transpired at the South Aus tralian Bank, which has excited a great deal of attention in commercial circles. A remittance from a country branch was missing, and after an unsuccessful search of all the clerks it was found in the cloak room, as if planted. One of the cltrks has been suspended by the Directors. Insolvencies. —Wm. Edwards, of Glenelg, builder; Wm. Moore, of Kadina, storekeeper; John Liddy, late of Kapunda. butcher; George James Dunbar, of near Woodrille, farmer; Henry Basford, of Carrie-street, storekeeper and sawyer; Thomas O'Brien, of Sevenhill, near Clare, storekeeper; John Curtis, of Ade laide, ironmonger; Robert Newman Wells, and Harry Dickson Gell* of Kadina, grocers and general storekeepers; John Cooper, of North Adelaide, butcher; Wm, Buchanan, late of Glen Osmond, laborer; John Tautin, late of Ade laide, out of business; Wm. Thos. Morris, late Mintaro, butcher; Gsorge Field, of Goolwa, y licensed victualler; Mary Stuart, of Adelaide* lodging-house keeper. Exchange—(See commercial report). Shares—(See list). The price of wheat is about Bs. 9d. at tbe Port and Bs. 6d. to Bs. 7d. in Town. Sales have been made during the month at 9s. and Bb. lid. Flour iB firm, £19 10s. to £20 10s. The price of copper is £83. Arrivals —Cornwallis, Clodian, Josephine, Murray, and Electric, from London; Cherokee, ' Robert Dixon, from Gothenburg; Iserbrook, from Hamburg; Jane Bell, from Galle and Port Louis. Departures—Peeress and Gauntlet, for Guam; Aunt Lizzie, for Swansea via Wallaroo; Europa, for Vasse; and Revenge, for Port Louis.