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rMHB weekly chronicle The Proprietors hereby intimate to their fiiemds and eaders, in town and country, that the price of the to be of the largest.dimensions published; and every endeavour will be made to render it the best, as itis 2— -HT - cheapest Weekly Paper in the y Subscript, Advertise^ and Communications JT^S rAdel-de.andXouSou^Sub^TaMKtrv Districts. ?rol*llout "" ?u?ur??? ?* country TTZV ,_. ~ __ flb3rfJCiStIS?lO^C%? Orenfeq-rtreet, October 1.1864. === 45_- - ?Dipping. ? r .."'n Rnnmtn FARES.—For MEL- JimfiSSL 1& BOURNE DIRECT —The snlamKH Mfi?E nowStoainsliip spienuia . SOUTH AUSTRALIAN 7Wton^J^olmP?in,oon l minder,wfll^ipoSlTlVELy onT?SLy?BrCtoelBthmstait.ati3oDin Tram\ 1.40 p.m. * Awp'lni ITam> WM.lSBlSTER,6,Currie<treet. JOHN NKWMAN & WN?Port N.B.—PWsengers wfll find the aooommodation of the Bouth Australian superior to any steamer in the trade. ' d?xl . -^<TEAM TO MELBOURNE AND J|j|S?fcv^ SYDNEY.-The A^S.nTco-8 Royal 2£§sSSMaa Steamer, ALEXANDRA, hourly expected with the English MaiL will be dis- patched as above two or threedtys afterher arrival. Far freight or passage, apply to gTX 4 h:baRTLBET, Town. & ANTHONY ft BABTLEBT, Port. "^ — .fc -.' . FOR THE MURRAY JZ HARROLD BBOTHBBS. i ~-,„,, m-nnif nmwT n c, ?WlfrTaV plo * I Lo. ND?fc DIRECT.—The fine Aisnip Tsr?"l!L?-- tv fJf^-^ autiA t 4SO tons, Captain John Hedwith, master, having the greater part of her Cargo engaged, will meet with quick "9"?-., . For freight or passaga, apply, to the Captain, on boft£j? rto „__,_.„ wfi?? PHILIP LEVI & CO. ' J^.'ljiO? NEWCASTLE DIRBCT.-ne &* -2i?-^ ness** J|tk,'li J. O. Dirai, mute, 6r Tlcte SUUiB^ BMlwr. dTlTwiUsaa early in the week-Tr freight, "^ CLELAND PAGE, kCO Port Adelaide a 2 CLELAND. PAGE, fc CO., Port Adelaide. ' ~ dc? 17*" J.MESSBRVY, on board. . Fvhtttiw Joy R <* r?a^JunT^vZ^ ARNVRAT 4OHNT . CUaWIM-HOTSE and GENERAL AGENT^ PORT ADELAIDE. dxc Warehouse^ of the under- J^^MShewi&^'s.? SanK7o?Me! SS^B^T^^SmSemmS Twisted sSr^toMLttareLiWdSiXi's^i^ii.fcoTite' aJSSSSS^S^SSSSA^ST'&i^ ahaprf) age 1863, of amort renowned brand; full- ?ngg?3Ss?--—TI*. ll!lll^M AMSBERGkGBSSNER be? in oon SSd^Oi^m?t^erto?ar^r^ Wtaho9W> ftSTftmTall^arts of the Australian colonie pwm^ateSdiAto. ??auan coionie rFbttae note tha addtesa— JM AMBBBRG b. GEBBNBR.' " J^Tw.KngWilliam^et, dxq O^teth.NaSnsi?ank. I O— —————— SADDLES in evervrarietv B^i^K^d^applng 917 ' MattgfflMSL. B^SpavairiSad^rfl^ SBnga^&st 11**-' o„_ Also.ofmyownmannlactare— Saddles, oTanj^^quality or pattern , Bridles, Martingales, Girth Straps, and every artida required by Bushmen and ?iherd Harness—Carnage, Gig, Buggy, Express, Tandem Cart, and Plough Whipi^^y.Tw^.Tandem^dHuntwg Thongs—Tandem, Four home Can, Bollock, &c. Colbri-Baiay, Gig, Spring^art, Cart, and Pipe CVEQSZ^ ?mm ?,??? \J MILKER'S PATENT FIRB-P ROOF DEBD- UivokSa^T 0?8"*1 HL^ver SS^d. DellTer Ll*ter B*^S's; f S v 4. *? importer, CS, HlndleT-Btmt ONBALB.atiheStoroofttoundendgnea- TBASI ex Phflip, Lnsitania, andother vessels Sngar^Wh^^^^V^ria^tels, and Rations TobaiMo—Vligmian and other Twist ;Sn*ff w Soap, Candles, Whiting, Vinegar Matches, Bio?, Ciraants. Raisins Salad Oils, Mustards, Sardinet Lobsters Bh^S^ZoLttSZ FineWarrnambool Potatoes. SAMUEL BAKEWELL, mw& Ped-atreet. ?__—____—______^_ O_ _. T _ . , , . . _ alriSn L kZtJSS0*?* 1 e" —"*• foUowing OOOUB. via.,:— Coasens and Downer's Kerosine, in 8-gall. cases ?£^' H-^ S2s£.?fl£Sn?^ h?J-? am, i l J^4E£3B££w*£!Z* -handlsd BhoTBls I?^?? 1 S^s H???^PMte Boners feSi?-4"?31*,^?*^ Am?. f?tJ^3af^!' Ctotnea Fins (whittled and patent), Cut Tacks wfinx* PADMAN ft CO., Stephens-place. . _^ ON SALE, WASHING, WRINGING, and MANG- LIHG MACHINES ; greatest labor-savin maditoes ever inventei. Sold subject to approva Ataq, Kerpame, 3s. !M. per gallon. A. large stock o miscellaneous goods. Prices as usual, the cheapest i "Ji? colony. JON.BS BROTHERS, ImpoBMBS, wfmo Waymonth-street. Adelaide. ____^ „__^_^ ?im.?i Mo . DM . n n? OAOQ.Q aiu?r????. a rS-11^!8^.!^01"1 •"& B^SS. TRf T wANrS ALLBOPFS and IND COOPE'S ALE, no KindintF. B. H. WIGG, . fawc King Wflliam-Btreet.

Business Notices --_.-._„,,, „„,„ _ Mft . in n , nofa tw ,„. "Sr^nsTve IIK *^ed *? <* our Hepresentatives will be given to our consntaents as hitherto. AMBBRBO fc QBBirKt g . Kfag WQUam^e^gs^. " wfr.3 TTT-^Z Z 1 Z D^^^^ " * — D-ft J-FOWLER, Adelaide. T> lAN O F O BTES.-CA U T I O N. - jj- The public CAUT IONED against buying Instruments bearing the name of "Albion and Allison> as that Firm has not been in existence since the year 1848. In* only Firm haring a right to that name is RALPH ALLISON & SONS, 108, Wardour-street, London. Messra. A. * Sons will be happy to forward the ? D^SnBandPriceList?,fr?ciSpollT^)f>l^o?"QnioQ finw^ (S^ed) RALPH ALLISON & SONS. ,_ _ r<HE!JUDGE3 again have awarded to the MBSSBS 1 TUXFOBD tte GRAND PRIZE CBRTIFI CATE of MERIT for the Best and LaigestCoUecHor of Aeridultural Implements and Machinery exhibited at thegrisat Annual Show of the South Australian Agricul taral and Horticultural Societ held this day, Pebruaiy 25,1864. Mesup. Tuxford beg respectfully to announce that their STOCK of IMPORTED GOODS wfll continue to be founa the Best, Largest, and Cheapest in South Australia, at North^errace, Adelaide. finxc — — QOOT AND SHOE WARSROOMS. t> 59 RUNDLB?TREET, Comer of Gawler-place. E. BPTER begs to apprise COUNTRY SETTLERS, STOKBtEEPEKS, and the PUBLIC of SOUTH AUS- TR A Ltt that be has just returned from England, with a large and well-assorted Stock of SEASONABLE BOOTS and SHnEd of the best make and most approreirtyle- and having secured the above central foTMveralj^are hTcarriSd on DustaeS-iTHiaey-stMet. ""Tg^tov^iade arrangements in England fora recnUr?npp^ofthe very best Goods, will be prepared to offer the same at prices which must secure a ready a •ootinued sunport. Markthe Address— no ,T?nvni itSw??T^vrn^Tnf Oawlep-ninea- a i^K-biUKKI, corner ot uawier place. "*"*•' "•' -S- — ~ " " : ~ T ~ ~ IT^. S% pdpit pnnor?HLnmi ?+ rvmrr'm R i 7 .f^ T i| Dl Ss*2 B ?SS2lirt^i?B MJS!?SFS??'!SS *. U H??ltanablp, ?idw.U??Hrf Slock, TO BE SOLD. This is sod. an opportunity for a bnauuws ou -^^ -pi^rare^can be met with. Addra? *• V- ?•? O^- ?„.,,„,., „-A p no RA ? A T-JLi^ L $ BOARDS P ' *J? _ n COLLARD A COLI.ARD. ii.,i m wTi- =t~-i Hmdley and King Wflham streets. rVIT j N ST^pHEN^ B LUE-BLACK INK, oSS^oZJS^S^^^t^^ thL ARNOLD'S do. AiBO- COPHW?' V** ¥> d Bluo- Wholesale and Retail, jj AB MONIUMS T" G^ E^ > ~i A for SL^r^ to^C^TSSd to ?" address, at the ordinary price of the Daily A dveHuef, y^?^.^^ tbe^r cmt^a the y new? b THE EUROPEAN WAIL. Persons desirous of securing this advantage cea hay?. either the paper first published after the Mail arrives, or first two papers. The latter course is most advisable, inasmuch as the mail steamer frequently com? in late at night, when only a portion of the news m??ffj,* Srre,m^derlf Ulg?rmtod o^>^^K?^^-a^,eT the news from home, besiSeTgeneral European Intel' . laaa^&aLag&.'ir•"• ? nanied by a remittance in postage stamp/ Price 3d. lumber> I~""6 X • *~* Idvertiser" and "Chronicle" Offices. OtwifoU-etreet.Aa.lwde . _^ .??- „.„„„„„ TTTT. |^ AIRY FARM BRS Oil KMIST.S, AND OTHERS *~J IMPORTANT CAUTION. We beg to call the attention of Deslen. and Con- In order to guard our friends and the public against such deception, we respectfully assure them that Slither oftheparties have,or^ever had, any connection with s^o^^F^ SSL?"* Aniiatto Ww^S^er?et-place,Ho3rton, London. , Ertabhahedl7Bs. TO DA^ME^cJe^S^TT/d OTHERS. R. J. FULLWOOD & BLAND'S Highly Celebrated FLUID EXTRACT OF ANNATTO, a . For Cotoring Cheese and Butter. This valuable article is prepared fxom the finest quality of the True Vegetable Annatto only, warranted perfectly pure, innocous, and fbke PEOM ANT adul tkbatiot TOATBVBE;^ will be found the most con venient and certain preparation for the purposes o coloring cheese and butter; produces a richgolden tint, so much esteemed in the London and other great markets, without injury ti their natural flavor or dis- coloring the Whey Butter, with half the usual trouble to ase, and the oertemty of Coloring the whole Dairy of Cheese or Butter alike; is free from sediment, and wfll Immediately incorporate or mix with the milk^or cream. *^?=^U>£fiiJS2£^?*. Original "FuUwood's Annatto." . ?v Established 1785. „ And sold by most of tiie respectable Druggists and nd Halfrquarter-pints. 6d. each. T mlO " /^tLEANLIKESS!—A Stove most briUiantiv Polished %^f in Two Minutes for less than One FariJiiiur— W.G. NIXEY'S Celebrated Registered raraun?- BLACK LEAD. ' g A new Domestic Discovery! Cannot be wasted, and is l a Preservative rfbmttn from the injuriouTeffecte of f *be common article now in nse as it creates no dust, , n and requires comparatively no.labor. r Sold everywhere, in Sohd Blocks, Id., 2d., 4d., an?. l?- . t ~.„ .„ The advantages of this Elegant Chemical Preparation are great saving of time, cleanliness of application ""f}111"^ 8 ? f required, and the prevention o waste, duit, and ite destructive consequences. Further, w it ultimately produces a pure metallic coating of a high degree of brilliancy and durability, reflecting both light and heat, (See specimen ou tho sides of each block.) 12, Soho-square, London. mthc 4

Business Notices. I) LEU 80-PNEUMONIA—The MBDICINE needfu SASHES, Doors, and Frames complete, always on s h '?, d Offices fitted upon tlie shortest notice. ?ep^_ W^ m^lM BlMOn^'ana orders punct^y attended to. rcE op REM o v A L ._ IN GALVANIZED IINNED IRONWORKS FH. WHITE begs to.inform ms Fnends and the Public that he has REMOVED from King William- street to one of^those Stores (Utely occupied by Mes B re- Martin ft Oaedeehens), opposite Messrs. Elder & Co a in Grenfell-street, where all orders will be promptly attended to. ?..,_„ , Adelaide, September 30,1864 do —_ D&KURO-PNEUMONIA IN OXEN.— f The MEDICINES necessary for the Treatment ol tujs Digeage, and Directions &r its Prevention, may be had from W. B. SOWTER.Chemist, 37, Bundle-street. Horse and Cattle Medicines carefnUy prepared Essence for Lameness ,_ t „._. . Driffield Oils for all kinds of Cuts, Flesh Wounds Newmarket (white) Oils, for bprains, Bruises, Swelled Joints, be. Physic and Diuretic Balls Buster Ointment and Liquid, and every Veterinary preparation worthy of note. Mark the Address-Opposite the Globe Hotel, dq r? Or A L LEICESTER SAUCE, K. This delicious SAUCE, pronaunced by epicures £"£ UN^RPA^BD by of its kino,^ no? be obtained fromaU Storekeepers/ Whrfesale ?ZJZ andtom thY Proprieto? ur?cers ' ?na m>m me rropneior- R SOWTER> J a 37 Eundle-street H ! K^^ oa JJ-"-"^ &c - P"** ••r & post 3s. Address Messrs. I'erry and Co.. 163, Bundle- street East, Adelaide. d* /^ARTES DE VIBITE Vj IK a superior. BTTI,e, Twelve for 165., or Bs. 6d. the Half-Doeen, at RDWARD FARNDELI'S KENT TOWN PORTRAIT ROOMS NB -N7connection with ?ny other establishment ffl-H- wocooaecaonwwnanyouieresiaDusnmOT*. _— W^PVnNTAN TRPAM For Stranrthino- Beanti- £TvsEBfS£££F£& wM "-vgiara-}. ? /^tOAIA HOUSE COALS.—4my quantity and bee quahty. JOIIESSYaii , myth^net . LJ^ /^OALH COALS COAL I- {j94?WKTkoa 19 KingWiUiam-street. , LUAMN^to^'Coal Yard. dq Morth-terrace Coal Yaro. ! fy QAL S ! COALS! COALS, V P6B' En?sU"h "* Newcastie (N.S.W.) Coals acn tlft OTBAM CHAFF MILLS AND TIMBER YARI', PoshVaSd Bails Chaffed Hay, best quality Bariey, whote and cVushe^ All km'ds of Crushed Coal, and Firewood. x^Hundle^l^te^V^leMarket. WM*** ?B?i? v * ?x B N T \ for MOFFATS PHO3NIK BITTERS and LIFE PILLS. PLATTS, Hindley and Kine William street "pv ;A\ANDHARTI \) REAL JAP*N BLACKING. 97, Hian Hoebobh, London. 010 JS^H?S3S£?rtt n^uSSure^abdf "nations of their ""^"^afc^M^aeHou^ . GARDEN, and FARM, Specially Selecied for hxporta- Uon. and carefully puked for all climates. Complete Collecbons of Vegetable and Flower Seeds from-£1 to £10 each. Descriptive priced Catalogues post free to all parts of the world. Merchants liberally treated with. BUTLER & MoOULLOCH, me Covent-Garden, London, W.C. AND PATENT TILES ROOFS, SHEDS, CHURCHES, w orfer to gamggjf ja^ & UEi^^BTI^MPY.Manu J actiire ra "61a, Moorgate^treet. London; "Works, Umehouse and Birmingham,'' With either of their brands. Best Bell~TC with Crown ?l^>r p^*^^^^^^^!^^ apply through any respectable London house, or to the MmXtul direct 61a, Moor?ate-street, London. %• Catalogues forwarded on application. CAUTION. Inferior qualities are being sold as Tupper & Co. make. m? IWTOTICB TO AUVBRTi4BBd.-Ai>VKBTISBB i3l and CHRONICLE SCALE OF CHARGES, The ioHowiog are the revised rates of Charges for *awrtiiemciit? in ttie abova papers, and whioj will bo ?*aigtd from and after the date hereof:— 80AI.B ow Cbaksbb fob " Advbbtibbk," BAOB Imwwios. ?w> lines „. _ OuShUliag z - M&-' Si-? And for each two lines additional, Sixpence. Soak Of Duconm Three Insertion .. m per cent AJTortnighl ... _ ?. 83 percent. One Month _ ? ... ?oper?.ot. 5? Woekf — — ~56 percent. Two months^. ?. — CRporcnt. Three months .. 66 per cent. BoAM o - Cha.ohs yob " ChmmdU.- rour toe! ft Srulli^^ndSixpenoe. £aAaddlaonlime~ F^ep^eT ******""*- Cibbral DracoUWM poe *OM?rouB fHBIBTIom. h^... -H,. .^.r.i.. m .. t rf l?? imlnr. than two. hillings can be booted ; thai amonnt will rharged on all small advartwement?, unleas paid foratthetimeofUie order being given Itispar- iouhvly requested tbat advertisement be ordered for a eptdfio time, otheiwi.e tbty wiU be oontinned utta couni^aiicied, and ohsrgid for accordingly. AU ordtrs to ooumermand muft be in writing ;',vbal in- atmetions cannot be received. Aiaertiser ana Chronicle Om*mi,'&mifo\Lf!treet, J AprU,2B 1868.

Business Notices. A. M. BICKFORD & SON,   Prescriptions accurately prepared. Fresh Murray Leeches.     Horse, Sheep and Cattle Medicines always on hand. A large assortment of Patent Medicines, imported direct from the Inventors. Country orders promptly executed 19 Hindley-street, Adelaide. May 29 1865. rpDWIN SMITH, at the Clifton Nursery, near North §i, Adelaide, lias for sale a fine eoUecSon of Fnut Trees, Booted Vines, Shrubs. Greenhouse Plants, &c. RQSES.-E. 8. be^ to call special attention to his fine coUect ; 011 . "* Catalogues may be had, and orders left at the Nursery, or at McKird/s. Seedsman, Bundle-street, Ad^de. ' Plants carefully labelled and packed Jo any part of the colony. Letters addressed to Walkeirille PosW>ffice. jmwc 1\1 BS- REN N lE, PHYSICIENNE, jTH (fboh undon,) May be CONSULTED daily in HOPELESS CASES, Medical and Surgical, given over by Doctors as INCU- BABLE. Consulting Letters, addressed to Mrs. Rennie, Physi- rieone, Urote-straet west, Adelaide, enclosing 10s. in stamps or post^ffice order, wiU be promptly answered ; and wiUi 15s. addiUonal (in all, 265), Remedies will be sent to any post town in the colony, with her list of hopelegg ca^ cal^j vfc.-Bad eyes, deamess, ulcers, cancer, eruptions, neirous disorders, heart palpitations, consumptive cough, bilious indigestion, rheumatism, lameness, dropsy, female diaordei?, children's com P^n??. ?>a?<l2 OIMMEL'S TOILET VINB G A R Xi is far superior to any Eaude Cologne, as a tonic and refreshing adjunct to the Toilet or Bath, a reviving perfume, and a powerful disinfectant. Its useful and BIMMEL'S JOCKEY CLUB, Frangipane, &v, a^^^ -*r-~, -, HIMMBL'S GLYCERINE, Honey, Windwr, and other Toilet Soaps. RIMMEL'S LIME JUICE and Glycerine for beauti- tying Oie Hair. RIMMEL'S PEBFUME VAPORIZER, Perfume Fountains, &c., &c Sold by all Perfumery Vendors. ?• RIMMEL, Perfumerto H. R. H. the PRINCESS OF WALES, 96^ Strand, and 24, Comhiu, London, thmc = B BBOrs OT £2fISK M ?ISSr EBE"OE ntsres'W?rsrasr?* p^pmSm po^, ???, dT????it mlBi?. ' w hich Tiff surpasMfi the ordinary SddUU P4>wd?r in ita OO?r? l^EtedgS- "^-APERIENT ETSSShS fo,^^ WOMBN^d VOONGCH^DBEN onacStof itomostameable SS?' *^ also of Granulated and Eflerroscent Car- rf fam> Citrate rf Iron> citrate of Quinmei atrate of Quinine and Iron, Carbonate of lithia in tubes, Citrate of Lithia, Vichy Salt. Seidlitx Mixture nd all other Granulated Preparations. we * ?flr * " (E^ uffi AS r i? t VHl)' ' ' Purchasers desirous of being supplied with C. & B.s goods, which are all of the beat quality, and of a thoroughly wholesome character, should be careful to Z2££2SmZ bear then- names and address upon Oxford Sausages, Patent Preserved Hams. Cheese and ?* Aromatic Mustard, Payne's Royal OsborS Sauce, i Captain White'si OnenUl Pickle, Curry Powder and Paste, and MuUigatawny Paste. Grimwade's Dessicated Milk, and for Masson's French Chocolate. wac ORB A D, PASTRY, PUDDINGS.- I> BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER is recommended by THE QUEEN'S PRIVATE BAKER, thr^HS tivr With Bonri^BakSowi^u^make Bread Bakin Po^r i 8 mFaluable in ?„, Bu?h . ~?ssJ???i??asf?r^ every packet. To be had of all respectable Storekeepere, Id., 2d^ 4 j cl packet*, and in patent boxes 6d Is . 2s. 6d., and sa. each. Wholesale of G. BOBw'ick! ChisweU-sSteet (late Little Moorfields) London, wac : ? Tlrfl-nprw and CtinthlTKr iMUpery ana ClOtlHllg. Intimate to their friends and the public that their Stock of Winter Goods is -roy complete. Attention is requested to the foUowing items:- ES^S DresT^iTie? "*"*- I^7^^ an!fe" at i.- m , R^ Welsh, Saxony, and Lancashire Flannel. tt^I*^: Caba?". &a Men's and Youtti?'Beady-made aothing of all kinds. Inverness Capes, all sues and makes. A large assortment of Materials to select from in Cloths, Doeskin, Tweed. Buckskin, Cords, &c., for Gentiemen and Youths wear, and which can be made to order on shortest notice. Carpets, Hearthrugs, and Flcorcloths ' Blankets, Furnishings, Napery, &c., &c. Inspection invited. dxc r O H N CLARK O Tailob ahd Comhibb, Bespectfully intimates that he has received a Choice Selection of WINTEB UOODS, to which he invites , nspection. 29, King William-stroet. A?WS&tL?ZJu?Z*j*J!iZ*^ ? n deavors to supply the gentlemen of Adelaide with Srrt^lass aothinl/whioh^^for style and workmanship few equal ' nono oxoe i a jfthe price of London- Superfine Black Coat any shape? .£2 15 0 "^ do Crei Trousere ... ... I 8 0 !,„_ do Vost _015 0 Stout Fancy Doe Trousers... _ ...ISO SuitofTwid ... ... ... M 15 0 N.8.-A suit made in six hours'notice. To plWent n"Btekee *? ?^ an> ?n deUTOry ' Opposite?unnt ExchL. Hindlev rtreet ?io Opposite?unns Kxcnange, Hindley.rtreet. rT\O COUNTRY SETTLERS, DISTRICT COUN- JL CILS, AND OTHERS.—The Sooth AtoKBAUah WmmYCmioiaOMisnowcirculatedinaUpartstfthe colony, and affords an excellent medium for any kind ot country announcement. The Scale of Charges is con- iderably reduced below?ie rates of the oontemporary press, whilst the extent of its Advertising connexion is the best proof of the astimataon in which tie Weekly "jHBSHHnae is held by the public Scales of Charges, & napplication.

Public Notices. ALBERT BmLS—The Conunittee will meet at Councillor Nienhaberfand unanimously- 7 -ZEft* * 5* Uc Me?BngJ2Lh?nif* "^ HfE"!!,?/ S^^^^^^^ ??>; and that His Worship the Mayor be requested to convene fte same.- __ pftHEiSWSM? ttl^P^E?S^ie *^rf mreWOTOlf ?nd NORWOODjtobeheld ?J To? H?^ <?.Monday nert, the 12Hi instant, at 7 o clock in the evening. „„„„„ „ d 8 P. FIBRES, Mayor- A DRLAIDE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY.— J\. The One Hundred and Nineteenth Meeting of the Adelaide Philosophical Society, wfll be held at the South Australian Institute on Tuesday, the 13th inst., commencing at 7 o'clock, when a Paper on "The Science of Langnage," wul be read by His Honor the Chief Justice. The Chair will be taken at 8 tfcloct. - ... . , „ **£? "S£XiiroliP^-2! fc Candidates for^lfembership--Charles W. Babbage, Esq, and Eraeer S. Crawford, Esq. mxl t THOMAS ULLOCK TAYLOR, of Wallaroo, in the JL Province of SouOi Australia, Gentleman, an Attomey-at-Law of Her Majesty's Courto of Queen's : Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, and a Solicitor of Her Majerty'* High Court ofChanoery in England (lately Deputy-Registrar of Her Majesty's CoHnty CouriTof Westiioretond, held at Amb^. and<Jlerk to the Magisbates of lie Petty Fesrional Diriaion of Ambleside, and lately residhur there), hereby give notice that I INTEND to APPLY to be ADMITTED an ATTORNRY, SOLICITOR, and PROCTOR of the Snpreme Court of tte said Province, on the last day of the forthcoming term. Dated this 20th day of May, 188 S. d 8 THOMAS ULLOCK TAYLOR. ALL GO ATS, PIGS, DOG 9, or POULTRY toespass- fegon the land occupied by me in Norwood will be DESTROYED. GBO. W. D. BERESFORD. 9th June. 1865. da ? ——— T THE undersigned, JOSEPH ALFORD. of Wood- L side, in the Province of South Australia, Farmer, do hereby declare that I am unable to meet my engage- ments with my Creditors. Dated at the hour of half-past eleven o'clock in the forenoon, this tenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty4ive. _^ —. =• Bo??,iOKJr>r?? s.tizJ^x^sk^&x^^^- = T!^n"Ation Efltt-rtlWI. X?0-NIGHT.-GENERAL EVENING SCHOOL, • for LADS and YOUNG MEN, on Mondays and Frid.ji,l I ?7to9p. l ?,O?Dfdl*?t 1 Ccwinurfel- 2 ?vi- ? - Foblic Companies. tirr BvNK OF ADELAIDE—No annlication for T^LresVUl b^wolwd after 4^p^ .moTlfonday' W* jS^. £57 „,„, M n 8- Bftyer ' M*l*- %*?£'SJl „ • S?wSSdTSfan L^?^ Ttfo^Waterhouse fciuiiamMonian ZESrgSrg^S£j^J^ aj'^e W"?porary Office of the Company, Watrhonse's Build- l ,^*>liS6AuBtalllan *?^^ d rt?* of,ttff?^ ' lfi?E Dated ""• Jj^ ?* 18?- signature in fuU ?55^!f " Bf ordeTrfSe" Promotoii' y T B BKUCE. ??li-sh,r ftn th* R?.v ?A wJ?. k~. f? ffc? Sol^tor to Uie^ank and Hon. Seo. to U?e JJ^ OoBMf*iL^iminiO COMPANY, o^^jm^^^^ Sharehold.? to produce Dep<?ta, B<"i*%TirioK^"2 TP VTEW TIPARA MINING VKNTUBE.—NOTICE i' ?? hereby ?iv?n that a CALL of F?VE SHttLINGS per Share has been agreed u^n at a Meetiigof shareholders in the above Ventnre and all Shares in the said Venture in reuppct ot "'.?' '"'H remains unpaid after the eviration ..f * ??-.??? date of this notice beoonw absolutely iv. ?.: aai? or ?ms nouce Ee^at^utoiy y ; -^^^ N W?IF VRARIV MRCTINO if M?n £^JHPf.ft?? ]L F^s a,?^ iJ?ij£ £ZjfeJS"£?' BataSS-^ A^aftorWp^rt wiUbi ?ad andan.^ofDgotoj.taVpl.e.." d 5 W. A. CAWT^ORNE, Secretary. " TendCt? aud Contracts. xcuuera ?ttu vum^auia. T%TERAT\o^S^d^DI%N^BBMK .?? ALTBBATIONS and ADDITIONS to PREMISES in GrenfeU-stoeet imay be seen at the office of theonder- ?gned. and TENDER tor tte same will be received by him until 1 p.m. ofWedn^^l^"""- . ~_., ._. Cn.2SGi JpiVi King William-street, opposite National Bank. dlO , rpO BUILDERS—TENDERS are invited for ad- I ditions and alterations to Cottage, Chapel-street, Norwood. Plans and speoincations can be seen at 100, Rundla- srteet, Adelaide, where tenders will be received up to noon, on Friday, 16th instant. d PnrinMrand Amhiterf.OffiM T?? 9 l?fis ' \^^E^&BslZ ondabTaftto C^Sm HoZ Neither tite b. scented? lo<rest noranytenaer WU """"^ M *T?O BUILDERS.—TBNDBRS will b? reoeirad by J- the undenigned until Saturday, the 17th June, at noon, from jpernons who may be willing to Contrast for <b? ERECTION of BANKING PREMISES at KADINA, for tte National 1^ of Australasia. TheTow^ttotde?no^e^ara^eented VRlGHT^O^^rohit?^ Jjn^M CTiambe^AdeWdt June 5 ' witofi imperial onamperg, Aqeiame, .nine a. wimo " - Rnildinff- and other So?ietlA? Jimmns mm m,ner OPUCUgB. ~~~ pERMANENT EQUITABLE BUILDING AND t INVESTMENT SOCIETY.—The Monthly meeting and Sale of Shares wfll be held in the Booiet/s Office, No. ?, Hindley-street, on Wednesday, the 14Ui inst.. at 8 o'clock in the evening. mw2 CHARLES HIGGINS, Secretary.

Amusements, &c OOU T H AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE n JO SOmB* . , „., oJ£onTcha^o^B^^ ? tiem ?Dd *? **"> ladies W??*io?a by them, each mem- Sub?oribVs tickets will be sold. subscriptions must be paid on ?£ *R **"— * ?~d ?" ** ?" P B ord ROBERT X AT, Secretly. N.B.—The Institute will be closed on Monday at g wtiism4 -£ZZ XT ICTOKIA THEATRE. V LAST WEEK OF THE PRESENT SEASON. ANOTHER ENORMOUS BILL. GRAND SPECTACULAR DRAMA. And COMIC FRBNCH DRfcMA. THIS EVENING (Monday), June 12. The performance will commence with^the great Spec- taC^f W I>?^r^ aed . THE JEWESS. In which the whole of the Company wiU appear. rtmiOT? m nSTOtt?? 1 DOMNIQUE THE DhSBBTEB. - _, K J^Z, a _. „? wmtnnwnt^A \"TxrBKCKrn flm.iSi mwi*JT? toK? GREATEST NOVELTY OF THE SEASON. K.. nPIVI . rT muprnraSSinv „„„„„,-, „„ PABEW^L J?^L?B^?Y W BBNEFIT OP w trffe?vw?M H^Jltj ifi j ti ? ?"- ??eiter?ons woria-Kenownea Mgendary JJrama _ Tp ttak WlNirrw m-v?. wSLL Mr n^f R rfhrf "* Van Winkle ... ... Mr C H. Burford. Br 11?. H^ aKL K?*?. V.^ By Mrs. Nathan, the Misses and Master Nathan. ~ XT ICTOBIA THEATRE. Mr. NATHAN, in announcing this his farewdl benefit, begs to remind the pubUeTof Adelaide that he has conducted the business of the above Theatre during the hut three years, and, he ventures to say, has intro- duoed more novelties than has ever before been attempted in the city. Should his efforts have been pleasing to the public in general, Mr. N. asks then- patronage on this occasion. The performances will commence with Jeffereon's Legendary Prama, RIP^VAN WINKLE. Rip Van Winkle ... Mr. C. H. Burford. As played by him upwards of 20 nighU in Sydney. 4fJ£IE?"S, D1 1 S?-iKSS. 0- *? •- ""^ijs- -^—• OUOoSuTDIBOB (Miv tB^lF II . .? j v ?.!? ?W timely M^JuUa, ?-* Concluding wioTthe gorgeous Last Scene from TURKO Tfl? TERRIBLE. SDCu?^wlsattkeltontoliwlltaja d "V , FOBONB ?IGHT ONLY. Tickets can be had at the Theatre during the day, and places can be secured. d |?RITH'S CELEBRATED PICTURE, "THE i\.""SS- h ,,IS MOW "N "EW at toe . ll.B.;^^^^!^^-^^.^.^^ DANSANT& Admission, 2s. 6d. mthc J- SCHIRMER, Proprietor ProdUCC froanCC W. PBACOC. . B ON. g^=^ la~o 12s. per ton for o^re, Us per ton for materials Apply to Hancock, on the miae. or at the Company's OfEce Currie-street, Adelaide, where con tracts may be obtained for any period that may be agreedon. dxc < r^ B^l-?nn<l XjOSI atlQ I! OUHCL . T OBT, from Mr. Abraham's Paddock, on the ii^ATLSS^S^SSt^^SSi' *-*- ?^, a^. „ ->w, = i mO x? n ce 00^^. : The undersigned has received Powbbs of Attoehbt from the Directors of the Alliance Assurance Company, empowering bun to GRANT POLICIBS of ASSU- BANCE in both the Life and Fire Departments. Risks taken at the lowest current rates. All claims against the Company under Policies issued in South Australia paid here in cash. JOHN MORPHETT, Agent Gresham-Chambers, King WillUm-street. ' COMPANY. d JOSEPH STILLING & CO., Agents. M A R^l N E^S JUM E.- DERWENT AM^?U.aj? ASSURANCE lowest Current Rates. Losses promptly settled. do W. SAMSON,F5, Currienitr^t. F"" AUSTKAI^ R I^ N R^St NCB COMPAN* I FIRE BRANCH. do PHI L U> LEVI t CO. Atrente. OF ENGLAND AND GENERAL i-> LIFE ASSURANCE AND ANNUITY INSTI tjj TION tc ~^ " Capital Ohb Miuion. F^NCIS S. DUTTON, Agent, do Bundletplace v ?> oV A L FIRE AND LIFE INSUKAfcO* \\> COMPANY. 6 Capital, £ ,000,000. Annual Revenue, ov?r £600,000. Increase of Fire business last year greater than that of any other office in Great Britain. JSSSSSsZSi—?- Medical Retoree-R.W.Moore,Bsq.,ColomalSur c T<?ir. ACRAMAN, MAIN. LINDSAY, i CO. dxq Arents. PHILIP-LEVI ft 00., Arw..?. XTEW ZEALAND INSURANCE COMPANY. J^J Capital, £250 000. Marine Bisks taken at Current Rates. mwf HBRIOT, FULLARTON, & CO., Agents. ! ! " QPECIAL NOTICK-ROYAL INSURANCE COM O PANV.-In future no extra charge will be ma for persons visiting Europe whose liv may be insured with this office. ACBAMAN, MAIN, LINDSAY, fc Co.. fmwxo Agents. T IVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE JL INSURANCE COMPANY. Cafhai,—Two MllXlowe. BISKS accepted at the REDUCED RATES. CLAlMSprcmptlv settled in the Colony. mwlxc r F * F. j. BBCK & CO. Agents.

Land and House Pronprty. GREEN i.WAUHAMIj MEET MONTHLY ' { ,KBBN & WAU H a M 3? LAAD AUCTION EBBS U? ?BK FgaFlrft. I, ""BWKg*"' 1' PULNB PurnidirfairTOWNSHlPS LAID OUT, elans of Townships, Hundreds, fee, ftc., throughout he COliONYriwws open forinspeotion. --£ HOUSES, J^BES/LANDS, >fc SECTIONS, fee LET or LEASED. EXCHANGE LAND MART, And Land Offices, King William-street. AND, LOAN, AND GENERAL COMMISSION OFFICEB. __ OOVRIINMRN ? 1 Purchased in accordance with thi > instnurtions of parties abscnf HJSUTIUNS | fiom Adelaide. UOVRRNMBNT ? Purchased and Let on Lease witl SECTIONS f Right of Purchase. **? ORBEN A WADHAM, Land AeenU. COUNTRY BECTIOHS, as follows, to be 80LD or *^ LET— HALL—Section 130,159 Acres. ONKAPARINGA-5749 (Heritages), 59 STIRLING (olese to) -874 and 116 MAGILL—76 Acres of Land, and good House G> W. COTTON, Land Agent, Waterhouse's Buildings, Adelaide. TAO BE LET, in Wajmoattntoet adjn^ tho 1 Thistle Inn. Premises partly buUt; can be fiiSshed suit a tenant. dc JOHN CHAMBERS. extensive, dry, well-ventilated CELL 4 X AGE of the same area. Also. Five highly-finished and roomy OFFICES on the first floor, suitable for Solicitors' Chambers, a public Company's Offices, or Board or Committee Booms. The entire premises (which can be let together <ir in portions) have a back entrance and a good enclosed yard. The situation of ALBERT CHAMBERS is unique for busmesi purpose, having a frontage to King William street, midway between tiie Gresham Hotel and tho Fnghsh, Scottish, and Australian Bank. For terms. Ac, apply to dc TOWNSEND, BOTTING, & X AY. T .??-.? w *?—??b> w -v-**- booedbeothe^. O^SS B^2'"oSL^ iS^ T^iSl. 2 <vS ?^S^ -^i"l^ , ? I^7* iSiSJif^ C^^no^^^y^^Dsle. further * '-^=- 'pO be LET for a term of years, or the Interest of 8 LEASE SOLD, Section 89, containing 476 Acres, TTNLBY—Five*oomed HOUSE, with Garden and |J Paddock, TO be LET. 2 G. W. COTTON, Land Agent, fi?2 King WiUiam-Btreet. -Z T<> ?? Commodious Family DWELLING •fj^ ENGLISH A BROWN. Waterhouse's Buildings. dxq rOHNSTOABT SANDERS &CO lwS^2£J^o£S££*m22r Oub House Lane, opposite 69, Hinley-street, German InterpreUr^^mdT^her of?. German Office, 87, BdhdIMTOBBT, opposite the Kirg of J . WiUiam-stxeet, to 3i, Currie-sfreet, nesr the White Horse. ?*"'* Money. IfOBBY LENT ON MORTGAGE. VI IjOANB NEGOTIATBD. ?i GBEEN& WADHAM, die Exchange Land Offices, King William-street. =M="^ =^.T a Sr=s Boo^ar, cornS- of King William and BundUwrtreets —*=_ _^ '^ QEVEN AND A HALF PER CENT, Money to O London Freehold Security dxc B aKEW ELL & SCOTT. />-? AAATO fe LENT, in one or more sums, at 4jl IIIHI Bner<?rit *'I' VV WRIGhTbROTHERS, Land Agents. m*ONEY.-A few THOUSANDS to LEND on M. Mortgage. Apply to John Bullock. wfmc A ??^.^ ra-nR^ fr^o ** SAMUEL PEARCE Manaeer wfino SAMUEL PBAUOK, Manager. —_ M?^VReal P^rty L^or^e^e? PertyUllae^ J. B. MOULDKN, 94 Gate 68), King Wi liam-Btreet. ~ ~ Wanted. " IZ7! Z 1 Z7T~, Z- I W ANTI5D, -S^ftS M 6Bl '.1 1 *V Steady YOUNG M AN, accustomed to the Soft Goods Trade. Apply, by letter, to Bon 10, Post- Office, dc VIST ANTED, a respectable YOUTH, about 14. Perry VV and Co.'s Surgery, 163, Rundle-etreet.past the York Hotel. dl . A rrr ANTED, a Good Seiond-Hand DRESSMAKEB. W Apply to W. Palmer, 55, Rundle-street. dc qnO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS.-W ANTKD, im 1 mediately, a Voting Man; one who can dress a good window preferred. Apply to C. Cooke, Ken sington. dc 17"ANAPPA MINING COMPAKY.-WANTED for IV the above Mine, TWO ENGINE-DBIVEBS. accustomed to work a Horizontal, High Pressure, Pumpmg, and Winding Sjteam-Kngine. J Ah. is. SCOTT, Secretary. Temple CUambers, Carrie-street, June 6,1665. dcxl T^ANAPPA MINING COMPANY.—MINERS K. WANTED for the above Mine. For further particulars apply at the offices of the Company. JAMES S. SCOOTr. Secretary. Temple Chambers. Currie-etreet SthJune, 1665. d