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Stewards-Sir J. H. Fisher (President), Hod. J. Morphett, Hon. G.C. Barter, Hon J. Baker, and Messrs. P. Levi and Joseph Gilbert. Judge-Mr. Edmund Bowman.

Judge—Mr. Starter—Mr. G. Bennett.

Secretary-Mr. E. M. Bagot. Second Day, Dboekbbr 31. This, the last day of the present year, and the second day of tiie races, was lovely indeed. The son shone with summer vigor, bat his hot rays were most grate fully tempered by a cool breeze from the west. At times it blew so strong as to raise the dost, but the conrse generally is remarkably free from this annoy ance. The second day is generally the most attractive with the general public, and this occasion proved no excep tion to the role, though there was nothing like the attendance that used to be seen on the Adelaide Race coarse. W? understood that some arrangement was to have been made with the cardrivers to charter people to the racing rendezvous at 64. per head; but it does not seem to be the case. We feel convinced that the races would be far more numerously attended were it not for the exorbitant price charged for conveying passengers to them. There are many who would attend the sports no matter what the figure for conveyance was; but this is not so with the general public We think if the uniform rate of 6d. per head were charged the sports would be better patronized, and the proprietors would reap a more plentiful harvest. "Small profits and quick returns" is the motto of the day, and it is fonnd to be more profitable than large profits and slow returns. The Adelaide Regimental Band played as usual some select pieces of music with excellent effect, and the Ciroas Band visited the ground in the afternoon. The refreshment departments were as satisfactory as need be, and no disturbance took place up to the time of going to press. The sports were generally excellent, though the acci dent to Simpson (detailed below) oast a gloom upon the day's races. FIRST BACE. Trial Stakes.—A sweepstakes of 5 cove.. with 40 eova. added, for all horses. One mile and a half beats. Mr. J. Gilbert's c£ Cinderella, 4 yrs. 9st 6lbs. (Stevens) _____ — — II Sir. X F. Bagtess's gg. Doctor, 4 yrs, 9st 6lba. (Peeler) _ 1 - - - - -22 Mr. J. Shannon's br.g. Waterloo, aged, lost. lib. . (Bsdford) ____. ___33 Mr. B. BlacUer's am. Glpsev, 6 yrs., 9st lllbs. (Simpson) ?• _ *~ *~ —• —. 4ar Hr. H. L. Boe's g.m. Kite. 6 ynL, lost llb^ (Low) - odr Mr. 3. FOgate'a tar* Sottan. aged. lOet lib., (Low) — dr. Fast Heat—All bat Sultan came to the scratch. Stevens took Mllla's place upon Cinderella while Low steered Kate. The horses got into position about half past 1 o'clock. A good start was effected. Gipsy took the lead, closely waited upon by Kate, Doctor last. When about half way round they got all together. Waterloo and Gipsy kept the lead, but was quickly over taken by Cinderella, when Gipsy fell into the last place. Kate also fell into the rear. Mr. Gilbert's mare kept the lead throughout, winning by a couple of lengths. Doctor second, and Waterloo third. Time, 3 minutes. Second Heat.—Gipsy was drawn, the distance being too great for her. Kate was also drawn, having split her hoof. The race was now left in the hands of Cinde rella, Doctor, and Waterloo, the horses that occupied the three first positions in the first heat. A capital ?tart was effected, Cinderella bearing slightly to (he front with the Doctor close upon her tisunches Upon Hearing tile south-east corner tile tiMrfii^i gentleman sprang into the first position, Cinderella Becond, and Waterloo not far beVind. Between this point and the North-west comer the three were equi distant from each other. As they turned towards the Stockyards, the chesnut mare crept up to tlie Doctor, and after racing neck and neck for a little while, passed him, and was never collared. She won easily in a canter. Doctor second, and Waterloo third. Tuna, 3 mm. 6 sec. Cinderella consequently wins the race. Lunch took place here, and before it was over the Governor arrived, and the band pUyed "God save the Queen." PRIVATE MATCH. The'match between Mr. J. Harvey's c m. Minna and Mr. J. F. Ragiess'a g.b. Tiger for £20 a side, 2 miles, heats, 8 st. weight, here took place. W. Harvey rode Minna, and H. Totbill mounted Tiger. It was difficult to say which was the favorite. Minna was considered to be the swiftest of -the two; but it was questioned whether she could do the distance, and on tile other hand it was known Tiger was ha>d bottomed, though not very fast. The betting was about even. First Heat—There was a first-rate start, the two keeping well together. As they passed the post the Gist time they were running neck to neck ; both hard held. At the south-east comer, Tiger led to the north west point, when Minna crept up to him, and ran close beside him. At the stockyards she had a slight advan tage, and as she came up the straight running the race was seen to be hers. TothlU was using the whipcord, while young Harvey employed neither whip nor spur. Mwinft passed the goal a length ahead, hard pulled by her rider. Time, 4m. 18 sees. Second Heat.—This heat was sot ran till after the Welter Stakes, and about five minutes past 4 o'clock Tiger led off with the chesnut close at his tail. On passing the Stand, Minns was slightly l?m<m^ but was hard held by her rider. From the south-east to the north-west points Kger crept into and maintained the first position; but at the stockyards the mare retrieved her foremost place and kept it to the end, notwithstanding the application of whip and gteel to Tiger. Minna was heartils cheered sn entering the weighing yard. Time, 4 mm. 16 sees. We understand Mr. Harvey was offered £100 for the man, but declined to accept it. SECOND BACE. Welter Stakes.—A sweepstakes of c soys. with 50 soys tdded, for aU horses. Three mUea. Mr. J. FOgate's b.g. Cupbearer, 3 yrs., 86t I3lbs. (Pegier) 1 Mr. O. Adoook's e-K- Mack, aged, I2st ?b. (Simpson) — 2 Mr. J. Gilbert's bX Patchwork, 4 yrs., lost lllbs. (Mills) dr. Patchwork was drawn, leaving the contest to Hack and Cupbearer. Mack was the general favorite, his speed and strength being so well known, and Simpson having been procuredtosteer the veteranraeer, but there were several to be found ready to back 'the Cupbearer, as he had not 80 much to carry as his rival. It being discovered that he was only thr c years old his weight was reduced from lOrt. lUbs. to Bst. 131ns. Consequently Low could not ride him, being too heavy : Pegier, therefore, took his pl<u? in the pigskin, rhe difference in the weights of the two horses was very great, and had some influence upon persons betting. However, the two hones went to the post, each having a, pretty equal share of partisans. An excellent start was effected about 25 minutes to 4 o'clock. Mack took the lead, bat was soon reached by the Cupbearer, and the two raced well together. Passing the stand, the first time Mack had the foremost position. No material change teofc piece till nearing the north-west comer, when Pegier sprang into the lead. Simpson urged his old steed onwards, but bis ompetitor could not be overtaken. Cupbearer won by several lengths. Time 6 mm. 25 sees. The result disappointed many of Mack's friends, but they did not lose their confidence in him. Simpson entered a protest against Cupbearer on the groand that he carried tbree-year-old weights, whereas he was four years old. A great deal of dispute ensued on the subject, but the question will not be settled for a few days. We are informed that Cup bearer (whose running astonished every one) was sold some little time ago by Mr. Parr for £5. 90 to 30 was laid on Mack, and many losses were sustained by the unexpected resuU of the event. THIRD RACE. Hurdles.— X Sweepstakes of 4 soys. with 40 soys. added, for all horses. One mile and a half, heats, over four hurdles 4 ft. 6 inches high. Mr. J. Love's eg. Doctor, aged. 12 stllb. (Xewis) 3 11 Mr. J. Bobinsoa's b.g. Leader, aged, 12 st 1 lb. (Simpson, Boase) _ _ _ _ „ lo 2 Mr. B. Low's b.m.Laeiiara, aged, 12 st lib. (Boase) 0 2 0 Mr. W. Fisher's b.g. Highlander, s or 6 yre_ 12atllb. (ELL. (toe)— „. _. ~ _. 2 0 0 Mr. J. Scott'i b?. Marquis, 3 yrs, Bit 13lbs. (Pegier) ... _ .? m m ... ? 4 0 0 Mr. 3. Harreyjs br Jl Bloodstone, aged, 12 st 4 lbs*. (Winterbottom)— _ _ _-„ _ 0 O 0 There was a little speculation as to the probabilities of this race. 1 uenara was expectei to do something if her temper would allow her to run. Marquis was spoken ot highly, though r? her young. Bloodstone looked well, and being a fine horse and a good jumper he was backed by not a few. Highlander was known to be a capital leaner, but bis smallness and the weight he had to carry were against him. Leader, it waseaid, could clear anything, and the reputation of his jock placed him high in favor. Much was not talked about Doctor, not being very well-known. First Heat.—This heat was run at 10 minutes to 5 o'clock. There wasacapitalstart, Leader showing slightly to the front, but he was speedily caught by Marquis, who shot ahead in a surprising manner, taHnjr the first leap in beautiful style. The others followed this excellent example, and then the lot got well together. Presently Bloodstone pulled up to Marquis, Luenara running third. Marquis and Bloodstone swerved' at the second hurdle, allowing Simpson to lead the way, which he did in fine style ali the way round Bloodstone fell at the third hurdle, but bis rider was up and in the saddle before one could say Jack Robinson, and off apain. The struggle for second position lay between Marquis, Highlander, and Luenara. Marquis fell and Lueoara balked. Highlander took advantage of the mishap, and followed the Leader at a respectful distance. The Doctor was third. Pegier was not hurt, and was quickly in the pigskin to ride his horse in fourth. Bloodstone and Luenara could not for a lone time be persuaded to clear the hist fence. Time, 3 mm. 30 sees. Second Heat.—A good start was effected; all cleared the first hurdle, except Bloodstone, who refused, and continued to do so until the heat was won, when he managed to get over, and find his way home>- All got over the second leap, Luenara leading. This position was kept over the third leap. Doctor rapidly gaining upon the mare. At the fourth leap Doctor shot ahead, beating the mare by about three lengths. Simpson, who was riding Leader, met with a serious mishap on clear ing the last jump. It appears that Leader struck the fence in going over, throwing his rider, who fell on bis face with a heavy pitch. He was picked up insensible and carried to the Jockey Club's Committee room, where, wo are sorry to say, he remained unconscious for about two hours. Dr*s. Bayer, Gogse,Taylor, Clarke, and Lewis visited him. Blood us aed from his nose, and it is feared that some days will elapse ere he recovers hfmajjf. The medical gentleman stated that he had suffered concussion of the brain. Third Heat.—Only Doctor and Leader contested this heat. Boase rode Leader. This was a capital race ; not a balk was made After a hard contested push for first place. Doctor, who was well ridden, won by about two lengths. This concluded the day's sports.

Third Dat, January 1, 1861. A glorious morning greeted die third day of the South Australian Jockey Club's meeting. The sna shone bril liantly, but a, cool and refreshing breete tempered the action of the sun's rays to an extent that rendered the weather ogxeeabla to ?B prennt.

Notwithstanding the amusements partaken of else where the course was tolerably attended; about 600 persons were present. As usual the road to the course was a disagreeable one; clouds of dust greeted ea-h passenger "by animal motion ;" however no accidents occurred, and they reached the centre of attraction without suffering any injury beyond a good ?hoirfng at all times derivable from •' our jaunting cars." Mr. Aldridge was, we are glad to state, well patronized, whilst the other booths seemed to be driving an extensive trade. The first event of the day was the DEBBT. A swoeptakes of 10 sore., 2 forfeit, with 100 soys. added for three-years-olds; one mile and a half; 29 nominations. Mr. J. Gilbert's b.f. Loom, Brt. lOlbs. (Stevens) — — 1 Mr. H. Fisher's b.f. Iris. sst. lOlbs. (Totbill) -. — 2 Hr. J. Baker'o b C Gipaey, 8?t. lolbs. (Galviu) - .- 3 Mr. C. Jenkins's c.t Bonnie Lassie, BBL lOlbs. rPegler)~. 4 Mr. E. M. Bagot's b.f. Marther, set. lOlbs. — —dr I Mr. T. Dodd's b.g. Nimrod; 88t. lolbe. (Kundell) ... _ dr! For this event Bonnie Lassie and Lubra were the j favorites, the latter being a little in the ascendancy, j A good start was made, Lubra slightly leading, and continued to do to until the turn coming to home, when Iris came close on her quarters; however it was no go, Lubra lengthened her side, and won easly by about a dozen lengths, Iris second, Gipsy a good third, i and the "Scotch Gal" a bad fourth. LADIES PUBSB. A. sweepstakes of 5 sots, with 40 added, for all horses; one mile and 160 yards; heats. Hr. J.Gilbert's Cinderella, tost, lllbs. (Stevens)— 3 11 Mr. J. Moltin's Quicksilver, list. (Owner) „. _ 1 2 2 Mr. J. Barvey'B Buremont, 9St. 2lbs. (Harvey, Jan.) 2 3dr Mr. O. Adcock's Mifi? Nancy - _ _ ... 4 dr Quicksilver was the favorite; a few however were sweet upon the "gla-s slipper," not so without " slipping ' something into their pockets. All the horses started fairly ; Q licksilver led all round the coarse, hard pushed by Egremont, without avail how ever, for Quicksilver won by about two lengths, Egre mont second, Cinderella a good third, and Miss .Nancy ' a bad fourth. At the conclusion of the heat, the owner of Egremont , lodged a protest against MuUins, the ri ler of Quick- , silver, for striking his horse over die nose in the straight running np to the goal. The Committee, after receiving ' evidence on die matter, awarded the case in favor of j Mulling, but adjudged that he should pay £1 Ib. as a ' fine for careless riding. ' Second Heat.—Quicksilver took the lead, Egremont ] well up, and Cinderella third. In this position they ' raced some distance, Cinderella, however, passed the ' silvery horse in the straight running, and won easily by four lengths, Egremont a bad third. Miss Nancy was j drawn in this heat. Third Heat.—Limited to Quicksilver and Cinderella. Numerous bets were made as tot the winning horse. Quicksilver's performances on the previous day. and his winning the first heat, gained many bets in his favor. Both horses started'airly. Cinderella lead all the way round with one exception; she gained ground im mediately, and won by several lengths, amidst loud j cheers. STAND PLATE. ] A Sweepstakes of 5 sow., with 50 soys. added, for all horses. Two mile heats. Mr. J. Fllgate'B Cupbearer, (Low)- — — —11' Mr. O. Adcock's Mack, lost lUb. (Pinson) ~ —22 Both beats were much the same—the horses running , side by side until reaching the winning post, where Cup- ' bearer landed a winner in both heats by about a length and a half respectively. Thu concluded the day's sports. ' We are sorry to hear from Dr. Clarke, who lias attended Mr. Simpson, that " Billy" as be is familiarly ' called amongst us, is but little better. At times he is : insensible, but hopes are strongly held out that ere long "the hero of many a hard contested race" will be in a . position to add fresh laurels to his past well-acquired ' popularity. '