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The tenth annual meeting of the Philosophical Society was held at the Institute on Wednesday evening. There was a tolerably large attendance of members. The chair was taken by Mr. Charles

Todd, one of the Vice-Presidents of the Society. The principal business of the evening was the election of officers for the ensuing year and of a Governor to re present the Society at the Board of Institute Governors. After the minutes of the last meeting had been confirmed and some papers laid on the table from Tasmania, the Secretary read the following annual report: — -In presenting the accustomed annual report to the Adelaide Philosophical Society the Council feel that there is reason for congratulation at the continued activity of its members. Ten years have now passed since the Society's earliest promoters eoujlit to devise a means that would Intimately aid in the development of Industrial and scien tific research in South Au-tralia ; that would afford a proper medium for directing attention to new discoveries in each department of moral and intellectual philosophy, and a*, the same time create healthy intercommunication on all matters tending toward* the public good. -Tliat those objects have been realised the records ot the Adelaide Philosophic?.! Society bear satisfactory proof. More than a hundred meetings have been held, at which paiiers have been read embracing a range of subjects of no inconsiderable order, an-i well calculated, the Council would fuiu hope, t? draw out and expand the minds of those who have shared iv their discussion. " During the year just ended the average monthly attendant bss been t >ltnuly good, aud II papers have been contributed. Ilia Honor the Chief .Justice has read three papers within the year of a deeply interesting charatcr :ti c first on ' Law in Nature," the second on ' Law in Creation,' and the third on 'Law in History." These are intended as a portion oi a series. " At the last annual meeting of the Society John Howard Clark. Esq., (who had filled the office of Hon. Secretary from   the date of the Society's formation) was compelled on amount of increased duties to tender his resignation. The Council feel pleasure in referring to his very active and   highly efficient services, and are glad that the members have determined on presenting him with a small (but sincerely oflered) token of regard as an evidence of tbeir appreciation of his untiring warchfulness and zeal on behalf of the Society. His successor, Thomas D. Smeaton, Esq , after a comparatively brief period of activity and usefulness, has also been compelled to resign, on account of his re moval from Adelaide. ?? Hie c tpediency of altering the terms of incorporation with the South Australian Institute has also !? n earnestly contended for by some of the members. A Committee con sisting ot Mesar/". Francis.VrOEoe. and Mar, was appointed to confer with the Board of Governors on same matters having a direct bearing on the subject under discussion; but at the laat monthly meeting it was determined that its further consideration f houl i be deferred till the fate of the I Bill then before the House of Assembly was ascer- I tamed." Mr. J*. H., in the absence of the Treasurer,. Mr. A. S. Clark, read the Treasurer's report, which ! ?bowed last balance in band £68 l&i. §d. ; total

received £46 45.; amount paid, £42 10s. 2dL, leaving a balance in hand of £72 9s. 4d. Mr. P. G. Wateehouse moved, and the Rev. 3. Gardner seconded, the adoption of the report. Some conversation took place as to the position of the Society and its property under the terms of in corporation constituted by the new Institute Bill, after which the report was adopted. A general opinion was expressed that it would be advisable to procure c library for the Society as soon as possible, which should contain the annual reports of the Royal and Astronomical Societies. The Lord Bibhop proposed, and the Rev. J. Mauohan seconded, that a sum of not exceeding £50 out of the funds of the Society should be de voted to the purchase of scientific works for the library, such sum to be expended under the direction I of the Council. Several suggestions were made and discussed as to the class of works it would be well to procure, and I the motion was then carried. I Mr. J. H. Class moved, and Mr. Mat seconded, that the offer of the Board of Governors be accepted to modify the terms of incorporation of this Society, co as to place it on the same footing as societies in ? corporated under the new regulations. Carried. The next business was the election of officers. His Excellency Sir Dominick Daly was requested to con tinue in the office of President. The Chief Justice and Mr. C. Todd were re-elected Vice-Presidents. Dr. Wyatt was also re-elected as Governor, to represent the Society. Mr. Hosking was re-elected Secretary ; and Mr. A. Sidney dark having intimated his wish not to be re-elected, Mr. J. Howard Clark was elected Treasurer in his etead. A vote of thanks to the offi cers for the past year was carried unanimously. In reply to Mr. Sellar, Mr. 3. H. Class stated that the number of members of the Society in 1862 was 58, and in 1863 was 61. The members then devoted themselves to an in spection of the various specimens of native woods, kindly exhibited by Dr. Muecke. The Doctor was present, and had brought his splendid and powerful microscopes with him, co that tbe beautiful specimens which he had prepared were seen to the tullest ad vantage by the gentlemen present. Dr. Muecke courteously gave a full explanation of the different varieties included in his large collection. A cordial vote of thanks was passed to Dr. Muecke, and the meeting terminated.