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These races commenced on Wednesday, December 31. From the number of horses entered, and many of them stading high in the estimation of the sporting public, in addition to the care and expense which the Com-

mittee of the Jockey Club had bestowed to snake the coarse attractive to the general public il was s—t—a paled that this meeting would greatly surpass all the previous ones in drawing- the largest number of viaiton; and -no doubt each would have been tbe eaae bad the elements been propitious; but unl—lxmately thsy were moat adverse, for at eady dawn a strong Lot wind oom menoed to blow, raising the dost all over tbe city aad along tbe roads leading into it, and for two or throe hour, before the time appointed for the fast event the whole town and snbarbswere completely enveloped in dast. Bnoh a dust-storm has not been witneased this season. The consequence was that few bat those directly interested in tbe boreoe to ran, and a tew vote—v— of the tort, bad the courage to fine the wasthsr. As usual them was a large number of omnflHWftfi and other vehicles ranged along tbe principal streets of the oitf randy to saeairo freigh— for the course, but I—stead of being cramsted with passengers, aa waa piper ted, few coamnraithaiy co—d gat a load. The effect of tbas storm on t—a course while the wind eonthnwd from the north —ireatenwd to be very destructive, m? it blew _ie canvas roof of the Grand Stand nearly off unroofed eosae of the booths, and blew down one, Mr. Prior's, aoatteriag the stringy bark material of which it was oompoeedinall direotk m a. This was in the early put of the day, and iong before the first event came off, Mr. Bagot at once started for town and soon brought down some men who onkldy ta-iao_d the Grand Sand, making it snog again. About 12 o'clock the wind vaieud round to the eouth-wstat, and although its fuiry was not at all abated the dnst. efujin was soon over, and the breeseblew up re—_hing from the sea. MAXDRBT KATE. We now commence the business of the day with the first racoon the card—the Maiden Plata, a eweep eta—es of 8 j earn, with 35 soya. added, for hiiisss ——t have never won; one mile and a distance. There were seven entries:— Mr. Adeock-a Lottery. 3 yra. eat S I— l, Btevea* _ _ i Mr. Gilbert's Bstohwork, 3 yes.; Bat 3 fife. Faarh—wr _ s Hi'.JeweiraMinna,Syce.; Bsts_e.,C Jeweu— _ s Mr. Forniby'aGa—a—m,aged, B. —cad. Mr. Gubcrt1. Clnderalla. 3 yra.. Lawk—re Mr. Formby*. Warrior, t y rs., <4rawa). Mr. D. T. Jone'a I—eoemtec. s yra. (dtawnl Lottery jumped ofi with the toad, rtnwoly followed by Cinderella; *_inna, Patchwork; and Chieftain lying wall up. Ronndmg the turn by the stockyard ami coming into the distance, Patehwotk ftadhaigad Lot tery, when both jock? set to flogging, at which Lottery swerved on to tbe whip, when Patchwork kept in_chtoo dose to be pleasant; however, the horse took to run ning straight when in the ma in to thechisir. Lottery won by about a length, Patcfawnrit second, and Minna third. The rent anywhere. The next race was for that—Bros Pl—ax. AasweMtsheeof74aovs..with7saovs. adaecLfor all horses. Two mik beats. Tb—re were seven eotriee:— Mr. W. H. Ifaralbr'M- _s—std, 4 yra. ; ant. 41b. l l Mr. B. T. Pooat'a Mack, aged; lost lib. Psoas la—or ___ — — _ — _?? Mr. K. Kemp's Little Harry, aged; Ust ?b. E. Jordan anu?adford — — — _ — ? i Mr.G. Bennett's lightning. 6 yrs.; last C. Jewtfl and W. Smpson — — — _ — —so Mr. J.Gilbert'sMoonrskw.syrs; Mat. ?_stpaoa— S dr Mr. E. B.Gteesou's?adger,aged; ICst ?b. — _a a Mr. J. Wet* a eU'iKiitceyrs; last W.Trainor — a a In the first beat f lightning wont off with the lead ; after a few strides Rnfielii collared her, the test UyingaU together well op round the first tecrnpaat—neStaal, -w—m Mack and I_fcth> Harry r_—ed up, callmgontfaemvorite, who left the lot without whip or spar; Mack second, and lightning a bad third. Vor the second heat —oo_—cer was drawn, has old complaint defying all the skill of his trainer to keep him right. In this heat Ligfa—ring had ?? v^f on her back, and little Hanry ttte old vateran Bedford; emd as soon aa the old horse was introdnced to tbi> bands of hisoldfr—ads, they both eeeraed on e_ss_ant terms frith each other, Harry rubbing his none against Bedford and pushing him along as much to say "We two old 'ana will do the trick for them.** The little horse, however, did not seem to run w> well as lsat time when at Thebarton. After a false start the home. were got well together s^jrain, aad n good e*srt effected, when lightning ja_iped off with a lead, winch eke maintained to the stand; when Nona, on _n—*. liking the etafce of thinga, in less time tbaan we tdke to talk about it passed the mare, who "Wfl at the torn to have slipped her ehoulder. She was going with great difficulty, s—ll at the mile and a quarter Badger f—esed her, end she was done. Little Harry aad Maok made this anernilaing race for second place; from the distance the cry ran along- now" Harry" then "atsck" up to the fin—h, when Mack just shot alienii, aad wnesloil second plane from the gallant Idttle Barry, whaa Bob aad Harry finished. The mare f ightning, heeides her aaai dent, appeared to have caught a bit of a cold. BHOBW. A eweepstakes of 9k aov*, with 26 eova. added, for all horses. Half a mile boa—, 10 entries. Mr. O. Adcoek'slaottery, 3yia.; est Mages —til Mr. J. Harvey's Buck, 4yrs.S_.etba. J. Harvey ISO Mr. R. -empVLady of t-Blake, svis.; tstelbs. Hoars ~ .- ... - - — _aaa Mr. JeweD's?—Am—a.aged; laatilb. CJewcO. m ? % Mr. L. Barmud's .Bums——tla, 3yrs.; SstUlb. Sbnpsoa ~ - -. — — _ _?a? Mr. —. T. Foole'e W——Me. 6 yra.; lost lib. Boole ? % * Mr. W. HFoi_by>Medora.aged; last lib. Betd e0 a Mr. J. Gilbert's Thunderbolt, s yra; eat 11—c. Landcake ?? ?? ?. — —. .? Mr. T. Dodd's Black Jemy — — _ — dr. _r. H. H. Blckford'e EXplorer, 3 yrs; Sat. lllbs. .StSjItBB til First heat.—After a false start the hotaea a— got well away together—in fact a ?meet would have covered the lot up to the turn past the rtoekyard. Lottery then made play, and took the lead, wit— Wad—oe neat; t_e others all together, except Buck, who was last, bat who now made a rush through the lot of them, aad chal lenged Lottery. Larry applied the whs—bone, wht— bis horse ewerred end ran up against Book, tr'tring him on the leg; all, however, to no purpose, fort—c Buck went in and won the heat by about a neck. Tins was an ex—ting noe, as the two came stride for stride for about £0 yards from the poet. When Harvey pulled up past the post the taddb wasbaMjag uncle* the horse's belly, and he on hi. bare back. Had this happened in the earlier part of the beat^ no doofet a eerious accident most have been the conasquenee. Medora threw her rider at the dist—nee-post, but he ens fortunately not hart; and I—plot—'ra_o__dethe poet, but went back again, and came round to qualify him to start for next heat. Second Heat—For this heat seven only started. After ttiree&lse starts—Bushman being very green and troublesome—tbe horses got away watt together in an exreUent atari, keeping all together t&I roD—dmg the stockyard; Bock, Lottery, and Lady of the Lake now set to work in good earnest^ Harvey on Bock '??"lwf; for several strides, when Lottery took the lead—Buck aad Lady racing for their lives ; but Bock gave way —ke a gentleman to the Lady, and allowed her to take second place—Lottery wis_i&g by half-a-Ungttt. Buck third, the others well up. Third Haat?—This was rednoed to a a—teh between the Frank colt Bock aud the Flatcatoher colt Lottery. The two started well together.but after a few efa—_i the result waa quite evident, the stride of Lottery telling against the lit—( \ Back. IBM HACKS. The last event of tbe day was the Hacks, tor whiefa there were nine entries. It was quite evident after see ing these horses start what wo—d be the remit of th— race. Mr. FUgate'a Saltan won the first and second beats, beating Mr. Harvey's ll_inie easily; the others to be seen uditfavent parts of theoouraa. M SBCOITD DAY—Thubsdat, Jastiabt 1,1855. A most genial morning ushered in the new year, the second day of the Race Meeting;, and tbe lovers of the sport seemed determined to take advantage of it by pooring on to the coarse in such numbers that the tit—id Stand was literally crammed, and a fan- propor tion of the fair sex availed then—elves of the enselleat arrangements of the Stewards, who prepared covered reserved seals for their especial nee and comfort, for which they deserve great praise. There ooold not have been fewer than a coaple of thonsand persons on the coarse during the day. Sir James Fisher arrived at the Grand Stand early, and remained t—l the end of the Bardic Baca. At his departure. Sir James was heart—y cheered by the assembled multitude. The racing was all good on the secjni day, especially the Bardic fines, which was pronounced to be the finest ever run in this colony. The pace of the winning horse in this race was positively terrific, and the distenee. a mile and a-half, with four hurdles, was done in 3 mm. 15 sees. _ tbe first heat, s_d 3 mm. 20 eeca. in the second. One of the jocks, Stevens, met with an accident in the Trial Stakes, but we are glad to say that it is not Uk—y to be serious, and probably will not prevent bis being on the comse again to-day. At 1 o'clock the saddling bell rang for the first race of the day— TBE TBJIIIB. There were five entries for this race, but Minna waa scratched, consequently only four horses started. Eooeld „_„..._...__ 1 I Lady of tbe Lske — ... ._ — — _ S a Bluemsntle ... _ ._ — _ _ _ a c Cinderella — — — — — — _ o o Mr. Barnard declared Bluemantle to carry Sins, over weight, and Cinderella's owner declared dibs, over weight. A splendid start was effected, all going toge ther ta beautiful etyte to the firat torn, where Stevens on Bluemantle,* apparently in endeavouring to take the inside running, was too dose to the post, which caught his leg aad unhorsed him. Lady of the Lake here took a slight lead with Enfield dose op, and Cinderella keeping dose to the horse, they ran on in this order round the Stockyard turn, where Norm persuaded Enfield to mend h— pace, and he immediately took the lead away from the mare when within about 100 yards from the chair, and continued it, winning by about two lengths es_ly, Lady of the Lake second, and Cut. derella third. The lad Stevens was brought in a carriage up to the weighing-stand, when, after bung examined, it was thought by Mr. Bnmard prudent to send him in a cab accompanied by his father to Dr. Bayer's s—od——e. Second Heat.—Bluemantle being disqualified, only three horses started:—Buiield, Lady of the Lake, and Cinderella. Enfield took the lead at the start, with tbe Lady of the Lake and Cm—aidla in c—seen—r till rounding the third turn, when the Lady name up, Hunn Indulging her till he thought proper to call en the horse, and then left her at piessara tltoremab_lsr of the noe, winning by a couple of lang—a, Ladyaeeead aad dotdereUa a better third this baa— .? THE DEBET. I Derby.—A sweepstakes of 10 soys., S f—, with 100 co vs. added, for Uiree-year-olds. One mile aad a-half. Colts, 9 st.; fill—s and imldings, Bat 10 lbs. 13 noosi nationa. There were only three entries:— Lord of tbe Isles (Binipson) — — — — — l Encounter (Sadler) — ... — — — ?— 9 Black Jenny (Magee) — — — — — — S Mr. Bagot offic—ted as starter on this occasion (Mr. Bennett being the owner of Lord of the Isles). The jocks in their anxiety for the start, went otT wit—oat orders, soosequeatly they bad tbaSr trouble as tMr

reward. On getthtgt-? horae. w_l liagigiw aanay Mr. Bacot eaTeefeed a faansttfal afart^'wnsa v—ssnoa ea his Lordship jusoped off with the lead, ant was !??? d-telyoollaradjby Eacounter (whoa, jock xaa KbAsU atharwida), when Sauaea -a^??n*oa%pa-adnh one aad aaade deasr saay ha —- nnida, ant at the second tana took the lead from Isiissstiw In t—a order they raa the eoeuae. Ka?|ssna faavwav sasraty to hold his horae to the awe af taniiaalai. whoea he kept a-aatacouplo af amgtha besnaa. and in his ensv-ng cnntdaww look-ay otnr Ant eaa snei-der aad then tns et_sr, with a anfle en Ins ?tamtasense, aa sasnh as to aw, "Oeaas slang affsa a-?;leaaaaaatawraafar?ra?aaa-.,' Oas-ra-Tal that was poaribbv bat to no aaW tar tns Lead srsn ashs-keu^bard-H-. s-sok Jeaary, of aa aaa to ths company aha was In. At—c tins tans the aaassnay ragaladthinsesliss with the sssngtswa. InnhnisiHad ?y Mr, Oeorge AUriafa, ia nkTmwaat at-nkat atyta, and after doing jostiee to this, the baft rang Car faTE ROBD—II BAOI. A awnspstsVa of 14 aova. adth opts, added, tar nuntnaw. One asi* aaa a4adf nasts, our im?**? dlaadasstClneiamtaKa. Wattsr aini>ts Mr.lawTisLengjkiw.syvs.uatifccananssa) -it Mr. gmssVi*. ?Teswrs. sans, tt at. U^gnwaerT - t ? MtJeweiralsaals)e.aanLUsLi?>.(GtaeaW -SO Mr. Mlshora Tesng Jnpa_e. *m*\ ?ssfc 1 fc. fMtwas) Bfe Jea—i's IJ—_own, sat last, t fe. (Law) nrst Heat.—At Oe otnrt ths hs'sass went away at a fearful pace to the that hasih*, all jampsag ia li unfifsl style, Ivanhoe flrat over, aad thsy 11 iTlwsli I this _————' _!LJ— in __—? __^ atffi ___"** aBI —__f tnfathar v lioagbow aeoandaatil t—otalra—esw_iwttah a*t*sniMealearad?tat, bat l*aiaaraa^Mealtnss?Stonner hajaaa^dflos aa to thejaaasek Saass, attar* Us ehmiMss agslast the pest, wnan Longbow took tnslsai. Msdora now Isang aeoond. U-na otnar tawy aaa (Itnml—enetbeasanble to ousnpeytsnlaatariisn—Mh? the chair; Longbow Irst, Haaora aeeana, Itaaaaa third, tns rent pnft^agap. Seoood Heat,—After aaa teles start tns haraas wass ianaght together, end a tolerant, start was BsTistadhy a- bat Unkaown, who was vary aawwanL Tany gat aaaywell. On—sewn tsk_g tainrilt-it, Tssiaa>a s?oaad, Ivanhoe ttard, tns other two etaas an. They ran in this order to the asasod h—rd—. alien tsaanaa took the lead. Longbow ts-owanr eaaaa. the sonars sPtoaet—st tat ttny came to taw hav_? aaar the * ? - ? - w . - ? ? ... ssneayavaa, wiuua lAatauvw asaacaa nan. nsta Madora fc_owia*g. Ysnag Janiter, aunrii to the anaoyaaee of Bowsa, rawnai, sad rawafa t-a aun_p aaa agasnst Ivesan %, aanansr ana down on —S knaas and nesetothaaiiisal, bet nam sa_-BK his rider, who hftad baas an. aad aaa hessataok hil hurdle at a ataadbig jump. t_it oseenasdac—ssi desaUst_aa,aad?f eaarMthtaw leaahiJaahnaaaaat offdwraoa. I-agbaw onwnsd Us last Issp mm wtth _[edoca _tesoae eaenoaay, who snaanahitaTaaasssa after cdeaiiug the liiuaTe I—swbow won by Anns lengths easily, Medoraesound, IvanhoaandJaft-rbsiag clssaay.Os_aawn lama; Lsogbsw wm theaesora tha wismar of the race. HcaaTSKuaar. Aawaepstafcasof one aw. with Uasea. added, fwal horass;_ I—iue nusstns sfsatli basts, tba Jenasni not to o—nK*uat, bat to tsan suaud and atast ast? tan second aad third -seta. C*ateh wstghts. Thnta nans flvaautiies. Mr. Joaes-s a_rk(Taawnl. Jaa.) - - -sit Mr. Harvey's Mlaaa (HssTcr, Jan.) - - _t t I Mr. ra--r.J-4rorfWMUrchl Mr. BU-a^eCUehsa. Mr. Ornaa-e Van (JoaaaoaV First beat—AO got away tnaeThar,and hant entfll near-igtheahs-Taraawhs?lflaanlasfct?^ aeened;t-?Ch_lmbs!t_^ aad-nsnst in tolerably dose jnros—otty to aaeh 00-r, bid Mlaaa and Mark now begin to ease and the attnes were !*— —r behind, tah—a coming in a winaai with Mark vary closo upon —ar o^s?toc. t_ocjnd heat.—After one false start t—rye—getaway together.the Lady with the lead, which dasaoeniv a^-4toM_a_,who ia tan was ?pJaabslhsMttbr hUrs^ who thb time ancnssded ia hsatiag bar aaar a am—it race by a—out a —ogth. The tbird Lest becng bulnaaa the two-Wnnas-d Hark—a good atart waa effrrtsd. melted ia llasfc Itsentag it tliTOurhout t_a 1-atTnia daeided tba tatav andoouiaded t£s oeeond c_y*e sports. air. Bagot attended the -tews lan, irnndls Mi ast, an Tnosaday ervening, to receive the as—ries an* tba Lathee* Purse end Stand Plate. T_ace ware aesaa entries far the ImOmf Pnjrs aad six far ftn Stead Plate. The following are tbeesnties :— Lad-s* Puree—A swsepeta-es of 4 sots, with ?0 aova. added, far all horass. One tnOe and adistaaaa,baata. Wettar ?t^hta. ? J. Gilberfs Ixf. Patchwork. G. j?aasiattre b?. Lard of tba bias. O. Adcoe_s br. g. lottery. J. Wethereir.c.gv'lbitoa. _. Bar—?d*a bX Bl—?—ntla. D. T. Janaf. ha Bansaalsf. H. Kana/a Vt Lady of tba Lska. Btanaf-ts * siisetirts-ieof 6 aova, wa-Maesa. added, far oil borate. Two tailea, hnsts. Thsnataa Pktownlft-ta. J. Gabort's —h. stooni—_r. R. T. Poole's ctg. Mat—. W. BL Por-by*sb?. EanWd. P. Levi's a*. Longbow. R. Keam'.gg. lit-e Hatry. Q. B. qluuaniPa—K. niiixn.