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Monday, October 6—San Francisco, barque, 404 tons, N. Stortenbecker, master, from Hamburg May 14, via Cape Town August 19. Amsberg, Town ; Mocatta. Port, agents. Passengers—From Hamburg: Wilhelm Naumann, Gottlieb,

Maria, Wilhelm, and Maria Radel, Ernst Baum, August Pederit, Joachim Schneider, Gotllob and Christiane Kroker, Christian Schmidt, Wilhelm, Christiane, Wilhelm, and Ernestine Just, Johanna Weiss, Auguste Strechenbach, Theodor Isernhagen, Christian, Sophia, Emma, Frederick, and Wilhelm Stude, Edward, Adelaide, and Auguste Ziebel, Ernestine Horn, Samuel, Wilhelm, and Emilie Sellner, Heinrich Scheer, Wilhelm Wedler, Peter and Dorothea Kroll, Andreas, Dorothea, Auguste, and Fredk. Raneberg, Wm. Sager, Johann, Dorothea, and Louise Lenz, Johannes and Heinrich Harder, Joachim Rohl, Heinrich Hohng. Auguste Matuschka, Ernst Scholz, Auguste, Rosina, Pauline, Marie, Ernestine, Christian, and Julian Riedel, Jonann, Christian, Paul and Herman Ziersch, Wilhelm Sieber, Christiane, Auguste, Ernestine, and Johann Schulz, Ferdi- nand, Louise, Caroline, Marie, Jobann, Pauline, and Flora Sturm, Heinrich Petersen, August Bartsch, Johann Stephan, Gottlieb Schullz, Gottlieb Rigger, and Louis Merkel, in the steerage. From the Cape : Messrs. Charles Cold, Patrick Queen, Heinrich Schlosser, and William and Mary Prender- gast, in the steerage. ARRIVED (COASTING). Monday. October 6—Eclair, schooner. 3? tons. C. Heath, master, from Yodte'a P?ninsola. Cargo—6o balei wool. Gilbert Same day—Omeo, aehooner, 40 tons, A. Reid, master, from Yorke's Peninsula. Cargo—6o bales wool, Rogers. IMPORTS. Cargo of the San Francisco—From Hamburg: 1 pig., C. Habnel; I case, C. Tidemann; 4 pkgs., 3 hhde., F. Wnnn; ? cases, B. Amsberg and Co.; 26 do., 2 pkgs., A. H. F. Bartele; 1 case. B. A. Noltenius; 64 do, 39 firkins, A. F. Cnriaten; 1 cs?e, Benzenrotder and Ca ; 48 cases. 63 casks, Q. yon der Heyde and Ca ; 3 cases, C. yon Bertoaeh; 1 da. Caured; l do, l anker, Uohrmann: S cases chpmifailn. Order; 1 ease, A. H. Beyer; 69 do., S3 pfcfrs., 6 Drls, 40 half do, i sample parcel, Gerke and Bodemann; 1 case, Hanckel; a pkgs., S cases, Basedow. From the Cape: 250 cases win*, 1,?94 boxes raisins, B. Amsberg and Co. CLEARED. | Monday, October G—Amiens, barque, 511 tons. D. Le Geyt,' toaster, for Ceylon. Passenger— Hi. Lambert, in the eaMn. CLEABED (COASTHIO). Monday, October 6 — Kangaroo, cutter, 36 tons, J. Cheeseman. master, lor Ports Kobe and MaeDonnell. Cargo—Sundries. *~^.m^>! EXPORTS. Carpjo of the Amiens, for Ceylon—? tons iron ore, M. PaUlipeon; 60 sUeep, D. Le Geyt. PROJECTED DEPARTURES. For Grenf Britain-British Trident, early: Sea Star Orient, Irene early. From Port *BP>>£sf****ll**> Ormelie, Alwynlon. early. From Port Wakefldd-Scottiah Chief, early. For Calcutta—Myrtle, early. For Ceylon-Amicus. early. For Melbourne and Sydney-City of Sydney, early. For New Zealand- Louisa, October 9; Austral, early. For Port Arthur—Young Australian, this day. For Clinton-Stort, October 9. VESSELS EXPECTED. [Corrected to July S6.] FBOM LOHDOBT. Aurora Australia, Paton, master, loading. Florence nightingale. Beard, master, loading. Irenl,.BroceTmaster. sailed. Downs, July 13. Pa-Si!in?*Piriei master, sailed Downs, July 13. Uo^ert Small, sailed February c. fiea Snake. 425 tons. Miles, mastar. sailed July S. Sir John Lawrance, 700 tons, emigrant ship, sailed July 24, from Deal. Thomas Campbell. McKelvie, master, loading. True Uriton tor Wallaroo. Veriilam. loading. Venilia, Wallaroo, to sail July 25. FBOM LIVERPOOL. Mary Ann. Folliot.Tait, master, sailed July 23. FBOM CLYDE. V.ctorv, Jones, master, sailed June —. FBOM KAJCBOBG. Grasabrook, C. P. Fannissen, master, sailed July 8, via Cape of Good Hope. Adolph, Ueinholz, master, to sail Anguat 18. FBOM MELBOCHKE. Active. Fair Tasmanian, fbom srosrsr. Kestrel. VESSELS IN HARBOUR Analgista, schooner, 40 tons, McKay, master, from Tanka lilla. Cleland, Pugc. and Co, agents. Port. Company's Wharf. 4Vqi, suomer, its tons, F. F. Snewin, master, from I'orta Kobe and HcDonneU. W. Tonnghusband and Co., acents. On the Slip. Austral, fhip, 606 tong. R. Phillips, master, from London. Martin.Gaedecnens. and Co., Town; Dale, Fuller, ana Co., Part, agents. Company's liasin. British Queen, barque, 430 tom, Alexander Scorgie, master, from London. G. L>. Harris, Town ; Edwin Harris, Port, agents. Company's Wharfs KcUir, fcboontr, 3i> tons, C. Heath, master, from Yorke s Peninsula, Company's VVhart Fanny Fisher, barque. 239 tons, C. Smith, master, from J. W. Smith, Port, agent. Leri's Wharf. Foam, brijr. 203 tons, E. Bond, master, from Hobart Town. J. Kennian and Sou, Port, agents. Company's WharC Gem, cutter, S2 tons, K. Jenkins, master, from Port EUiot Company's Wharf. . JolinMoruiao, eliip, 613t0n8. J. Milee, master, from London. J. W. Suiitli, agent, rrince's Wharf. j£angaroo, cutter, 36 tons, Caeeseman, master, from Wallaroo. U. Banford, agent. Lubra, etcamer, 2i< tons, U. Waid, master, from Port Lincoln and Augusta. J. Darwent, Town; J. Formby, Port, agents. Company's Whart Louisa, turee-masted scbooner, 2M tons, D. Williams, mas ter, from Newcastle, N.S.W. A. Scott, agent. Com pany's Wharf. Uyrtle. ship, 781 tons, N. Warden, master, from Greenock Philip Ixvi and Co, agents. Levi's Wharf. Omco. schooner. 40 tons, A. Reid, master, Yorke's from ri'DtutsultL.' Gu?ipany*B Wta?Tt. Orient, sliip, \,uzi tons, John Harris, master, from London. J. Stilling & Co., Town; John Foimby, Port, agents. Prince's Wliarf. riiUUa. bn^. 249 tons, J. Bickers, master, from Newcastle G. A. and 1L Bartleet, agenta. On the Slip. Prince AUred. steamer, uo tons,*, TUbury. master, from Wallaroo Company's Wharf! Sin Francisco, barque, 404 tons, N. Stortenbecker, muter, from Hamburg. Am?berg.Town; Mocatta, Port,agents. In the Stream. Bei Star, ship, A. Loattlt, master, from London. Elder, Stirling, aud Co.. agents. Company* Basin. Sturt, steamer, from Port Arthur. Acraman, Main, Lindsay. and Co.. Town; Main, Lindsay, and Co., Port. Com pany's Whart Swallow, cutter, 40 tons, Lewis, master, from Lacepede Bay. Company's WharC Typhoon, brig, Iso tons, G. Mencke, master, from Foochoofoa Elder, Stirling, and Co., agents. Queen's Wharf. The Hurray, ship, 992 tons, J. Legoe, master, from London. J. Stilling and Co.. Town; J. Formby, Port, agents. Prince's WliarC Trosiacbj, barque, 340 tons, J. Toshacb, matter, from Fort Louis. C. Jacobs, agent. Levi's Wharf. Xoung Australian, steamer, luo tons. Wells, master, from Port Arthur. Company's Wharf, AT THE LIGHTSHIP. Amiens, barque, 311 tons, Geyt, master, from London. Elder, Stirling, and Ca, agents. British Trident, ship, 1.400 tons, G. B. Haddock, master lrom Sydney. J. Newman and Son, Port, agenta. MISCELLANEOUS SHIPPING. The Sak Fbascisco arrived from Hamburg on Dlonday, having touched at the Cape of Good Hope In August to land portion of her original passengers, ana to load a consign ment of cargo for Adelaide. In addition to the passengers and cargo for here she has several of the former and a large proportion of the latter ior Melbourne. Daring the voyage no sickness of any importance occurred, but the number of souls on board has been increased by two births. On the 2nd September, in lat 37? 26. long. 32? 6' she-epoke the American ship Elvira Owen, bound to Melbourne, with passengers and cargo, but her port of departure was not ascertained. On the arrival of the San Francisco of Glenetg she was boarded by Mr. Robinson (pilot), who conducted her to the anchorage, and as soon as the tide afforded she was towed into harbour. The captain reports that floor was gelling high, and a carpo hence per Thomas Brown bad arrived, bat from the heavy weather experienced at sea it was not without damage, and unfortunately Captain Brown had broken his leg prior to reaching the Cape. CARGOES TO AERIVE. Sea Snake. 425 tons, cleared out from London, July 2 Woollens 3ooi, linen in bales IJOJ, cotton and woollens 6SL muslins 2102, millinery 302, hosiery $602, haberdashery 684 apparel 2624 silk hats 234 wrought leather 7404 saddlery tozl. books 3904 paper 137 cwt, stationery 48/, upholstery £64 iron bedsteads 3484 tinware 414 brnshware 564 turnery 124 toys 1454 pianos 384 clocks and watches 604 corks 112 lbs. tools U2l. cutlery ?(, holloware 304 fire arms 624, general hardware 1,4724 bar and rod iron 71 tons, galvanised do 7 tons, sheet lead 10 tons, snot 3 tons, nails 4 tons, wire 36 tons, zinc 3 tons, linseed oil 650 gals, rape oil 440 gala, tur pentine 404 naptba 450 gals, varnish 1764 paints 214 flint glass 1414 window do uo4 earthenware 1204 glass bottles 654 snip cordage 2634 small twine lot*, woolpacks loot bushel ? nd gvnnybags 7564 woodwork 454 agricultural im plements 174 machinery 6404 gunpowder 90 cwt, British vpirit? in bulk proof 32 eals, perfumed do 9 gals, beer in bulk 127 brts of 36 galls, do in glass S brls do, cheese 8 cwt, malt 437 qr?, bacon and hams 10 cwt, assorted oilmen's stores 4154 vinegar 1,250 galls, foreign salad on 36 galls, pepper and spices 4 cwt, groceries 334 mustard s?4 starch 37/, vermicelli and macaroni 3 cwt, chicory 100 cwt, white palt 2 tons, rock salt 4 tons, carbonate and bicarbonate oi soda 23 cwt, candles 37 cwt, soap 7 cwt, perfumery 254 cur runts 3254 ginger 2 cwt, coflee so cwt, confectionery 954 ?pnthecaryware 1,0024 coal 50 tons, loafers 16 cases. Total declared value oi cargo, 17,061).