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The House of Assembly will next to-day for busi-<*> ness The principal question are the Treasurer's motion relative to borrowing £34,000 for public works and Dr. Browne's motion relative to the funded

debt, land aries, immigration, kc We regret to announce the death of Mr. James Chambers, which occurred at his residence North Adelaide, about 10 minutes past 5 p.m. on Thursday. Mr. Chambers was an old colonist, and from his con- nection with Mr. John MeDouald Stuart, his name will be associated with the progress of geographical   discovery in the interior of the continent of Aus- tralia. The cause of death was a carbuncle. Mr Chambers was taken ill last Friday week, but no serious results were apprehended until Wednesday last, but since that day he continued to sink under the extreme prostration caused by the carbuncle. Dr. MacIntyre was in constant attendance, and Dr. Bayer   was called na on Wednesday, but from an early hour yesterday morning no hopes were entertained of the patient's recovery. TiManmuJnaaachkttjamlahaad] afcow of hone stock aad ianiinmiajH under tlioaanjanw of tfca South Aurfnln Agricumml ?ad Horbodtanl Societo *T "* f^'Hr. ???!-**?* *?*{**., ?-tu Mat! ad Macaw. Che wnfliw ?m iiawlifallj amfamV, mamul tarn* maUafaammmmaiM fmffma mnamuar — - ML, ?"????? ?????* ?*??? m*?la^BwaammmeV Wa*v Vlaftl mV*amMaTlPaaV Urn? idnaghias, ass aaore than 11 tii i flj goad, aad the aWefinmw aleak wMexeamuft. Hit RudW tteOa*moraadoeveral ateafcas of the MSaktty. —d the Failkmia* .kited thegioaad, —d the ?ea? -rsttsr--* ??—* —"* A lectun was delivered laat ?njaw at the Archer ?toaatChepeVHar* Adrimde.l^th. Bay. Jab. !T'**l! <'iSJ''?""""1"1 ??* *?? ??* AdeWdeaud Broamton Weahiyaa Mutual Lnprovemaat flsnati TVHnr HrtfiWf nVmitaij pnaidon Araaortuf the lactam uppmn n enotkar cwiun. IWniwiiifeamthi. week k not vary baoM. At Ike Dmym Mmc the lodaiare sto?S.^rfril7 at the brkariftt the ? mamrk wiE ?Tm£ pmauam ie perhaps eoaaewhet aaare —pi* - ?i aadar teWm<Mbr.U.of?.h^hikiAr Sc*llithe?lmam?Mine,l N *u*k?;to th*T.dW mama Company, k going ?m tott aatkfrrtawtr. Therean asahalb,varjkaj iadepth ?ram trot* ?OTamfi?ihM??iStdngrehanheMaaat anqr loaded withSltoaaaot. eor^oCore, eebiaated te yiaU fam 40 b> 60 per cam of cappo-, ?^ 90 towM* weesgfMK. The total oDaati^taMed to the inwa* tiawMOltone, beakle>SO tou of nfarior oi?froam aOto?t>pcraa?t.?reopiMr. The htdee bajnc worked ?ie rppiMuitefl a> wocttt Cran£?oO to IttOnt bthna. . TheqaadaM?tfafyaMci?sortfae Weat AdaUde Bete was held oa. WHnnH.j Uat-pnaaat aheaft SOmembom. The iaOowiag wee the attandMue far the Month of Jaljr. Hoar of diO, ou.

Dating ttuoe tanearngt ot the mooth the weather had bwo extrcsnely nnbvonbie, and had aataaaftr ?Acted the attanitanan. The third Caw far the the following csagas—2oo, 400, 600, 600, ?ad 890 ywds. The natation of the position of those Bar bers whose thm yearn bad expired wa* nfaawi natflaestaNMth. Thegmil nntwMtUlk* giftofu?|driktttkt?rf?(nmM^Mneem not worth Oe acceptance, aod if they mmdkA it wOTddbsre?onfiareooeto the boon ofsred. Abo* wwfamUi of flu Ooapaay will fcata wmd Ikr three yearn at the cad of tins .Math. Then are two or three warn of anprnaefaing the Maker a?e]fr?? the iWL m iIWhTn r< r Mr. BolTa Station, at the Blow Hole, and IhsiQHai by dirergme *???? the Gape Jerra-raad, at Mr. Wataort in f?aak Baaaej") aad pa?ng Mr. Tomer', on through the sen* for abort fowrajiia. Ue mine is only viable to those who approach when dose upon it, as it is situated in a stoop gaily, and snrroanded faylngh Ulk. At pranttL<en£tions consist of a few teats, ? Uacksmiifa'* abop, and a of emotion. Then aw time drim is the side of the tall, bam the two upper of which aU the ore at graa (between tt> and SO toas) has bom raised. The lower lent m—ml is iarimdsd to oat the lode when ordnary espaneaee would lead to aappaae it U Mc^iMarias totfemakof theeroa?-eat- It wonUopposr that from 90 to ?> teas of ore is now ?tgwss, the gnatw fMrtioa ofwhiehHTalaedat £Kto£BBfttO?. Tlw ere it is propoaad to ship at ? ?otanl snrbo; at the asootfa of Oupbeir* Oraak, to whaeh pWsiti?t?taded that a traawsy should be r—li lining far snta this m done a win be bob* toiiii|nngiiitoa—wyitby ?Mwsof dnm owiac tetbeMafct rniaJa-imiof the gnumd. n laimliiMrf theilii UHiiiwasbaldtheother eremg at <saa JaTT?,wha?itw?ili<ffMii l itoiawif?nri|)ftirljoo? shansof £BBaaeh. tafanHtiaa was ncenud that 10 ahsna hsd beaa aoU ? AdaWd* for Mat pnoe, so that, iitaairaM all the other sbaces at the aano a^v^tis?awfa??do?of the mm m eovpaJai ?taWO/100. The —afarinpaiUtohw rooai far aOairwaiawoskortwo, aad wfaao. the anas is am fidl nnwatina ttat ajat fcwar tta 400 ajivih) ? m\ lnjil. 1-Maaa.Bdlasas* Moajsia ??? *i W? ?IBTaTaTr CaaaVaV, ??? D W aaWTO IflMI BttsV bahfe that ios short tn>e the i ? .1' I at both Oh mm wll be ooaaanUe. ThefaDowiag appmnaute ntan oftheaoanw* hmss of pntdaee danaf the yoao IM to 1061, has jostben D?Uaaedby the OotaraaMal.—Whaatem *—*. V ***. US*; £33. Ss.; ISS7. £l? ; US*; £l£ 4?l 7d. : USo. £22 Us.; U6O. £17 loTj 1)B1,£1*. Waaat, f arbaahal.USC.??.Sd.; WS7. 75.;ia50;?5.8d.: USa\9s.; 1800, 7a.**.; WL Ss.6d. Bm4--rlh,lBs6;Sd.;US7,S|d. i llki?; t*L; 1859, ?.; 1890, XH-; U6l, 1R aUeaa. aar?m?St;U.4d.; 18S7. 1?. l|d. ; USB, Is. Itm, ll|d.; 1890, lift*.; 1861, lid. BattaC bash, per>V, 1*56, U.6L; 18S7. U ?d. : LBH. Is. lli; lfl?a,as.U.; 1860, Is. Bd. ; 1861, lid. Chaeae. inhiaisl. par Ut, IBS*. BH-; 1857. Bd-; 1?58.10d. ; 1J859.84d.; 1850,9 d .: 1861,8 a. Ba< oar Hk, ?BS. fid. s IBS 7, Hd.; 1858, Sd.; lttt, 6*. j UtO,6d. : Wftl, 4W. MattO?,p?r Ib, UW, UL; 1857. td.; USB, H-; 1859, 6|d.; 1860,61. ; U63, 4ld. Pork, parlh, 1856, 10*4.; 1857,91.; USB, Sfd.; US9, Ad.; U6Q, 9d.; U6l, 9d. Oar TaakaSOs eomopoaiat iaforau ?? Out at a paafeasajtiag add oa Hoadsj. Aaenat*. in tho OswrtHboase, HoraaorOle. Mr. 8. Herbert, J.P, ia tfaachair, a ratolatio? was passad approtiag of tho dcriaoaof ?hs datrirt iato five ward*. Weneicttolsam that Mr. Alsop, Saenasryto tta Darjca Maaae Company, wss found tying in ? i iTi " ~--~ .-!-—>..-.-.—?.— T^n^ m iaj. He had aaat las aswatani oat on an errand. aad ovate person eoanag iato the cdtoe Coand that hebsd?&ainafit. A esb wa a proeated, and he was aeat hoaw. W? fcara ban asked to atate by whom we warn mjwlul to aaao??ee Ont imim^us ahoaU be as late Ber. T^qTStow. lareply, we beg to atate that toe mi—l ease 6m Mr. Oomgncn, the under taker, aad oar reporter, to wboa the raoaavt was addniaiid, did not under each cfacusnstaaoe? fael jaatded ia nfoamg it iaajrti<m. Ko doubt Mr. OoajgnnVe iatantioa was good; he feared a crash at ttoOaaatcryfaa^aaa took what he coawaatad tho best iaeaas tor averting it. Still, weareqaite eertaia that the aagaaaasa was at error of jodgneat, bat oar roportar did not fad wawaatod ia nfastag ta> eamply with anmmt noeeeding Croat the psrarn alin hai rhiipi nf thf ftmrni ij.awli We aze raaaated to draw attoataoa to an adver tiNawt of the Habadorf BOrar Umi MnaacOgn. paay. which sppnsrt n> another oohnan. eontedy of ?Ibel?ttle Savage,*' were repeated at the Vict?i Theataa laat ere-^. ?Ma^bttiL part n~au —? -?" -* -f\i- - m all anil The iiiiiilainaiiNli nil rnaiwuniL with ******** atenabl?caawdy of "Married Life,- and wOlooa. d-d. -^ithrfh,,,,, ff ln.l -Oaaa. nIM-a? aad Badowm, or STp?ri who Imi ? "riara, Om> aoafy antasd Was Figvm nowbaagca. Whaa* at the Mamas Hall, AJabide Aaa.aJil, Booaa,aa?watwartba vhat, aad bare esxved tho sftfl?aata???M?aal Ibmwm m laaaaa* aaaaW ?-" -? * BF^^^m aaaaaaaaVaHilt?. fTOTaI ? aaa^^ aaTamfaaTat&TT 4t aWn auaaaBBBBBBBBa a-aahnn. aaVaa? aaaaat aaBBBBBBBBaI maaVaaa

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