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[From our own Correspondent.] May 12.

We have been favored with some very seasonable rains lately, and in consequence the hills and plains are "in green verdure clad." The want of a telegraph stations of Willington is

beginning to be fell more and more. I understand that a memorial on the subject has been presented in the proper quarter, and it is hoped its prayer will be acceded to. Wellington has presented an unusually lively aspect daring the last few days in consequence of election proceedings. Flags have been waving in various parts of the township, and rosettes freely displayed on the coats of the friends and partizans of the two candi dates, Messrs. McFarlane and Hughes, the colors of the former gentleman being red and blue, and the I latter white and pink, wJiite and pink being evidently the favorite color in Wellington and vicinity. The polling took place on Thursday, the 8th inst. The secrecy of the ballot did not seem to be very much appreciated or taken advantage of, as many of those who voted wore the colors of one of the candidates, and expressed their opinions and intentions pretty freely. Although an active canvass was going on, and a considerable amount of " chaff" interchanged, everything went off with the utmost good hmnor. I was present during the day, and did not see the least illfeeling displayed on account of political differences. This is a gratifying fact to record. At 11 o'clock this day (Monday) Mr. Alex. Tolmer, the Returning Officer, declared the State of the poll as follows:— Mr. Macfariane 20 votes Mr. H. K Hughes 18 ,, Informal 5 ,, Thus showing a majority of two votes in favor of Mr. A. Macfarlane. The whole of the above votes were polled at Wellington, none being recorded at Moorandee. Not one-fourth of the Murray consti- tuency polled on this occasion, there being upwards of 200 upon the electoral roll of the Murray district. The Returning Officer having declared Mr. Macfariane duly elected, three cheers were given for the Queen, the Governor, the new member, Mr. H. K. Hughes, and the Batnming Officer.