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Stewards-Sir J.H. Fisher. President; C.B. Fisher. Esq., Hon. J. Morphett. Hon. G.C. Hawker, J.C. Lyon, Esq., and Hon. J. Lindsay. Judge—J. Chambers, Esq. Starter-P.B. Coglin, Esq.

The second day of the first summer meeting of the newly established Jockey Club was in every respect as successful as die first The weather was delightfully fine, and all that the most exacting could desire, barring; perhaps, an occa sional dost, which ever and anon shrouded the running horses, causing them to be— ** Though lost to steht, to memory dear. *' During the earlier hoars of the altemoan there were not co many people on the Grand Stand and Coarse as on the preceding day, bnt towards 6 o'clock the Dumber of spec tators was greatly increased by fresh arrivals from Ade laide. The first event on the card was the Trial Stakes, for all horses, one mile and a-half beats. Nine horses wete en tered for this, bat only seven came to the post. Abbess and Goldfinder having been scratched. Typo's running on the previous day, made every one regard the race as another cer tainty for Mr. Fisher, and the horse was readily backed to win the first and secondueals,alraost any oddson faim being freely offered. The result was in accordance with general expectation. Typo led from the shut in both beats, was never caught, and won absolutely as he, or rather his jockey, liked. In the first heat Mr. Barnard's filly. Lightning, signalised her debut upon tiietuiTby run ning a tolerably good second to Typo, the other horses being nowhere. For the second heat the filly, and also Batcher Boy, wore scratched. Typo repeated bis previous perform ance, and Charlie ran second. The Derby brought all the horses entered to the post, and this was regarded as the most open race upon the card. Rumours were afloat of Kiddle, the sole representative of Mr. Fisher's stable, having- received an injury to her shoulder. This brought the other horses into the betting, and spccolatioa was rife upon the race. Almost from the start, however, all doubts were dispelled. Kiddle jumped off with the lead, pulling as if she would rend Simpson's arms from their sockets. Oppo site the Urand Stand she had almost distanced her com petitors, and she won the race by any number of lengths. Lands down. Loadstone was second. Miss Rone third, Ivanhoe fourth. Garibaldi fifth, and Crinoline hut. For Elliott's Gap there were only three entries. Enfield, Kangaroo, and Mack. All three went to the post, and the chance that Enfield might repeat his bucking performance of the previous day, coupled with the uncertainty whether he wonld last ont the three miles, induced a few operators to "bet their money on the bob-tailed nag," but Mr. Fisher's horse was again the decided favorite. Mr. Filgate piloted Kangaroo himself, and there were some who staked their money upon his horse. Under Simpson's artistic coercion finfield went quietly to the startup-post, and the three got away on very equal terms. At the first torn beyond the Stand Simpson's admirable jockeysbip stood him in good stead, for finfleld made a determined attempt to bolt CO* jockey proved too nwft for him, however, and a stinging' administiation of the whalebone kept him in the running, and in a few more strides he led the van. Opposite the Grand Stand he was still leading. Mack second, and Kangaroo third; at the next turn Mack went to the fore, and led into the straight running, and past the Grand Stand about half a length in advance of Enfield, who had then about the same advantage over Kangaroo. At the next tarn Bnfield again obtained the lead, and when opposite the Grand Stand Kangaroo began to tall off. and Simpson increased the gap between his horse and Mack. The same order was maintained to the straight running, when Simpson let Enfield oat and won with ease. Mack secured second honors. Kangaroo -was polled up. For the Hurdle Race out of seven entries only Mr. Fisher's The Potatoe was scratched. The six got away tor the first heat on good terms. Dayspring led past the Stand, and cleared the first hurdle almost neck and neck with Young Shamrock. Walkover baulked once, but took the jump on the second time of asking, as did the Unknown and Vixen. Jupiter refused the leap, and although persevered with, would not take it on any terms. The heat was well contested by Shamrock and Dayspring, neither of whom made one miiitaVp. Shamrock led to the Judge's chair. Dayspring a good second. Unknown third. Walkover fourth, and Vixen fifth. In the second heat Dayspring baulked once at the first bardic, and Vixen fell, injuring her rider somewhat severely. Unknown led over the second hurdle, closely waited on by Shamrock, butDayspringwasimabletoregainhislostground. This order was maintained to the finish; Unknown winning the heat, with Shamrock a good second, and DAyspring third. Walk over, who had baulked at the third hurdle, came home dead lame. Only the Unknown and Shamrock started, for the third beat. The former took (he lead and retained it through out. Neither of the horses made a mistake, and Shamrock finished a good second. This concluded another excellent day's sport, of which the principal characteristic was the oft repeated confirmation of the immense superiority of Mr.'s horses over any thing brought against them during the present meeting. As Sir James Fisher rode out of the saddling paddock when the racing was over, he was greeted with a round of hearty cheers. Subjoined are the formal particulars of the racing:— TaiAi. Stasis.—A sweepstakes of 3j soys., with 3Ssors. added, for all horses. One mile and a half, heats. Mr. O. B. Fisher's br.h. Typo, 4 vtb, Sflt alba., (Simpson) ... ... ... ... ... ~. „. i l Mr. Louis. Barnard's b.C Lightning. 4 yra., ast, 61bs. (Humphrey^ ??? ... ... ... ... 2 0 Mr. O. Adcock's eg. Charlie, aged, lost lib. (Callaby) o 2 Mr. J.llarvey's b.b.Back, 3 yn., BsL 21b., (Harvey. Jan.) Mr. E. Cartwrigbt's b.m. Brown Bess, 4 yrs.,93tclbs, (J. Cartwrigbt) Mr. G. Bennett's br.g. Botcher Boy, 4 yrs., 9aL 6lbs., (W. Jewell) Mr. Win. Crane's br.g. Goldfiader, aged. lOat lib., (scratched) Mr. H. B. Hughes'B b.m. Abbess, 4 yrs., 9sL 611>., (scratched) Messrs. T. &J. Dodd's b.m. Bluebonnct, 4 yrs., 9sL, 61b. (C. Jewel) Time—lst heat, 3 m-Jeec; 2nd heat, 3m. c sees. Both heats won easily by Typo. . ? Debut.—A sweepstakes of 10 soys., 2 ft., with 100 sots. added, for 3-yr.-olds. One mile and a half. Mr. C. B. Fisher's Urn. Riddle, Sat. lolbs. (Simpson) -. 1 Mr. W. Gerard's br.c. Loadstone, 9st- (Collins) .- ... 2 Mr. G. Bennett's cf. Miss Howe, Sst. lulus. (C. Jewell)— 3 Mr. J. Scott's br.g. Ivanhoe. Sst. lolbs. (Saddler). Mr. P. B. Cogttn'e b.h. General Garibaldi, 9st (Digntuu) Mr. fl. U. itickford's c or r.C Crinoline, sst lolba. (Uall). Riddle won by several lengths hard held. Time—3m. 14 sec. Eix.iott's Cup.—A Silver Cup, value 40 soys., presented by Mr. 11. Elliott, with 20 soys. added by the Joccey Club. A Sweepstakes of 6 soys. for all horses. Three miles. Mr. C. B. Fisher's b.g, Knfleld. s yrs.. Set ulbs. (Simpson) .......„„.„„„! Mr. K. r. Poole's eg. Mack, aged. I2st lib. (Owner) ... 2 Mr. Win. Filgate's b.g. Kangaroo, 5 yrs., list 9lbs. (Owner) _~_____._o Time, 6 mm. Uieec. Enfield was admirably ridden by Simpson, and won easily. ntraDLE. —A sweepstakes of 4 soys, with 40 soys added, for all horses. One mile and a half, heats, over four hardies 4 feet Cinches high. Mr. D.T.Jones's b. y. Unknown, aged, 12SL lib. (Parsons) _. .„ ._ _. ... _. _ 3 1 1 Mr. C. B. Fisher's b. g. Young Shamrock, aged, 12sLllb.(Pegler) ~ Z. ... J.J122 Mr. #?- Hughes's g. g. Young Dayspring, 4 yrs.. lost lllbs. (Mr. fiobbs) „ „ ._ .„ 2 3 dr. Mr.P. Jewells b.g. Walkover, aged, 12U. lib. (Jewell.) Mr. C B. Fisher's br. m. The Potatoe, S or 6 yrs, Hst'llb. (Scratched) Mr. W. 11. Formby'e b. m. Vixen, aged, I2st lib. (Callaby.) ' Mr. J. Kuonrlos's b. g. Young Jupiter, 6 or 6 yrs.. I2St lib. (Gilbert.) Time—lst heat, 3 mm. 31 sees.; 2nd heat, 3 mm. 24isecB. ? 3rd heat, not tuned. First Heat.-Young Shamrock hddthe lead from the first hurdle, and won without ?nH?P"<r a mistake. Daysprin? second, and the Unknown third. Second Heat—After the first jump the heat lay between the Unknown and Shamrock; neither made a mistake, and the Unknown won. Third Heat-Only Shamrock and the Unknown started. The utter took the lead lrom the first hurdle and retained it to the finish without a mistake, Shamrock being again a good second. * , Xhe following is the programme for to-day:— WELTEB STAKES L Mr. R.T. Poole's eg. Mack, aged. 2. Mr. Win. Gerard's b.g. Half-and-Half. aged. 3. Mr. P. B. Cog Un's b.h. General Garibaldi, 3 yrs. 4. Mr. Wm. Filgate's h.g. Kangaroo, s jrs. 5. Mr. C. a Fisher's b£ Typo. 4 yrs. c. Mr. C. B. Fisher's Ixg. Bnfield, 3 yrs. INDIES* PUBSE. Mile heats; value of stakes, £d. 1. D. T. Jones's b.g. BlackfeUow, 3 yrs. 2. L. Barnard's b.m. Lightning, 4 vrs. a. C B. Fisher's b Jn. The Fotatoe, 6 yrs. 4. H. Hobbs's eg. Frank, 6 yrs. 5. A. Adcock's eg. Charlie, aged. 6. W. Filgate's b.g. Kangaroo, s yrs. STAMD PLATE. Two mile heats : value of stakes, £70. 1. B. Kemp's g.g. Little Harry, aged. 2. W. Gerard's b.g. Half-and-liaU aeed. 3. C. B. Fisher's b.h. Typo. 4 yra. 4. 11. Hobbs's eg. Frank, c yrs. 6. H. B. Hughes s b.m. Susan, 4 yrs.