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The following scheme for a proposed electric tramway system for Fremantle was submitted to a meeting of the Municipal Council on Thursday night, by Mr. A. F. Williamson, on behalf of the Williamson Electrical Engineering Co, Ltd., of Perth. The conditions, which wa append below, were held over for further consideration.


1. That the tramway be constructed to serve the municipality of Fremantle by the routes mentioned below, with the rights of extension to suburbs and adjoining munici- palities.

2. The lines to be 3ft. 6in. gauge, and to be single throughout, with the necessary  

loops for passing, the position of such loops to be mutually decided upon.

3. The system to be adopted to be that known as the overhead trolly, on the médium pressure current system.

4. The proposed routes to be as fol-

lows —

(a) From Railway Station along Phil-

limore-street and Market-street to

High-street, along High-street to East-street, along East-street join- ing into Cantonment-road, along Cantonment-road and Cantonment- street, forming junction with Market-street.

a alternative) From High-street West  

along High-street to East-street, along East-street, joining into Cantonment-road and Cantonment-  

street, forming junction with High-street at Market-street.

(b) Branching from High-street along

Market-street and South-terrace to Beaconsfield, and back along Rockingham-road into Hampton- street, forming a junction in South-


(c) Branching from Market-street  

down Collie-street or Essex-street, along the Esplanade, up South-    

street, forming junction in South-


In all about seven miles of single line.  

6. Extensions would afterwards be made: —

(a) With permission of the authorities,

a trestle bridge would be run across the river sear the present  

bridge, connecting North Fre- mantle and Cottesloe with this division. The High-street line to be extended along High-street    

East to Cannington-street.

(b) The East-street line to be con-

tinued southwards along Swan-   bourne-street joining, if possible, the Hampton-street line.   6. The line along Market-street and   High-street to Town Hall to be wood- blocked with jarrah blocks, also all cross- ings and junctions to a distance of eighteen inches, on either side of the line.

7. The Company to keep all tracks for a breadth of eighteen inches on either side of the rails in good order and repair.

8. The poles carrying the overhead trolly wire to be used as far as possible for the electric light mains.

9. The Council to receive, in place of rates, a payment of 3 per cent. of the gross traffic earnings.

10. The maximum fare not to exceed threepence for any single fare on a single journey.

11. The lines, works, and plants to be completed along the principal thorough- fares within two years of the granting of the provisional order and the passing of an Act authorising the construction of the


12. The Council to have the right to use the lines for the purpose of running scavenging trucks from midnight to 5 a.m., unless the lines be required for passenger traffic or necessary repairs, but should any damage be caused by the Council the same shall be repaired at the expense of

the Council without delay.

13. The Council shall have the right to take over the lines, works, and plant after 21 years from the completion of the present proposed lines. The price to be fixed by arbitration, if not otherwise agreed upon. The Council to give six months' notice of their intention to purchase. If the works be not taken over at the end of 21 years, the right to recur every seven years on six

months' notice.  

14. The whole of the tramway, and   entire plant (not including land), to be   handed over to the Council free of cost at the end of 35 years, with all extensions

made during the first ten years, but all subsequent extensions to be taken over at


15. That the works be erected on free-   hold land, or on leasehold with the right of

purchase. The land to be sold to the   Council at the cost price.