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'To the Editob,


Sts,-I -ro_Jd take it as a great favour if you wiHallow^aje, through your columns, to advert to this interesting matter upon .which your leader ef 12th June, and letters from Mr. Trant Chambers and Mr. Harris, have dwelt-ith auch strong effect _To narrative of Western Australian events has been published; nothing to indicate the " sturt and strife" af the forefathers of the present generation. Ton will, perhaps, permit mete mention that for about 12 months Mr. J. J. Pascoe has been engaged «n my behalf in campling a book closely on the lines which you and Mr. Chambers laid down. Concurrent with a biographical ?work on leading Western Australian men, I intend to publish shortly a history of the Boleny, starting with the discoverers of Australia and finishing with the present «locada. Pioneers of the colony yet sur ?viving and public men have rendered me assistwca-amiost precisely of the kind sug- gested by Mr. Chambers. In compiling «he history my editor has fortunately been able to glean hera and there-from occa- sional official records, from original books .f exploration, and by means of the evanescent memory of pioneers-a con- nected narrative of tha early days so .potent to these who struggled in them, apparently without the slightest prescience that the colony would yet ba great, and so jeasily overlooked by young men to-day. And while there were not battles of world .«ride moment such as have taken place in Africa and America, there were deadly fravB wrth-rnatives of so absorbing an in- terest to-Bettlers that they occasionally «erionsly talked of abandoning'the colony. ¡There were also bitter struggles with

|«w_' rSÜIÍM« Jtewfee 1» Pi», gorra

misconception and original mistakes, and explorations over waterless and barren wastes-obstacles as sullen and dispiriting probably as any met by Livingstone and those who followed him. If I may make bold, I would also say that there were deeds done afar from the world's glamour by our colonists as bravely and well as any " Deeds that won the Empire "-they ex- tended the Empire. With these early annals the projected history will especially deal. Let me add, Sir, that I do not wish for more support from the Government than they, you and the public determine my work merits. I depend merely and

sheerlv on that.-Yours, etc.


Perth, June 14.