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IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE     Accounts have been received from Segunhoe, upper   in Banks of the Coal River, of the safe arrival of Allan Cunningham, Esq. King's Botanist, from his expedition   Northward, having discovered a magnificent country, north of Liverpool Plains, surpassing in richness any     part of'Australia hitherto seen by this indefatigable Tourist.   Mr. Cunningham has likewise discovered a River     of considerable magnitude, running it is said in the Inter rior through a Country of the richest description.     Report states that Mr. Cunningham has penetrated as far North as the parallel of Moreton Bay.   The Mermaid Cutter which has been stationed at Melville Island upwards of twelve months, is about to   undergo a thorough repair.   THE Scotch Australian Company have engaged the   premises lately occupied by Mrs. Reiby, near the Wharf, as their General Agency office, stores, &c. for which   is purpose it is undergoing alteration and repair. The Stores recently occupied by the Company at the corner   of the Wharf, have been taken by Messrs. Brown and Kemp, Ship Chandlers.   THE house of Raine and Ramsay despatched. three Vessels in five days during the last week in different directions; viz. the Faith for London, the Ann for Timor, and the, Dragon for Ferederick Reef, to the   wreck of the Royal Charlott.   THE formation of the new Mountain Road towards Bathurst proceeds rapidly; the distance saved thereby,   and the avoidance of several teadious acclivities, render it a very important improvement in the means of commu nication with the Capital. A robbery was perpetrated last night on the premises of Mr. Beeson, of the Loggerhead's public house in Pitt Street, during the absence of the landlord who had gone up the country the preceding afternoon. Cash to the amount of upwards of £200 was taken. Suspicion falls on a tailor next door to the Loggerheads who has been apprehended in consequence. A robbery was reported to have been committed a few nights back in the house of Durand, baker in Pitt street. £40 in cash is stated to have been stolen, the thieves entering at the back of the house. There is an analogy between these robberies and Madame Rene's which took place last week, which we consider somewhat extraordinary. A. M. BAXTER, Esq. this day took the oaths of Office as Attorney General of New South Wales,, before the Chief-Justice and Mr. Justice Stephens. A CORRESPONDENT who resides on the Parrramatta Road, and upon whose ve iity we can rely, complains of the interruption he experiented one night last week from the military stationed at Longbottom. About the hour of eight, the moon shining very bright at the time, he left his house, and proceeded a short distance on the road, when he was collared by a brace of. these martial, men, with " Who are you ? What are you ? Where are,e you going to ?"' all ejaculated in a breath, without time to answer either; at length breathing time being afforded, the collared gave them civil and sa tisfactory answers to all their interrogatories. Their near neighbourship rendered it impossible but that the soldiers must have well known the passenger and his res pectability; but to put all doubt to flight, the prisoner requested them to go into an adjacent house, where he was known. To this request they declined acceding. A third soldier made his appearance, and holding a pistol up to his face, insisted upon his accompanying them to a cell! He was on his way thither, when one of the Mounted Police coming up, interfered and the   captured was at length allowed to return home. The individual complained the next day to the Superinten dant of Police, but did not obtain all the satisfaction he expected. An opinion was expressed, that the soldiers had overstepped their duty, and an indefinite attention of" seeing into it" was also verbally made known. CRIMINAL COURT, WEDNESDAY, Aug. 8.- John Cooper Briggs, of Parramatta, free labourer, stood indicted for stealing a mare, value £70. the property of Daniel McMahon, Shoemaker, of York Street, Sydney, from the Dog-Trap Farm, on the 13th of May last. The prosecutor, who had been possessed of the animal for a considerable time, depastured her on Sir John Jamison's Farm, near Parramatta. He went on a certain day to see the mare, and found her missing; she was recog nized by his wife some time after, in Sydney, in posse- sion of John Wood, who publicly purchased her. The evidence of Wood, corroborated by Isaac Howarth, set forth, that being at the house of the latter; he asked Mrs. Howarth if she knew where he could buy a horse, when she asked the prisoner, who was in the house, if he had not one to dispose of? he replied in the afflrmi tive, and took Wood to Pye's house, on the Windsor Road, where the mare was. A bargain was made, but suhsequently the purchaser became apprehensive that there was something wrong, and made many enquiries as to the retpectability of the prisoner. He brought the mare to Sydney, where she was claimed. The pri soner had represented himself as just come from Li- verpool Plains. The prisoner complained, that he had had witnesses who could have proved the honest purchase ot the horse, by him, but that his trial had been put off from the preceding Thursday and that they had gone up the country again - Guilty. "