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WE stop the tress .to tinnounce, that one end of T/ba Supply W?ater Mills; at Port Didrymple, fell out, owing to the stowage thereon of 10,000 bushels of wheat, besides flour, half of which was in the water, Demurrage on the ship Tranmere, which was to have taken the wheat to the Isle of France, began on the 1st. instant-the loss is on the Char ter4rs. Atl abundant crop had been gathered, and a deal of old wheat was still on hand.-The Leda was taking in wheat for the Islq of rahnce or the Cape.. Market price of wheat, 4s. 9d. sterling. On Tuesday afternoon the executive mandate was received at H. M..gaol, directing the disposal of the twenty three prisoners   convicted of piracy. Six only of the number are to be made a public example of: Douglas, the ex-chief mate,Eedwards, alias   flash jack, Smith, Colthurst, Jjohnson and Leddington, are all doomed to suffer on monday at the usual place of execution. to the remaining seventeen the Royal Clemency has been extended, and Norfolk Iland for a period interminable to their fate. And if they were allowed the chance of ticketis of leave and marrying, at all events, if they were allowed to see the other sex, and to think of the possibility of marrying on their good behaviour, we should add THEIR JUST FATE. But condemnation to an island of men without female association, is what we will deprecate as cruel | and merciless so long as we can utter our voice. We are not disposed to censure the execution of these sex bad characters to whom mercy has been extended.before, but we are sorry' clemency was   not extended to all, under the circumstances.

:Tus T Editor of ; _:t Australian : nake the :followiýig '.ndes in his paper. of the 6th insant as to the numwber o f?·, he .publishes,--":, Unexpectedly airge: sle , .a" api? enereasimg sale"-"' paper carried off in a wondtr rating. ratiw'?'(?--" a :sale far .beyond :our hopes"=- maln . accession .of;.;' suhscrubers'.--" our great .success"--And to ;wind up all, the following. beautiful modest,apostrophe, is in troduced by iway. of. finale...'. We trust that no e.chilition. ." of vit1 "are or, ever will bl) necessary, to give -an. advenu: " tious aid to a production, which: by Editors,: Authors, anid ": Readers, in every, part of the British dominions, has bea :, " cliaracteriied as a produdtiOriof sterrhh merit ," ' 0 ad'id. rable production I 'there are no " ehlibitionA of'vanity" lih e..' there are no' " adventitious 'aids" here-the'editor does not. send any of his numbers away gratis, in order to procure hl&. Journal. being ":read 'ii of thl British domiioos, 6y. •" Editors and Author:"' B??i .come come--let us to the point. The. editor 5of the Austrýaian is an old hand, at news-papp? . a pfpr--he knows tlia?it is?great policy to print &ff great -otir of copies, if it werco'y alile to boast of the." arn? y ing" quantities so prit'ted obE?' From the hundreds printed, let Mr. Robert Wardell tell the public what number of copis `he actually sells and receives value for in New South l?ake. This is the true criterion. e want not to know howi many he pretends to sell at Van. Dieman's Land, the Isle of France, - Cape of Good- Hope, Bengal, "Bombay, London, Paris, and New York. But we should, wish him to lay aside all puff and: trick,. and state hqnestly how many copies he disposes of .and receives positive pavment'for in money (not in labour r io ther. services., in Ndwe. Soutrh Wl?Ces. Now we strongly suspect that when all 'Mr. Wardell's tra'e and tret are deducted, there ivill appear a nett of not many: tens above' the sale of The/ Motiitor journal, which has not yet. seen twelve moons. The sale of The Monitor, in N. S. W. for which we receive pecuniary.. value, is 475 weekly. We pledge our honour to the truth of this.. : statement. , We print a great many more, but what we obtain for the excess above 475 is problematical. (Ithis qluite amusirig to see how well Mr. I. Wardell can puffff oft the quality 'of, his paper as of his journal. His' praises go the length of' insisting that two hdlf sheets are better than one whole one!) ' THE choir of St. James's Church, will chaunt on Sunday evening next, the Magnificat, arranged by Mr. Pearson, who has accepted the office of leader.   PARRAMATTA FAIR.--Thursday Morning was ushered in with a drizzling rain- which continued at intervals throughout the day, and put a complete stop to all Fair-like sports. The Town of Parramatta appeared more like the deserted Village of Goldsmith than the second Town of the Colony on a Fair day. At Walkers - and Nash's Inns 'a profusion of old English cheer was provided but in vain; for guests were wanting-there was no company- no sport--no Cattle shew-no any-thing-but gloomy sadness. LET the Gaiette say what it will, Captain Duke has rendered' good- service to the state-he has delivered sixty outlaws into. the hands of justice; and . because the means which his own proper judgerpent .dictated were the best to be adopted, were _not so good as the Governor in Council 'might have adopted in, a similar case, is it. a reason, wte ask, why he should he abused by the Gazette, or. be deprived of an iota of the reward which the' capturer of .60 pirates can receive I Mr. Duke attaicked a pirate ,vessel-whether with cautioni or with headlong impe tuosity matters not--h-e attacked, cosquered, and ..Lou r ht it into Sydney ; and,"if the local government were not to ifia' demnify him for every probable and real loss sustained by the owners of the whaler, as well as reward him and the crew personally, with a liberality 6ecorman a Government, rely. on it, 'the .powers that'- be,' in. Great Britain, would, do' them.., justice; and should Capt. Duke.go unrewarded, it vwould be a . precedent to teach Whalers in future what part to act when . they fall in with a ship, manned with 60 coivicet trate-,wth 20 British soldiers and private gentlemuin, made pristnes. To Correspondents-Newcastle Police in our neut-too litre for this day--with thanks to the Contributor. ' ' . -