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TO CORRESPONDENTS: OSCAVATAS' letter on "sly grog   Shops," goes merely, to say in general, that they, exist, and   that they are receptacles for vice. These are two, truisms— consequently not worthy of insertion. The remedy he pro- poses, namely, a vigilant and pure constabulary, is also an old proposal, not more worthy of insertion ; for it is impossi- ble to pay a whole constabulary so well, as to place them above the bribes of brothel-keepers and fencing-houses. The only remedies are, throwing open the trade of spirits to all that choose to sell them, provided none be drunk except standing at the counter—and the old-fashioned remedy of indicting bad houses. The same reasons which prevent peo- ple from indicting a house of ill fame, will operate against all other remedies. .JV.' L. C's entertaining production, hus been laid out for the press the two last weeks, but circumstances have prevented its insertion. It will be sure to .procure insertion in our columns, on account of its merit ; but we trust the author is dindferent as to a week or two.