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Se Sdney Chronicle" is published Three Times a week, on Tuesday, Thusdy and. Saturday; and i extensively circulated throughout New South Wales, Van Die n- Land, South ustrali, New Zealand. and Indi n n England Sotlnd, nd Ireland.-e arers nd o te 31st March, 30th June, 30th September, and 31st December; a which periods only subscriber- can decline receiving it. a/ler paying the amount aue.Advertiser, should mark on each advertisent the number of insertions required; otherwise he till cuner,,dd Orders to discontinue or alter advertisements must be sent in before twelve o'clock on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday; but new advertisenents are received till six o'clock on the evenig-b aveore publication lt instruction s must be give n in writing, and reland.t T e Quarer end o e

NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. UBSCRIBERS to the Sydney Chronicle arid the Public in general, are respectfully informed, that for the future, the following rules will be strictly adhered to. The terms of Subscription in Sydney will be Ten Shillings per quarter, or Two Pounds per annum; and .in the country Ten Shillings and Sixpence per quarter, or Two Pounds two shillings per annum. The quarters end on the 31st of March, the 30th of June, the 30th of September, and the 31st of December, at which time only, Subscribers can decline receiving the paper, previously paying up all arrears. In all cases; whether in Sydney or in the Country, the name of every Subscriber six months in arrear, and whose accounts are unsettled, will be struck off the Subscription list, and proceedings will be commenced for the recovery of his arrears. This re gulation will be rigidly adhered to. - No New Subscriber either in town or country will be received without payipg Three Months Subscription in advance. Chronicle Office, April 2nd, 1847. NOTICE. TO ADVERTISERS. THE advertising. public are respectfully informed that the circulation of the Sydney. Chronicle has, during the last' sx mnonths, been more than doubled ; and, as a medium therefore for making known the" articles of trade, &c., which they may have on hand, the Sydney Chronicle offers facilities possessed by no other jour nal in Sydney. Apart from its now large circulation, it is read chiefly by those who do not see the other papers, and conse quently advertisers will find it much to their advantage to publish their advertisements in its columns. The increased circulation has taken place to a very. great extent both in town and country, and in several locali ties it is more widely circulated than any .other- paper. Hence it must follow that advertisements published in' the Chronicle make their way to districts where they would otherwise be comparatively scardely seen. - The Chronicle is now published three times" a-week, viz. : on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning; and,.as in point of circulation it is exceeded only by the Sydney Morning Herald, it is, next to that journal, the most eligible vehicle for advertisements. New advertisements will be received until six o'clock on the evenings previous to publication; all advertisements must be authenticated by a written order, and must specify on the face of them the num ber of times they are to be inserted, other wise they will be continued until counter manded, and charged for accordingly. OF every description executed with neat, ness and despatch, at the SYDIIOY C @ HIiUllSLE @ý lOSE, NO. 133, KING-STREET EAST, SYDNEY. FOR ADELAIDE AND. PORT PHIL LIP, VIA BOYD TOWN. CALLING OFF BELFAST AND PORTLAND BAY, 'TO LAND AND RECEIVE PASSENoERSs WEATHER PERMITTING. rIHE STEAM-SHIP - will be despatched for the above ports on MoNDs., the 3rd of April, at three o'clock, pi.. £ s. d. Fare in the Saloon, exclusive of wines and spirits..................... 10 0 0 Steward's fee ........... .......... o 5 0 Fore cabin, exclusive of provisions... 4 0 0 eteward'sfee....................... 0 2 6 N.B.-In consequence of the support which the fore cabin of the Junohas 'received, the public are informed that the aceommddatio has been cons siderably enlarged, and many additional berths a~ded. For freight or passage apply to S BOYD ANTD CO., 185 - 2, Church Hill. FIRST VESSEL FOR ADELAIDE. rgI H E well-known .. clipper PIIA NT?OI, Captain Henry ;T. Fox, will lJave quick despatch, and has very superior accommodation fiTr passengers., For freight or passage apply on board, at Kellie's Wharf, or to SHEPPARD AND ALGER, 236 Packet Office, 470, George-.street. FOR ADELAIDE. T OHIE fine fast-sailing Is now ready to take in cargo; and will sdil on Thursday hext, 23rd Instant. For freight or passage apply to Captain Wasns,.. on board or, -o -JOUBIERT AND MURPHY, George-street North 'aoreh 10 - 23 FOR AUCKLAND DIRECT, A REGULAR TRADBER. T HE well -known schooner CHIIE ERFUL, Captain Phillip Jones, will re turn immediately. For freight or passage ap. Sply to SHEPPAIID AND ALGER. 235 Packet Office, 470, George-street. ON SALE, EI-H TAtM O?BHNTETa," JUST ARRIVED, 50 HOGSHEADS BASS' No. 3 Ale, in prime eonditiopn. October brewing, 1847. - " At THOMAS PARREIUS, 4Wholesale Wine and Spirit Stores, 242 George-strest.

FOR A SHORT PERIOD. NEWLAND'S DAGUERREAN GALLERY. J W. NEWLAND respectfully informs j * the ladies and gentlemen of Sydney, that he is now prepared to receive visitors at his Rooms,, corner of King and George streets, over Mr. Fisher's store, where no effort on his part shall be wanting to secure to thbse who may honour him with their patronage a perfect likeness, coloured or in shade. From the use of the best instruments and long practice, Mr.-N. is enabled to insure a picture in an incredible short space of time. Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited td call and examine the specimens, of which there are upwards of two hundred. Amongst which may be seen the only correct picture ever taken of Pomare, Queen of Otaheite, the King, the Royal Family, Chiefs, and several other Natives; beautiful spe cimens of the New Zealanders, Feejeans, Peruvians, Chilenos, Granadians, &c.; Panoramic View of the City of Arequipa, Peru, &c. Miniatures, 11. Is. to 51. Taken in any weather. SRooms open from nine A.M. until four r.e. = 204 IRISH & SCOTCH RELIEF FUND. I .LiST OF.ADDIIIONAL SUiBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. d. Amount already, sbscrlbie to 10th February, 1848.. ...... .. 3502; 8 4 Collected •at. Mr. -Finch's Station, Nubrygen-. C. W. Finch, Esq ...... I 0 0 : John Jaggers ...... O 5 0 J. Tibbs - :..... 0 10 0 John Malher . 10 0" John Hasson 0 10 0 William Badger ..0... 0 5 0 K. Feans ...... 0 10 0 J. Roche - ..... O 5 . 0 Wm. Goldfinch ....... 0 5 0 J. O'Neale ...... 0 5-- 0 : 4 5 0 Forwarded by E. D. Ogilvie, EsqI. Youlgilbar A friend.. 3 3 0 Capt. Dunbar 0...?. 1 0 O Rev. J. 'Connell ...... I 0 0 M. Shehan ...... 1 0 .0 Thos. Rees 0 10 0 Jas. Dwyer ...... 0 15 0 Saml. Warren .... .. 0 15 0 8.3 0 Amolnt subscribed to 10tli,Miarlit, 1848 .............. ...... £3514 16 4 GEORGE KING, 223 . Assistant Secretazy. r :-I iE undersigned are caslh purchasers .r. of horse hi:des in way quantity, from five to eight shillings each will be given for hides in good condition. THOMAS HALL AND CO., No. 1066, Castlereagh-street, 222 . . And Hyde Park. 1N THE PRESS; and shortly Will be jipublished, SEaiouni COkstIEATIONs AnD DRESSED TO TIlB SINCERE SEEKERS AlITE TRUTlH, OF EVERY RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION. By One who, having long-sought for, at length found it. " Prove all things: hold fast that which is good." -St. Padul. . . -214 TWENTY POUNDS REWARD I SH E R E A S, the undersigned has become aware of a SPURIOUS ARTICLE having been sold for HOLLOWAY'S PILLS ; he hereby gives notice, that he will freely pay the above. REWARD to any person who will give him such information as will lead to the conviction of the party or parties thus infringing on Mr. Holloway's Patent. He will also further pay a REWARD of FIVE POUNDS to any Printer, Engraver, Turner, or otheli person who will give him information of the person who has, at any time, ordered from him, or his employer, the printed books of directions, the copperplates or wood-cuts, or the pill boxes. For the information of the public, he begs to state that he believes the imitation has at.present extended only to the small Sized boxes, which, however, may be easily detected by their being made of colonial wood, which is dark, and hard, and crisp-of that species of wood commonly called mangroves - The Genuine Pills are put up in boxes neatly made of willow--a very light soft kind of deal. The spurious Pills are coarse, dark, and Ill made. The Genuine -Pills are of one size, round, and lighter in colour, Jh. K. HEYDON, .Wholesale Agent for Holloway's Medicines, 78, King-street, March 8, 1848. [All the Sydney newspapers and the Maitland Alercusy will please copy this advertisement;l] 217 CHitRCH WINDOWS FOR SALE. IXTEEN.Mahogany sashes, 3- inches Sthlick,.12ft. Oin. by 4ft. Gin.,suitable for Church windows, having copper rabbitis, finished and fresh polished; in a superior style; with sheet glass cut to fit openings. To be'sold cheap by A. LENEHAN, Upholsterer and Cabinet Maker, 20 . Castlereagl-street. .CANDLES. 3Usa A-?E AT IOUR OROCER'a?'oOl ALLEN'S SU M:MER MOdULD CANDLE,; and try if they are not esperior o any other. candle in the market at Gd. per lb. . Yofi ill know them by their hard wax-like api pearance and the aibsence of all bad smell, . W1B. ALLENt . 114r r - Sussex-street. RE-OPENiNG OLD EST1ABLISHE D RAPeRY1 HIOUSE, No. 97, KINO-sTRmEEf, W J. NOBLETT begs mostrepedtftilly .V * to announce to his friends and the public in general, that lie ihas this day, SATURDAY, THE ITlri MARCH. Reopened those premises lately occupied by Mr. John Woods, No. 97, King-street, witll, a complete and cheap assorted stock of GENERAL DRAPERY, SHOSIERY AND IIABERDASHEIRY, And trusts, by a strict attention To TimE wIsnrs of his customers, and by always keeping oon ARTIOtTLS at: tow PRancss, to receive that amount of support which it will ever be his anxious endeavour I to merit. 231

BOOKS. ON SALE AT THIS OFFICE. S CENES and Scenery in the £ s. d. Sandwich Islands, and a Trip through Central America; 341 pages octavo; handsomely bound in cloth: embellished with several beautiful en "gravings on steel, and a map of the islands: price...... ..,..*....... 0 5 0 Jarves' History of the Sandwich Islands ; second edition ; 407 pages royal octavo, in cloth: embellished with several steel plate engravings,a map of the Islands, and a number of wood cuts : price.... 0 1 8 Jarves' History of the Sandwich Islands ; third edition, revised and brought down to the present date; 240 paiges royal octavo, stitched : embellished with a nUmber of wood cuts: pride........ 0 2 6 668 CHEAP NOVELS. • T H uilderigned have received a further supply of the following Novels, which they offer at thle extiemely low prices aflixed Cooper's Pilot, Is. 4id.; Spy, Is. 4d.; Pioneers,. s. 4d.'; Lastof theMehicans, Is. 4d.; Lionel Lincoln. Is. 4d.; Prairie, Is. 4d.; Red Rover. Is. 4d.; Waterwitch, Is. 4d. Ima gination, 8d. Porter's Miss, Hungarian Brothers, Is. 4d. ; Don Sebastian, Is. 4d. Bird's Dr.. Peter Pilgrim, is. ?d.; Nick of the Woods, Is. 4d.; Hawks of Hawk Hollow, Is. 2d.; Abdalla the Moor; Is. 4d.; In fidel's Doom, is. 2d.; Robin Day, Is. 2d. Kennedy's .Horse Shoe Robinson, Is. d."; Rob of the Bowl, Is. 4d. Ingraham's Captain Kyd, Is. Id.-; Pirate, or Lafitte, &c., Is. 4d. - Smollett'a Perigrine Pickle, Is. 9d. Radcliffe's Mrs., Manfrone, or- the One Handed Monk, Is.; Italian, Is. ld. ; Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne, 8d. " Paulding's Konningsmarke,or the Long Finne, Is. -Brockden, Brown,.Ormond, or the Secret Witness, aIs.; Wieland, Is. Tracy's Undine, 6d. Smith's Charlotte, The Old Manor House, Is. 6d.; Emmeline, 2s. Neale's Seventy Sit, a tale of Love and Battle, Is. 4d.; Logan, Is, Lee's Mrs.. Recess, Is. 2d.; Canterbury Tales, part 1, Is. 4d:-; part 2, Is. 4d.; part 3, 8d.' Helme's Mrs., Louisa, or the Cottage on the Moor, S 8d. ; St. Clair of the. Isles, Is. 4d.; The Farmer of Inglewood Forest, is. 4d. Thomson's, Judge, Green Mountain Boys, Is. 4d. Claver's Mrs., New Home-Who'll Follow, Is, Longfellow's Hyperion, .Is. Scott's, Sir W., Queenhoo Hall, is. 2d. j Lay . of the Last Minstrel, 8d.; Marmidn, Is.; Lady of the Lake., s. Sedgwick's, Miss, Linwood, or 'tis Sixty Years Since, is. 2d. Dana's Two Years before the Mast, Is. 4d. Cleveland's Voyages and Travels. Is. 4d. Pynn's,- Arthur, Shipwreck, Mutiny and Fa mine, Is. Hoffman's Goldsmith of Paris, 8d Goodwin's Caleb Williams, Is. 4d. Flint's, Francis; Benian the Mexican PatrI> is. 6d; Willis's, Carletocn, or Patriotism, Love, and Duty, .Is. 4d. ;. Romance of the Pyrennees, Is. Od. ; Peep at the .Pilgrim, 1636, Is. Qd. Sitiumns Kinsmen, or, the Black Ridlers, is.' 6d. Confession, or the Blind Heart, Is. 4d. Yemassel, a Romance, Is. 6d.; Trans atlantic Tales, Sketches, and Legends, Is:; Damsel of Darien, 2s.; -Count Julien, or the Last Days of the Goths, Is. 4d. Bruniton's, Mrs., Self Control, Is. 9d. ; Disci pline, Is. 9d. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield,-ls. Mackenzie's Man of reeling, Man of the World, Julia de Roubigne, Is. 9d. Tuckerman's Isabel, 8d. Fay's, Theodore, the BrothlrsrIs..9d. Spindler's Invalid, Is. 9d. Jew, a Romaince 2s. Sue's Salamander, a Romance, Is.; .Wandering Jew, 3s. ; Fascination, Is. 4d. Soulie's Mystery of the Heath, Is. 4d. Snelling's, Mrs., Kaboora, or the. Warilors of the West, Is. 2d. Souvester's Man and Money, Is. 4dd . Arnold and Fournier's Struencee, or the Queen * and tie Favourite, Is. 9d. COLMAN AND PIDtSINGTO4, Booksellers aad Stationers . 485j George-street. birettly opposite the.Barrack Gaft, Fertinry 24, 173 PARISH MAPS OF THE COUNTY OF CUMBERLAND. Tr HE undersigned having pprchlased the L" whole of the remaining Stock of, tle.above Maps, are enabled to offer them at lss than half the original prices. These Maps are correct copies of the original surveys in the office of.the Surveyor-General, and may be obtained singly, in districts, or complete in one volume. Price, single map, 3s. Districts of Penrith, Campbelltown, Parrardatta,Sydney, Liver pool, or Windsor, .15s. each; complete county map, £4. " List of the Parishes: Rooty Hill Londeriderry Mulgoa ' Bringelly Castlereagh Claremont Eckersley . Manangle St. Peter Ileathcoat Bulgeo Appin ' Narrellagr South Colal North Colah - :- Marrawarrg' Castle Hill - St. John Concord Cowan . IIunter's Hill Liberty Plii i - Field of .Miars Bankstown - Borowra Alexandria: Manly Cove . Gordon Broken Bay St. Georgd Botany Willoughby Peterlsham St. Luke 19arrabeen - "Minto Holsworthy Cabramattd Cooke ' Southerland Wattamalla : ; Frederick Hsm:Commo - - Cornelia Webbes aCreek Gedley _ Nelson: Mawota Pitt Town Prospect Melville.' COLMAN AND PIDDINGTONi Booksellers andStationersi 1i2 .485, 4eorge-street, Sydnejry L, "{ EWAR D.-Sold, without my authority, at Mr. Hurley's, publican, Bur onwa, on or about the 18th January, 1848, one light roy horse, bald face, four white legs, white spot in bank, wall-eyed, branded E oi near shoulder; and fIltne dark brown horse, E white star in forehead, branded RI P on near shoulder. Any person delivering up the said horses to me, at Kangaloola, Crookwell, shall receive the above re ward, and if detained after this notice the parties will be prosecuted as the law directs. GEORGE EVANS, Kongalooln. March 4, 211

1 UST LANDED, EX DUKE OF RICHJIOND, A great variety of chimney, clseval, and dressing glasses, in rosewood. maple, and gold frames from 40 x 50 inches downwards Eight day time;pieces, warranted A large assortment of land and marine bartmetera A few self-registering and other thermometers Gold leaf, tinfoil, veneer, &e. N.B.--Barometers and thermometers. &c., made and repaired, old frames re-gilt, and looking-glasses re-silvered. Frames made to order, in every style, on the shortest notice. .Merchants, captains, and the trade supplied on the . most reasonable terms. LAWRENCE CETTA, February 12. 397, George street. MISCELLANEOUS BAZAAR. ROBERT APPLETON, BROKER. Nos. 181, 185, PITT-STREET, AND CORNEk or PARK-STREET. . ESPECTFULLY intimates that he is ., a cash purchaser of all kinds of Ihouse and shop furniture, pictures, plate, jewellery, watches, literary, wardrobe, and every other description of property to any extent, for which he always gives the full amount of appraisement. Private Consulting and Shew RIooms, 185, Pitt Street. Communications received by post or otherwise immediately attended to, and parties waited on at their residences'in town or country. R. A. has always on hand for sale or exchange, every article requisite in house or shop furnishing, on the most extensive and varied scale, together with an endless variety of usefil and fancy articles. -- -- t'----- EO. CHISHOLM calls the attention of settlers and country dealers to his stock of SLOPS; all of which are of the very best quality, and at extremely low prices. The stock comprises-' Double stitched moleskin trousers Regatta, striped, and 'Scotch twilled shirts Stout 8-4, 9-4, and 10-4 blankets Shepherd and pilot cloth coats r Great coats, and a great variety of Dark and light waistcoats With every other article suitable for settlers and dealers. 258, Pittastreet. 189 GALVANIZED 4TINNED SHlEET IRON. ( ?N SALE by the undereigned· -n -' sheets 72 x 24,'72 Y 30, 42 x 14, guages 22 to 28, weighing from` 12 lb. to 18 lb. per sheet of 12 superficial feet. For roofing, verandahs, gut tering, rain water heads and pipes, baths, &c., and for all building purposes generally, it is the qost economical and durable article ever invented. rt is malleable, easily worked, and perfectly incorrodible. E. : C. WEEKES, 188 380, George-street. rlT HE undersigned begs respectfully to inform the merchants and trade of Sydney, that "he ihas commenced business as broker for the sale of the following goods, with the value of whichi, both in the colony and countries where they are produced, several years of -experience have made him acquainted, viz. : Ales Oils Beers Paints. Cigars Paper Coffee Saddlery r Copper Ship chsndlery? Drugs Spirits - Earthenware Sugars Glassware Teas -Grocerie -::Tobacco: Ironmongeryj Wines. " &c., &e., &? A. RHARNETf, Broker and Agents No. 470, George-sfreet. N1.i.- ommi~sldfi charged one per terit to the vendor. - March i. 9050 FANCY UNION. b~i1 HfYNbRE ANb TWENTY TICKE'tS ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY PRIZES! I AtTINd oil several gentlerhen's snug gestions, the undersigned has determined to dispose of a quantity of valuable fancy articles on a plan similar to that of the English Art Unions. The First Fancy Union is intended to take place in a few days, consisting of property to the amount of Sixty Guineas,; at a fair valuation, divided into one hundred and twenty prizes ; which will bedrawn by the same number of tickets, at Half a Guinea each, thereby leaving * NO BLANKS. The highest prize will be an eleganit oseroobd Piano Worktable, of the value of fifteen pounds ; the, lowest prize, at linese Fan, value half a crown. The prizes will be drawn by dtiy two subscribers, who may consent to act; under arrangements which must prevent the possibility of mistake or dispute. - A full list of prizes lies for inspection at the sliop bof the undersigned, where early application for tickets Is respectfully requested to be made. HENRY PARKES, Ivorj r'urning Jfanufactory, and Toy Warehouse, No. 20, Hunter-stireet, right hand from George -astteet 218 COMMON SENSE S H O U L D tell everybody a Cuttler's YShop is the best, therefore it is the cheapest, place to buy Cutlery. George Hewitt, Working Cutler and Surgical Instrument-maker, begs to in form the public, that hie has on hand a choice stock of ladies' scissors, pien and pocket knives; also, razors of the very best quality, which hie can con fidently say are not to be excelled. G. H., from his long practice as a working cutler, can with con fidence warrant every article made at his shop. All kinds of Cutlery ground and repaired. Tie Old Shop, No. 21, Hunter-street, Sydney, 218 "60 CASE'S No. 1 Coleman's Starch 40 Ditto ditto ditto Blue E " CIIASELY,' wOR SALE AT THre sTORES O" ROBERT COVENY, 221 102, Market-street. BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. IH E Committee of thie Benevolent -- Society request that the friends of the insti tution will pay the amount of their donations and subscriptions to Mr. Charles Niglhtingale, he lhaving been appointed collector for tihe present year. GEORGE ALLEN, Secretary. Sydney, March 10. . 228

-TO SETTLERS, STOREKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. COLONIAL BooT AND SIIOE WVAREIIOUE,~ 2 ,9 - GEORGE-STREET, BRICKFIELD IIILL, OPPO SITE WRIIHIT'S AUSTRALIAN BREWERY. t HE undersigned begs respectfully to . call the attention of torties in the interior to his.stock of strong Bush Boots, which he is pre pared to sell at least fifteen per cent. cheaper than last year's prices. He wishes to state that the whole of his stock of goods has been manufactured tinder his immediate inspection, and that he is prepared to give a guarantee for the good quality of each ar ticle. He deems it unnecessary to practice the usual system of puffing, as he is confident that a single trial will ensure him a continuance of that patronage which is the merit of a fair dealing tradesman. T.THOMAS M'GEE. N.B.-A variety-'of Ladies, Gentlemen's, and Children's Boots and Shoes cohstyntly on hand. 498 - WELLS' GEOGR.4APHICAL DICTIONARY ANLI GAZETTEER OFE THE AUSTRALIAN COLONIES is now ready? for delivery at 137, King-street East.and sold by all Booksellers in town and country. Price-One Guinea. - " Having carefully examined its contents, we cannot but express our opinion that it will be found extremely useful, as it affords valuable Information not to be met with rlsewhere."-Australian. "This book contains a vast amount of infor mation of a description which can no where else be oblained, and which all classes of persons, whether engaged in mercantile or pastoral pursuits, will find extremely useful."?-Sydney Morning herald., " We have since had leisure to look into this book more narrowly, and Iwsitate not to confirm our first opinion. It will prove extremely useful as a book of reference."- Sydney Morning Herald. We hail with pleasure the appearance of Mr. Wells' Book, as one wh"ich' gives, in a .compe'ndious --form, the most full information on all matters con nected with these rapidly progressing and important Colonies. It is most complete in every important particular,;and is very well got up. 1%e therefore confidently recommend) It to the notice of our readers."-Sydney Chronicle. - " Such a work as the one before is has long been in request, and the want of it has been severely and generally felt. We hail, stherefore, with extreme pleasure its appearance, as we have every reason to think that it 'will prove a valuable addition to our Colonial Library."-Atla&, . - " Mr. Wells book fully bedIr out the ttiiatmen in his preface that ' in a small compass it contains a largo mass of topographical and statistical informa-. tion,affording the means of ready reference to almost every locality thi'oughout the Australian Colonies." Considering the difficulties the authoi has had to en counter in preparing the first Geographical Dic tionary of these colonies, the result of his labours is highly creditable to his ability, research, and in dustry. Mr. Wells, by his valuable compilation, has certainly laid the Colonists under an obligation to him, and we hope he will meet with encouragement sufficient, to induce him to continue his useful labours in- the same field."-Maitland Mercury. '' With commendable perseverance, and despite of any pecuniary assistance, has the author devoted many. years to the accomplishment of a task, the difficulties attendant on which spight well have dis heartened any man of less resolute enterprise; and the result is the production of a work, which, in point of general utility, deserves: to take precedence of any and-all-former emariations frbm thecAustra Ilan Press.:-Bell's Life in Syndi? y. " We haire eiamlnd this *ery usefil publication, -it contains a notice of all the places in " the Austra lian Colonies, and iill be not only valuable tothe inhabitants of those colonies, -but will serve better than any publication hitherto issued to convey to our friends id Europe something like an adequate i notion of the extent to which a civilized population has already dispersed itself through these immense territories.'-Sentinel. " Tlis work will be found extremely useful, not Sonly to: the present Colonists, but to future Immi grants. It must have cost the author immense labour and expense to collect such copious materials, the arrangement of which shews the hand of a "mastet. -We prognosticate that its sale will be as great in the Mother Country as in this Colony." -Iead& of the People. " We find the typographical part of the iwork is etecuted in a masterly and correct manner;,in fact, it is turned out equal to any book printing office in London. Of the work, on the whole, we cannot but express our strongest approbation i it tontains a fund of valuable and very useful infor mation, and the Compiler must have had a hard and difficult task in bringing his work to completion." --Bathurst Adeocate.'. " This work is of suprerie tiOefulness to tlhewhole British and Colonial public; it is meritorious."- Dr. Camispbell. - 160 T1t11 OLD ESTABLISHED SERVANTS' REGISTRY OFFICE, " No. -319 iTORTII CASTLEREAGII.sTtBE t, P ROVIDES Families in Town and Country with efficient Si(avAwts, in every department, MALE and FEstA LR, Single or Married ; affords servants the most eligible opportunities of obtaining asiratrrAnLm sTrATIroNts. renders them advice, assistance, and protection, and furnishes small Loans, for definite periods, at moderate in terest. Nora.-All applications to be addressed to the undersigned, post free. 184 J. FREDERICK JOHNSON. r' O be let, those commodious offices, No. - i 555, GGeorge-street, lately occiupied by G. C. Turner, Esq., and tile Loan Company. Possession will be given immediately. - ALSO, To he let, the Owelling House in Huinter-street, with coach house, stable, and out offices'detachled, at present occupied by Henry Armitrage,Esq. Posses sion will be given on the Gthi day of May next. Apply to Mr. Joln Davis, Harrington-street, Church Hill. bUNvSMURE AND LONGMORE, 191 . Bligh-street. NOW READY, P LiNKIETT'S AUSTRIALiAN . MAGISTRATE," a guide to the duties of a Justice df tihe Peace, with numerous forms ; also, an Appendix, containing thel.Iules and Regulations relating to Crown Lands, tile New Jury Act, the Law of Landlord and Tenant, with the Tnenements Act, and Act for facilitating tile granting of Leases, and the Recovery of Small Debts Act. New Edition, by Enwrn C. SUTroa, Esa., Barrister-at-law. Price, £1 ls. *. Stubscribers to tlhe above publication are re spectfully informed lthant they can obtain their copies by forwardtling directions to the publishlers for trans mission, enclosing an order for thie amount. COLMAN AND PIDDINGTON, foodksellers, Publishers, and Stationers, 485, George-treet, Sydney, 109 Dlrectly opposite tihe Barrack Gate;

UNION STORE, YASS. THE 'Proprietors beg to announce to tie Residents and Stockholders of Gunning; Gunderoo, Burrowa, Gundagai, M urnumbidgqe. Murray, and the adjacent districts, that the above Establishment. seplete with every artice suitable, for Settlers. Publicans, and others, is now opened with a choice selectioin of Goods, consisting of Groceries, Ironmongery, Grindery, Saddlery, Drugs, Tinware, Earthenware, Draperies, Slops. Wines, Spirits, Bottled Ale and Porter ; and they trust by strict attention to the wants of their customers, together with moderate charges, they will merit a share of public patronage. March 2. - 196 C ED A R at moderate prices, a large assortment of boards on hand, log as usual; at wharf price, at ,the wholesale yard, Liverpool street: R. STEWART, Corner of Pitt aid Bathiiist strel s. N..-'Tihe cuttinfg is with frame saws at this establishment.. 201 COMMISSION AGENT .. .iT HE subscriber begs to intimate to his S. friends and the public, that he has removed from his late residence in King-street to more ex tensive premises in York-street, near the Wesleyan .Chapel, where lhe still continues the bu'ingo and disposal of wool, tallow, skins, and other colonial produce, entrusted to his care; and any other orders addressed to him will be punctually attended to ac cording to instruction. EORGE . LIT ". GEQRGE- LITTLE. N.B. -Slops, and a variety of, other goodsi always on hand. Sydney, February 29. - 200 HENRY P'ARKES, IVORY AND BONE TOY MANIFACTURER AND GENERAL .TOY WAREHOUSEMAN. I'BEALER in writing-desks, work-boxes, . dressing cases, brushes, combs, China orna merits, fancy baskets, chcesimen, beads, composition and all kinds of dolls, cricket batts and balls, &c. No. 20, Huwraa-aTra .r, 134 (Right hand from George;street) Sydney. CHECkED WASHINd SILKS, &c - DAVID JONES AND CO. beg leiave' to . havite tihe attention of ladies to a variety-of _ newr silk goods, comprising Glace and iWatered Moires, all of which they areree tpared to of'ei at Unprecedented low prices. " George-street;. Opposite the Post.oitscej March 2... 191 SI" S T of New Subscriptions for St. k. Patrick's Church, Sunday Evehihg, March 12, 1848 : TThe Rev. Dean M'Encroe. 0 5.. °. O 5" 0 J. C, Sumnetr 0 5 0 Mr. Andrew Hickey , 0 2 0 John Hart 0 2 6 John Woodhall . 0.. : 2 0 patrick Hogan . 2 '0 Patrick Ford 6 Henry Wright . 0. 2 6 Edward Bourke . 0 .' O 2 ?6 Thomas Manglid- ...i0 3 0 Patrick O'Hara ....`. 0 " 10, William Green r ?.;. 0 2 6 Patrick Malone " :,...:; 0- 2 6 John M'Grory .... -0, 3 0 William Nixon ;; ... 0 -2- 6 Sergt. Hill, H.M. 99th Regt . ,. 0 1 0 William Guy ditto . 1 0 - The Widow's Mite .....:. 0 1 0 A Constant Friend .....:: 0 5 0 Mrs. Connor . :. 0. I 1 M'Carty 0 L )Regan .-... .. '0. 26 Delany ... 0.2_ . Shaughns... .:. - i:'9 A Young Lady's dfferirdg, ple Rev.$;. C. Sumner .. A ditto, from the country, pbr dittdo... 1 0'1'0 A Young Lady .,.... 0 5 0 Miss Susan Sharkey ".-&? 0 2 6 Mary Flemigg ..·:. -0 1 Master Thomas Delany ,J:." O0 1 0 A Teetotaller d. . 0 1 0 ;Sundry Friends ... ..' 8.12 ::. Collected by'the follbwing petdonas vii:;?. Master William Curtis .,. 0 0 Mrs. Bridget Whelani . ". ',... ::,'0 0 Mr. Patrick Speerin :.;..:: 3 17; 0 233 _ Total subscriptiois this eveniing.. £20 12 i I IS T of Subscriptions towards the L erection of St. Benedict's Church :Sydney; Sunday, March 12, 1848 : Collected this day *,..- 2 16 -1 Sundry Friends .i. ,; ' 7 i:'6 Mr. Power 0:.6...:. ~O'- 6. Charles Jenkins, Esq., C.C :,0.;,:?:o: 0 Mrs. Coleman 0.5'. ';. Mr. Thomas Devany ...i 0' 2 ,6 Philip Walshb - . .9 2 6 Mrs. Perkins :: ... 0"' 2 '0 Mr. Hunt I ,-.*. 2 6 Cassidy , 0 2 6 Passmore . 0 `'2' :6 Mrs. White " ..... , :-2 6 Mr. Oakmsat . " '.z ;l2 l Mts. O'Shea . . .... 0 2 .0 Mr. TimmingSl 0 1 0 Miss Morga .,.,* 0 ';1 0 Mr. Owen * -, * . . i . Smith ** br1 Miss Oakmail *:..... ....... Mrs. Goulde : *;, **:. Miss Burrowes . * . Miss Mary Byrnes ' -. .. .i.........1 2 0 Miss Catherine Stintsofl . .... ...-l .1 .;-1' Mr. Brophly . " 0 15 6 Mr. Jolhn Cirran 4.. 12., 229 total dishi teeii ,.r.. ..4.C£12 I0o . HAT MANUFACTORY. 77, MARKET-STRERT ' B MOv UN T CASTLE havingmila?i Sconsiderable additions to hiis stock, would remind his customers of the advantage of selecting their hats from a large and fashionable assortment; such as lie can now ofter to their notice. By the' last arrivals hle has received all thb most suitable description for the present season, in shape, quality; and durability; they distance all hIis former itn. portations. B. M. continues to manufacture trulies' nd genc ilemen's hats and caps of every description at mo derate prices. flatters' materials of all sorts on sale. The trade and country storekeepers supplied wit1 any quantity of lhats, at a considerable reduction on the selling prices, 2.8