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SALES BY AUCTION.     .   VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION,   .       BY W. WILLIAMS, On MONDAY next, October 15, at Twelve o'clock precisely, on Acre 74, Hindley-street, next to Messrs. J. B. and S. Hack's large store, without reserve.     PRELIMINARY SECTION No 289; com- prising 134 Acres.— Terms, cash. This splendid property is situated about one mile from Eastern Terrace. South Adelaide, and is intersected by Halletts Rivulet, through which water runs the greater part of the year. The soil is most superior—lightly timbered, but amply sufficient to fence in the entire section. This beautiful property is much enhanced in value by its proximity to Adelaide and to three of the principal squares. ALSO FOR SALE, Two half acres in North Adelaide, two in Hind- marsh Town, besides a number of acres in the neighbourhood of Adelaide. Terms, approved bills at two months. UNRESERVED SALE TO CLOSE CONSIGNMENTS TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY V. & E. SOLOMON, On TUESDAY next, the 16th instant, at Eleven o'clock, at their Stores, Sydney-house, Gilles Arcade. THE remaining part of a most splendid selection of elegant GLASS, comprising table services, chimney ornaments, decanters, wines, pier and toilet glasses, pictures; refined loaf sugar; shingle, batten, and flooring brads; Curtis and Harvey's treble strong gunpowder, some few bolts of canvas, pack and stock saddles, fustian and corduroy jackets, waistcoats and trou- sers, plush and swansdown waistcoats, children's dresses, ladies' muslin and cotton print dresses, plain and figured silks, shirting and sheeting calico, merinos, chintz and fringe for bed furniture, silk shawls and handkerchiefs, a new London made double tent of a large size, with a variety of other goods.Terms will be made known at the time of the sale. October 12, 1838. TO MECHANICS, LABOURERS, AND NEWLY ARRIVED EMIGRANTS. AS all persons at present occuping the Park Land will shortly have to leave the dwelling upon which they have expended con- siderable sums, they will have learnt by dear- bought experience how necessary it is to become possessed of a piece of land, and at any rate keep their own roof over the heads of their wives and children for the future. Such an opportunity of possessing an eligible allotment now presents itself in that rising town of HINDMARSH. Messrs. V. and E. SOLOMON have much pleasure in announcing to the public that they will sell, without reserve, on Saturday next, the 20th instant, at four o'clock in the alternoon, eight valuable allotments in Hindmarsh Town, de- lightfully situated in close proximity to the River and the great road to the Port. Terms most liberal, being twenty per cent upon the fall of the hammer, aud the remainder by instalments of £1 per week. Plan of the pro-   perty to be seen at V. and E. SOLOMON'S, Auctioneers, &c, Sydney House, Gilles Arcade. October 12, 1838, W. WILLIAMS begs to inform the public that the Sale of Cattle will not take   place on Tuesday, October 16, as they have been disposed of by private contract. 74, Hindley-street. ———— W. WILLIAMS begs leave to inform his Friends and the Public that he has     commenced business as Auctioneer for the sale of Land, Cattle, and Timber of all kinds, upon Acres Nos. 74 aud 75, Hindley-street, situated between the stores of J. B. and S. Hack and   Captain Walker, where there has been just erected an extensive sale Room, with a large and covenient Stock Yard in front. W.W. wishes to call attention of the Public to the very central and valuable situation of the above, for the sale of property, and trusts from his long experience in the business, his zeal and moderate charges, he may merit a share of their support. Adelaide, October 11, 1838. — — BRICKS for sale, delivered at £4 10s. per thousand.       Apply to W. WILLIAMS, Acre 74, Hindley-street. FOR SALE       BROAD and NARROW PALING, shingles, and Battens of the best quality, on reason- able terms, for cash only. W. WILLIAMS, 74 Hindley-street A. H. DAVIS & CO. have on Sale, at their Stores, just arrived — An extensive assortment of London-made Ladies' boots and shoes. Church hassocks,   washing tubs, buckets, piggins, wicker clothes baskets, market baskets, elm and handled bowls, iron ware, corn, hair, and zinc sieves ; salt boxes, flour tubs, door mats, meat covers, chopping trays, elm platters and trenchers, milk pails and yokes, butter prints, milk strainers, mane combs, drinking horns, &c., &c. ALSO ON HAND Fine picked potatoes, salted ox tongues, hams, English and colonial cheese, salmon, red and white herrings, Dantzic flour, oats, wheat, tea, sugar, raw and refined ; molasses, raisins, rice, prunes, spices, nuts, pickles, candles, oil, soap, basket salt, starch, blue, Windsor soap, brushes and combs of all kinds, tobacco and snuffs, stationery of every description, account books, London ironmongery of all kinds, earthenware and glass, linen, twine aud cord, Christy's water- proof hats, thrashers caps, drapery, haberdashery, &c. A large assortment of iron tea kettles and saucepans, camp ovens, and fire dogs. October 4, 1838. N. B. Fresh Fish daily.

THE REV. T. Q. STOW having under- taken his present daily Seminary in com-         pliance with the wishes of some of the leading   colonists, is now induced by the same reason to make known his intention of receiving   BOARDERS, on the same classical basis, so soon as the needful buildings are prepared, and purposes carrying on his establishment with the continued aid of Mr. WEBB, and, as he expects,   in connexion with his relative Mr. Samuel STOW, late Master of the Grammar School at Eye, in Suffolk. England. TO CAPTAIN McTAGGART.   MY DEAR SIR — l beg to return you my very sincere thanks for your kind and   liberal conduct towards me as Passenger on board your ship; and should you return to our colony I strongly advise parties coming out to engage with you, as l am confident they will find it in every way to their advantage. I am, my dear Sir, Your's faithfully and obliged, H. JOHNSON. East Terrace, October 12, 1838. ~~ VILLAGE OF " PAYNEHAM."   J.PITMAN ,having negotiated with Mr. Payne for his Preliminary Section No. 285, N.E.   o f Adelaide, one section from the River Torrens, and distant from the Park Land only one mile and three quarters, begs respectfully to announce that a Village is planned out in the same, consisting of 100 shares of one acre each, price L10 per share,   including the survey and deeds, to be paid by monthly instalments of £2 each. Many of the shares are already taken, and the list for sig- natures lies at Mr. Payne's, corner of Hindley. street. King William-street, till Tuesday Evening, when a public meeting will be held at seven o'clock precisely, at Mr. Black's, to see the plan, fill the list, and pay half of the first instalment.. N.B. This section is most beautiful land, is finely timbered, and the road from Adelaide to the New Tiers runs by it. The prospect to the Mountains is sublime; and the occasion affords an eligible opportunity to gentlemen wishing to secure at a moderate price a spot in the immediate . vicinity of Adelaide for a country residence. MECHANICS' LAND COMPANY. THE Shareholders of the above Company are requested to meet at Mr. Black's Room, on   Tuesday the 23rd instant, at seven o clock p.m., and bring with them all their receipts, and pay the balance of their shares, otherwise they will forfeit their former deposits.   JOHN WILKINSON Secretary. N. B. All persons holding eight acres in Prospect Village are requested to meet the Solicitor on the ground on Monday next, the 15th instant at ten o'clock a.m., to receive their deeds and possession. All persons not attending will have to pay for getting possession afterwards. NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS OF THE                     ADELAIDE NEW LAND COMPANY. THE Tender for sections 413, 401, 407, and 408 having been accepted, the Shareholders   arc hereby requested to make good their shares by Monday the 15th instant, otherwise their deposits will be forfeitcd and their shares sold. GEORGE ALSTON. Secretary, Gilles Arcade. ADELAIDE TAVERN   ISAAC SLADDEN begs to apprise his nu- merous friends that he has taken the above   Tavern, which is under a complete state of repair, and will shortly be finished when J. S. will en deavour to give such accommodation, by keeping a quiet and respectable house, combined with his usual study to the comforts of his lodgers and moderate charges, which he trusts will secure a share of the public patronage. N.B. A Jaunting Car is running to and from the Port to the Adelaide Tavern every day-   Horses and gigs to let. Wines, Spirits, Porter,Ale &c, of the finest quality ENTIRE HORSE THE THOROUGH-BRED ARAB HORSE " ABDALLAH,"   just imported from Calcutta, in the Australian Association Ship Emerald Isle, will stand at cover this season at the Stables of the Owners, G. B. and J. H. Gleeson, Esquires, of Gleeville, on the road to the Stringy Bark Forest. Terms: five guineas, and five shillings the Groom. N. B. Paddocks for Horses.     Extract from certificate. I can assert from the experience I bave had during the time of my stay in Calcutta and else- where, that I consider him to be one of the highest Caste (Negdec) horses I ever landed. He is pos- sessed of great bone and muscular power, com- bined with good temper, which is most essential   for a good stock getter. (Signed) J. S. MORTON, Veterinary Surgeon,         and Fellow of the London Veterinary medical Society. NOTICE TO THE DEBTORS AND CREDITORS OF JAMES COLTMAN AND CO., STORE- keepers, adelaide WE John Barton Hack and Edward           Stephens, Trustees on the Estate of   James Coltman and Co., having appointed George   Alston. Accountant, Gilles Arcade, to collect the outstanding debts due to said concern,hereby request that all accounts be forthwith paid to him,who alone is empowered to receive the same.Parties having claims against said estate,are requested to send in the same immediately. JOHN BARTON HACK. EDWARD STEPHENS   WANTED, For a Hotel, where a man is kept, a MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, without Incumbrance, to   act as Cook and Chambermaid. APPLY to Mr.ANTHONY,Port Hotel,or to GEORGE ALSTON, Gilles Arcade.

MAKGILL VILLAGE.     THIS VILLAGE is situated about four miles   1 from Adelaide, in one of the most beautiful allft f ent u e locations in the district, about a quarter of a mile on this side the third stream to the nolt h_ e ast of the town, aud near the foot of the inoU ntaii. S ; one of the best roads from the Stringy iferk Forest is through the same property, which ~m k es this location most desirable for woodsmen all j carriers in the timber trade. A plan of the Village may be seen by applying to Kobert Cork, and blocks of from two acres and upwards may be had on reasonable terms. . t>EARCE, TAILOR AND DRAPER, re- Jf f,pectfully invites the attention of the pu b!ic to his increased supply of English goods, W opened, of superior quality, in liindley-st reef, opplw |te the Wesleyan Chapel. Cornwall Cottage, Sept. 1?38. . j BARCLAY, TAILOR, having just J_ # roce ived extensive consignments of new and f agu j oimu i e Goods, invites attention to the following list: Superfine West of England cloths, in blacks, blues, olives, greens, browns, &c. ' Second cloth, ditto, ditto, ?-*!**£?£** W-i ?£?*?' toik'iets and Me. inos, White, colored and famy cantoong, """? j?. ld ?"?cy drills and jeans. M?m?**"is ana ? Woollen corus, uarragons, lartons ana velvet, *, ne traae suppii?a on liberal terms AlR na u??aSe.? Kimrtle-street. {September /, u^io. J AMES C RABBE. Cabinet Maker, Uphol- J stcrer alld Undertaker. ; ••?g? t? ">??'•" ? G a|jd lllhubUailts oi Adelaide generally that . h as comineneL'd business in the above line and \f 0 ? W a steady attentio!! ti hisn.ess and mo ' derat^ cha ,. ge / to mcm tt sbale o f pubhc patronage v Hindlev-street behind the Church *~ ' '_ cair at ? ne Stores of the under JH f , _^ " £ I*:,, ~a rn? n ters. , oo i, German saws wheels, harrows, soades, shovels, axes, &c. Also • about 3,000 narrow paling. VPNIIAIf williim .Zjt Storey MiigWilluin.gtrLLt. Preliminary Country J^ ? This section has a niezey and g J erected on it. There i. a well, with good *vater, and about twelve acres partly fenced and in cultivation. Addlv to the Dronrietor. T. B. S raneways. Esq. *PP'X ro ProP' lclor ' D' ? dng v ' &<1- PUBLIC NOTICE. ANY person cuuing or removing timber from K^ o2^ I^IS secuted by the proprietor. j i | 11. WATTS. North Terrace Sep'ember 22 1838 *- : ' — NOTICE. ANY person cutting or removing timber or grass from country sections (134 acres)   43, 44, 52, situated on the first creek S.W. of Adelaide, and on the new road to Holdfast Bay, will be prosecuted by the proprietor CHARLES GEORGE EVERARD. Light-square, September 29. 1838. 1 : rTIO he sold by Private Contract, iv an agrcea- J. ble situation for business, a t-'otmge situated in Weymouth-street, on acre 182, ad- joiiig Light-square, on a seven years' lease. Also t0 Let a quarter of an acre n Huterdi Toiro. For further particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Duell, 182, Weymouttustreet. THE FLEECE INN . WILLIAM INNES FORRESTER begs to inform his friends and the public that he has taken those premises occupied by Mr. Ferguson oppose the South Australian office where he has for sale Wines, Porter &c, with       accomodation for beds, N. B. Horses for hire. TO BE SOLD OR LET   TOWN ALLOTMENT, situated in the   most valuable part of Adelaide, being opposite Mr R. Cock's in Hindley-street.   The Allotment has a frontage of 36 feet to Hindley-street. with a depth of 150 feet; and upon it is erected a subsuntial cottage of two rooms. For particulars apply to Mr. FORRESTER, Fleece Inn, Rundle-street. August 31, 1838.     TO BE SOLD, or let on lease for seven     years, a QUARTER of an ACRE in   Hindley.street. opposite Mr. Thomas's Stores. Apply to Mr. FORRESTER, Fleece Inn, Rundle- street     September 26, 1838 MR. J. W. HENRY begs to apprise his Friends and the Public in general that he   has opened Coffee and Reading Rooms in Stephens Street, near the Southern Australian newspaper office. N. B.— Wine , Bottled Ales and Porter.       ~ GEORGE ALSTON respectfully begs leave   to inform the Merchants and Traders of Adelaide, that he has commenced business as an Accountant, Factor, and Arbitrator. Books written up Trust Estates patch. Agencies conducted on reasonable terms. 41 Acre, Rundle-street; or to A. H. Davis and           Co., Gilles Arcade. SPERM OIL   . .? S BTOREB of V. & E T??niS4nJl SvdnevHouMJOUle?Amdc h -Ju—BJ y '

TOWN ACRE NO. 82, RUNDLE-STREET, Upposilt Ute South Australian Compuny's new Jluildings. ONE QUARTER of the above valuable Acre having been disposed of to Mr. Morpliett, wbo purposes erecting tirst-rate buildings thereon, the remainder is now offered for Sale iu allot* inents to suit purchasers. Apply to R. T.. Gazette Office, Hindley. street a rare: opportunity. TO BE SOLD cheap, the proprietor being about to leave Adelaide, a quarter of an acre of land in the best part of North Terrace, with an uufiuUhed cottage on it. The garden ground is some of the best in South Adelaide, and is in progress of enclosure all round. It it* near the water, and there is a private road from the park land to Hindley-strcet. Apply to R. COCK. A comfortable Cottage of two rooms in a very desirable situation to rent at Jt'sper month. N. 1). A good saddle horse for s*le, and a powerful cart horse ; also town and countly land to he disposed of, and orders received for putting up fencing. NATIVE TIMBER. ON SAL t, at the Timber Yard of John Crawford and Co., Timber Merchants and Bmldcrs, Rundle-street:— Plates Large and small shingles Quartering Half inch weatherboards Rafters Inch flooring boards Scantling Joists Battens liroad and narrow palling l'osts and Rails, split or sawn Half inch and inch native pine Pine poles Apply as above, or to GKOIIGE ALSTON. Agonr, . Gilies Amide TO BREEDERS, DAIRYMEN, BUTCHERS, CARRIERS, AND PRIVATE FAMILIES. rp 11A T large and line bred HEKD of Jl CATTLE, lately belonging to Mr. Eyre, together with numerous other prime stock, is now on sale by E. 11. GLIiKSUN, and J. \V. BULL. S'uitus desirous of the advantage of an early selection of stock from the above herd should apply immediately to J. W. Bull, Gilles street, near the South Australian Company's stock yard. Gilles-street, September 28, lKiB. TO Bfc LET OX LIiASE FOR SIX YEARS. FOUR plots of Land comprising the entire frontage of Section No. 5, North Terrace, calculated to form the (site of a delightful re sidence, and most elegibly situated for business. Apply to Mr. NEALE, Auctioned, &r., Franklni'Street. SEVERAL Sections or Plots of TOWN LAND in North or South Adelaide to let and some on sale. Apply to the undersigned. \V. H. NEALE, Auctioneer, Ftanklin-strect. AIL DAVIS AND CO., beg to inform the • public that they have made arrangements by which tlu-y hope to secure a daily supply of FRESH FISH, which will be on sale ut their Stores, for Cash only, on reasonable terms. Gilles Arcade, Ctirrie-street, September 17, 1833. HINDMARSII TOWN. TO BE LET, for a term of years, a few Sections of Land situated in the Circus and the I'ort Road. For particulars apply to the Office of this Paper. {September 28. 183*. COTTAGE TO BE LKT IN NORTH ADELAIDE. A VERY desirable and neatly finished Cottage of two rooms to be let by the month or quarter. Entiy immediately. Apply to R. Cock, Land Agent; or to the Proprietor, Geouge Steve n6o.n, Esq., North Adelaide. October 3,1838. CAKPENTEKS. WANTED, three good CARPENTERS to whom liberal wages will be given. Ap ply to John Crawford and Co., 41 Acie.Uundk street, or at the Stores of A H. DAVIS & CO. Gilles Arcade CHOP HOUSE, NEAR THE CHURCH, ADELAIDE. MR. DEACON respectfully informs his friends he has a small consignment of very superior London-made boots and shoes for Ladies' wear; also stout walking and Gentlemen's ditto; a great variety of regatta shirts Rtock keepere' coats, Ane canister gunpowder, shot, patent wadding, percussion caps, pistol flints, iron rim and stock locks, fry pans, gridirons, putty knives, pit saws, ditto files, trowels, nails, screws, and *undry ironmongery; beat London soap, vinegar, potatoes, onions, &c, Good Beds. A Horse and Cart to let. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GAZETTR. BPORTBURY having been appointed • AGKNT for tfait PAPER, begs to inform his friends and the public that he will be happy to receive and execute their orders. B P. engages to deliver to Subscribers the Gatetu within an hour of its publication. Advertisements received up to 4 o'clock Fridays. 51, Hindley-street. FOR SALE, A QUARTER of Section 174, Wevmouth street, on a ten years' leane, rent per annum 6/., with house aOft. by 14ft, boarded floor, and neatly fitted up, containing three rooms • —price, 170L Apply to ROBERT COCK.