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SALE BY AUCTION. HIGHLY VALUABLE FREEHOLD INVESTMENT, Capable of producing £400 per annum. MR. ROBERT COCK has been honored with instructions from the Proprietor to submit to public competition an exceedingly valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, presenting an investment without risk, and standing alone for its permanent eligibility It may be said, indeed, that so valuable and safe an investment will not be brought into the market for many a year to come. To do justice to such a property, nay, even to enumerate a tithe of its many advantages, would require the pen of the inimitable Robins ; but it is gra- tifying to think that it possesses such strong claims to the attention of the capitalist, that a feeble description to accompany the bare an- nouncement of the Sale will suffice to create great competition. The property comprises TWO PRELIMINARY COUNTRY SECTIONS, selected with great care and judgment on the admired BANKS OF THE TORRENS, that beautiful River running through and dividing the Land into two Sections, with a sheet of water having a fall well adapted for a corn or saw mill, being Nos. 284 and 479 of the Preliminary Survey. Perhaps no place could be more admirably suited for the various aud lucrative purposes for which GOOD LAND AND SPLENDID SITUATION ARE UNTIRINGLY SOUGHT FOR For Sheep or Cattle runs, for a Dairy, for Agricultural purposes, and last, though not least, for a COUNTRY VILLAGE, perhaps no spot could be more happily selected. Each Section comprises 134 acres of rich Land, with a right of road, and is between two and three miles from the CITY OF ADELAIDE, and its lovely and inviting situation cannot fail   soon to attract the attention of those whom we   hope ere long to see upon our shores who would spend thousands to obtain such a pro- perty for a RETIRED RESIDENCE The Estate comprises, in addition to the above, THREE TOWN ACRES, in most excellent and undeniable situations for business. A reference to the Map will at once convince the most cautious and sceptical that Acres 51, 58, and 82, ARE SECOND TO NONE IN THE CITY. Acre 51, in Hindley-street, exactly opposite to Messrs. Hack's new stores, &c, has long ex- cited the attention of capitalists, and many a longing eye has been turned towards it. It is in one of the first-rate situations for building, and adjoins the land of the Treasurer to the Colony in England. ACRE 58, IN HINDLEY STREET, next acre but one to the Office of the South Australian Gazette,     and adjoining Mr. Stow's Chapel, with an excellent view of ships coming into the Bay, needs no description, as it is well known that fortunate are those who possess land in this the only business-like street of the whole Town. ACRE 82, IN RUNDLE STREET, situated between Mr. Malcolm's residence and Mr. Fordham's Liquor Stores, is of itself suffi- cient to make a CAPITAL NEIGHBOURHOOD. Mr. Cock, will sell this valuable property on WEDNESDAY, the 4th of JULY, AT TWELVE O'CLOCK PRECISELY. The Property will be Sold in such Lots as it is hoped will suit all interests and satisfy the numerous company which such a valuable Sale will bring together. Adelaide, June 21, 1838. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THAT newly-erected DWELLING HOUSE and GROUND in Hindley-street, near Mr. Cock's Auction Mart, and adjoining Mr. Calton's. There is a frontage of thirty feet by a depth of 212 feet. These Premises are admirably adapted for an Auctioneer, Storekeeper, or Licensed Victualler, being situated in the principal thoroughfare of Adelaide. Apply to R. COCK, or on the Premises as above. Hindley-street, June 29,1838. TOWN LAND.—TO BE LET, for a term not exceeding five years, several sections of Town Land in North and South Adelaide. For particulars apply to Mr. NEALE, Auctioneer,   Franklin-street. BUILDING ALLOTMENTS TO BE LET viz. portions of Sections 387 398 699 105 83 67 393 628 484 And 714, enclosed and richly manured, to be let for a Garden and Nursery, a comfortable house to be erected thereon, if a good tenant offer. Apply to R. COCK.

PERSONS wanting REEDS can meet with an immediate supply by applying to T. ORSMOND, .Timber Merchant aud General Carrier, Weymouth-street, near the Gilles Arcade, Adelaide. Terms—Cash. A LARGE supply of WATTLE for thatching can be had by applying to T. ORSMOND, Weymouth-street, near the Gilles Arcade, Adelaide. Terms—Cash. T. ORSMOND has a large supply of Stringy Bark and Pine Quartering, Boards   and Battens on the most reasonable terms. Weymouth -street, near the Gilles Arcade. Terms—Cash. TOWN LAND TO BE LET, IN small lots, on building leases, section 194, within a few yards of the Court House, enclosed—two frontages—in Light-square and Morphett- street, and possessing a well of excellent water. — Apply to D. Mactavish, section 194,   or to A. H. DAVIS & CO. Gilles Arcade. June 28, 1838. ANY SETTLER being desirous of Renting Land on reasonable terms, may hear of a valuable opportunity contiguous to Port Adelaide, provided by the River Torrens with fresh water, and undoubtedly equal, if not superior, to any land in the Colony. For particulars enquire of ROBERT COCK. HIGHLY ADVANTAGEOUS OPPORTUNITY TO GENTLEMEN WISHING TO COM- MENCE SHEEP-FARMING. MR. NEALE begs to notify he has received instructions to Sell by Auction, on Monday, 9th July, unless previously disposed of by private contract, all the valuable flocks belonging to the JOINT STOCK SHEEP COMPANY, con- sisting of about 350 fine fat Wethers, and about 450 high-bred Merino Ewes, of the finest wool, now lambing down. The above Sheep have been selected regardless of expence; and such an op- portunity is not likely for sometime, if ever, to occur again.