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Nov. I8th.-R. Hondshaw, Royal Sapper and   Miner, drunk and fighting ; fined 5s. and costs.  

C. Buchanan, Royal Sapper aud Miner, drunk and fighting ; fined 5s and costs.

R. Hendshaw, Royal Sapper and Miner, ille- gally selling Beer ; fined 10¿.

Nov. 12-G. Murray, t.l., drunk. Christopher Sedgwiwk, t.l, drunk.

Nov. 14.-James Furlong, t.l., drunk.

There have been two bush fires in the Toodyay during the last week ; one at Mr S. W. Viveash's, Toodyay, doing great damago to his hay and bar- ley, likewise destroying about 15,000 aeres of cat- tle run, and one at Mr O'Neal's, Culham, destroy- ing abaut three miles of his best run.

An Agricultural and Horticultural Society was formed at Mr Herbert's Hotel, Toodyay, on the 15th ultimo, when upwards of fifty Members were enrolled ; a splendid dinner was provided by the worthy host, which was done great justice to by the parties present; conviviality reigned through- out the evening, and all seem much pleased with the spirit evinced by the manner in which the long wished for society has commenced.

The inhabitants of Toodyay were in a state of perfect fun and mischief on Sunday, owing to a person coming in from the bush to Toodyay for the express purpose of getting a help-male for life. After a look round at the " home" he quickly discerned one as he thought suitable, and after a courtship of two days it was agreed they should get married by the Resident Magistrate at the Plains on next Thursday ; he bought a ring &c" and under escort of one of the Police force started in company to the Plains . they went very com- fortably as far as Mr J. Doust's, Toodyay, when lo and behold not a step further would his dearly beloved stir ; remonstrances, intreatiea, and pro- mises wore of no avail, and on Sunday morning his intended made her re-appearance at the Ser- vant's Hame in high glee, but subjected to the taunts of the others who tried every means to get to know the cause of such a transition from love to hate, and her disconsolate lover had to wend his way to Victoria Plains under the gibes and jeers of the worthy Police Constable.- [We cannot decypher our correspondent's name.--Ed.]