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SCHOOL OF,ARTB.. T H E Committee of. the, Sydney .Me- .. chanics' School of Arts, are desirous of obtaining efficient Lectures on various subjects, Parties disposed to lecture are invited to make an offer in writing, to the Committee; on or before Wednesday next, the 11th instant, at twelve o'clock. It is also requested that in each offer of lectures the subject may be specified, as well as the te??ims upon which such lectures will be delivered. :' By order of the Committee,' S. P. HILL, ; 1633 Secretary.: SCHOOL OF'ARTS. LEOTIURES-SEA SON, 1843. I H E first of two Lectures on ?DI GESTION will be delivered in the Theatre' of the Institution, by S GEORGEFULLERTON,,ESQ., sM.D,.I = f On Monday Evening, 9th June, at half-past severs .. o'clock. Non-Members will be admitted on the payment of sixpence each. By order of the Committee, S. P. HILL, 1635 S, ' ' ecretary. RETIRING FROM BUSINESS.. A. HORDERN,   DRAPER, NO. 117, KING-STREET EAST, RETURNS thanks to' his friends and the public of Sydney, for the very liberal support he has received during the eighteen years he has been in business in this city ; and informs them that as he intends retiring from the Drapery business, he will this evening finally close his shop. A. H. takes this oppijtunity of announcing to the public, that his Sons will still continue in their respective shops, and hopes those parties who had favoured him with their custom, will extend their patronage to them, as he feeds confident that no exertion will be spared on their part to give general satisfaction' Saturday, 7th June, 1845. 1638 NOTTINGHAM HOUSE, CORNER OF GEORGE STREET AND CHARLOTTE   PLACE.   JOHN HORDERN,   DRAPER, Hosier, Haberdasher, and   Laceman," returns thanks to his numerous Friends, and the Public in general, for the very liberal support he has received since he commenced business in the above line, and begs to inform them that he has made a great many additions to his large stock, which now comprises almost every article appertaining to the trade. J. H. calls particular atteintion to his stock of Merinos, Alpaca Lustres, Orleans and Coburg Cloths, Real French De Lanes, Cashmeres, and printed Saonals, small pattern Prints, new eccentric pattern, Victoria Stripes, Royal Chintz, and real Swiss Cambrics, of the newest and most fashionable styles- all warranted permanent colours. The whole of this stock having been purchased for cash, the Proprietor feels certain that no one can offer cheaper or better articles'; and be will always endeavour, by strict attention to business, to merit a share of Public Patronage. '1640 ENTIRE. NEW STOCK. OF DRAPERY, HOSIBRY HABERDASIIERY, AND SLOP CLOTHINGO. A. HORDERN, JUNIOR, BRICEFIELD HILL, B EGS to inform his Friends, the Public, and Settlers visiting the City for supplies' that he has on hand an entire new Stock of Drapery Goods, id 6eery variety, suitable either for Town or Country; amongst which will be found, Orleans Cloths, .Alpaca Lustres, alerinos, French Tl'ills, De. Laines,, Printed Saxonys, and without? eax ception, the best assortment of Prints in the Colony, as far as regards quality, variety, and elegaace- of design. ALSO, An excellent htock of Bush Clothing, consisting of Blue Cloth Jackets, Pilot Coats, Moleskin Trousers, Duck Frocks and Trousers, Whitney Blankets, white, striped, Regatta, and acutch Twilled Shirts. A. HomnaD?, jun. takes this opportunity it thanking those of his' friends who have already visited his Establishment, and inviting all 'those who have not yet done so, where the ;strictest at tention will be paid to their wants, and every article offered to them at the lowest possible price. 1639 TO PUBLICANS. SDEVOY begs to acquaint his friendsn n la the above line, that he will paint Signs in the best style this season, at his usual moderate charges, and that he continues to follow his business in all its branches, near the Black Swan, George Street South. 1637 SATURDAY'S SALE, JUNE 7." To Professional Gentlemen, Managers of Public 'Instiitulions, Shopkeepers, Gas Filers,'and' Contractors, Private Families, Deilers? and Others. E -rsoAr 5'" 'THIS 'DAY,. n] LAvEts L? ATE 'ARRIVALS. E?troecan Lamps,: com- Iras,' and Broejdi 'Pil. plate . ' lays : Shades +. Globes Chimneys omes , Coatons Cylinder Cases , :: Safety;Latiterns ' Gothli ditto. Mf '. STUBBS will' sell by auction, at .LV:;the Mart; King Ptreet, S THIS D&Y, the 7th INSTANT, At Eleven o'clock'precltely;, i '(, The following really superb' lamps;" and which from chastity of 'design and elegant appear. aonce. surpass anything of the kiid ever offered to pub!ic competition in this Colony a.. _ ..i Case:No. 1, contains large and rsmall Etruscan shape lamps,groundand engravedl,elegant mount. ings, broad bases, and ceiling'shades; large ahda small safety. globe lanterns?,.French chimney' glasses. 1 Case No, 2, contains havy globe top lamps, com. plete and highly ornamented, with extratumbler oil birners, and glass coiling shides." Case No. 3, containing imitation bronzed pillersl, economical'heads complete brass pillarsrditto Sdtto; gas chimneys, metal ditto l. wire frames;. plain paper shades, perforated coloured and plain dittol cottons mandrills'; globes, eigraved and 'plain ditto; domes, ditto ditto; French cylinder cases, and Gothic ditto, &e, &o,, with , as tWO JAP1ANI5 D tROaN DiD cAs8. ' Terms at sale, . ' . 1680 TO SHIPPiERS TO 'NEW ZEAL.AND " AND HONGKONG, AND 0'rHERS.' RS SAMUEL LYONS will' soil 'a by atction, at his lart, 'crner' of IGeorge Street and Charlotte Pla?ce,ยท on : 1' THURSDAY, 1Jth JUNE,. At Eleven o'clock, . S100Wetlhers ,. 295 Ewe, of ages. 27 Lambs ? 422 Head, more or le?s.:': ' .s u - ' 'The anb0ov my be seens at pua Plaliq- on SWednesday, the day be oreth jale. . Terms at sale. 1684