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Port Phillip   -0- NEW LAND REGULATIONS. The Patriot of Jan. 7th publishes a document from the land and emigration board, containing some details of the new land regulations. The only information which it conveys, in addition to that already in possession of our readers, will be found in the following extract: Within the Port Phillip district land will hence- forth be sold at the fixed uniform price of £1 per acre, in sections of one-half of a square mile, or 320 acres each. Any one who shall pay in England, or in the colony, the price for eight square miles, or £5,120, will not be confined to the districts already surveyed and open for sale, but will have the privilege of demanding a special survey of the land he is desir ous to acquire. This land, however, must be taken in one block, of which only the outer boundaries, therefore, will be surveyed. It will also be subject to all regulations which may be established in the colony respecting the proportion of front to depth, water frontage, reserves for roads, and other condi     tions of similar nature. Every purchaser will be entitled to name a num ber of persons of the labouring class for a free passage to the colony, in proportion to the amount of purchase money which he has paid in this country, viz. :-For every £20 one adult person of fourteen years and upwards, or two children between seven and fourteen, or three children under seven. The whole must be subject to the approval of the commissioners, and fall within their general regula tions on this subject, of which a copy will be fur nished to any one requiring them. Persons who may wish to avail themselves of the above advantage will be required to send into this office lists of the names and description of the people they propose for a free passage, within six months of the date of their purchase, after which time no further claim to any nomination for a free passage will be admitted. Purchasers of special surveys will be allowed eighteen months. LAsouin.-The Salsette, witls 280 bounty emi grants on board, arrived in port on Saturday even. ing; the immigration board of inspection did not finish its sittings until a late hour on Monday, and before sunset of that day every emigrant wanting engagement was engaged. We should like to know hovw Mr. Richard Jones will contrive to reconcile this fact with his declaration in his place in the legislative council, that " they have nearly as many immigrants at Port Phillip as they require, and if they had more they would not be able to find em ployment for them. '-Patriot. Upon the arrival of the Orient at the port of her destination, several of the grade of passengers who, reaping the advantage of the free bounty system.. are usually classed as steerage passengers, waited upon Mr. Latrobe, with an intimation that a number of prfiigate female characters had joined the ship, in the same rank, and under similar circumstancee, as they had themselves reached the colony. His Honor, justly considering the character of the favourite sys. tem of immigration, and the social state of the pro vince, to be seriously implicated-the one imme diately, tihe other prospectively-took steps to assure himself of the truth or falsity of the evidence brought before him by the additional testimony of the cap. tain and the surgeon superintenadent; the latter, we regret to say, equally on account of his own cha racter for maintaining discipline during the voyage, the integrity of Mr. Marshall, and the position of the colony, was obliged to testify the truth of the former statements. Upon these grounds Mr. Latrobe, with the advice of some of theofficers of his government, informed Messrs. Thomas, Enscoe and James, that he felt it his duty to recommend the refusal of the usual bounty upon some eighteen or twenty females, on the plea that their testimonials of good character had been falsified by their subsequent conduct. P. P. Gazette. THE ROMAN CATriiOLsCs.--Ve perceive that the Rev. Mr. Ryan has arrived as coadjutor to the Rev. Mr. Geoghegan in charge of the Roman Catholic congregation of Melbourne. Fame speaks favourt. bly of Mr. Ryan as a scholar, a clergyman, and a private individual. All that we wish is that ire may be equally popular as hiss predecessor the Rev. tlr. Walsh, who has proceeded to Norfolk Island to take charge, in routine, of the Roman Catholics of that that place ; and that ire may imitate the virtues and tse amiable manners which have ensured for his colleague the esteem of all classes and sects of the community.-P. P. Herald. COMMON MOTTOES FOR UNCOMMON CsiAoAC aERS.-The IBishop " Ne Domine dirige nos " Mr. Richard Jones ; 1 Ne sutor ultra cre pidam." Mr. Hannibal Mlacarthur; "Saitsr sat satira." Sir John Jamison ; " Medicus et modi cus." Mr. Berry ; " Quid rides 1" Mr. James Macarthur; ' Vox et preterea nihil." Mr. Lith gow ; " Audi et Tace."-Port Phillip Gazette. DUTY ON FRENCH OAK.-We learn from the Journal de Granville, that the French go vernment have laid a duty of 10d per cubic foot on French oak exported from that country for the pur pose of ship-buildinv, which amounts to an actual prohibition, and win) be highly prejudicial to the shipwrights of this island.-Jersey paper.