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VESSELS ENTERED OUTWARDS. Trident,-brig, 19( tons, Todd, for London. Agents, TVillis and Co., Lady -Leith,' brig, 154 tons, Richards, for New 'Zealand. Agents; -R. Duke and Co. Harle4uin, schooner, 71 tons Kyle forýLaunces Ioni.--Agent, J. Simmons.;; THE "AMELIA THOMPSON."-Extract from a letter received from Captain Dawson, dated 8th January, from Batavia Roads:-" I arrived here four days ago, after a very favourable passage of twenty-five days from Port Phillip. I can get nothing to do for the ship, off I must again; a losing concern ships will be this year. I intend to go to Ceylon, or some of these parts, for heaven knows where I will get a freight. Tell all the Captains you meet to transport their ships to Melbourne, and convert them into inns or hotels, it will be a better spec. than sailing them in such infernal times as these. John Chinaman is       playing the devil with us shipmasters of the Engl sh nation. Is this to be tolerated ! To hear by each successive post or packet that his Celestial Majesty has by his terrific edicts banished the British flag from the waters of the Celestial Empire. _o it is, l.owever and John Bull atthe~present time prest nts aicunious spectacle' -Twauikey his him by the tat Johny-Crapeata by ftie hornsaril; Jonathan tilks -1im. Oh, my country, that I should ever see .the * i'schooner I'air Barbadian, Bennett, was lead iing witli maize-at Table Cape, New Zealand; she *'--was to proceed to the East Coast previous to sailing for Sydney. ; -The.Thomas Bold, from London for Sydney, was incompany with the.Acasta off the Isle ot W ight ori the 25th of Novem-er. " The James Pattison, from Sydney for Samarang -vas spoken on the 16th of March in Hass' Straits. We are informed that H. M. S. Bufato will pro -eed to the hay or islands, New Zealand, about thi -3rd of April; Captain Hobson's lady and lamil3 proceed by her to that settlement. The Clyde,-Charles-Jones, and Dauntless, had not :arrived at Port Phillip, as ii as repotted in last Friday's Hlerald. . ... " - WIiALERS.-The Tane Eliza. out five months, with 2320 barrels of sperm and X80 of black oil, was ,spoken on the 11th instiant in lat. 33° 10', S., long. A0 2' E., lby the.Susaunah Ann; the Jane Eliza reported having spoken theJune, Cooper, out thret -annbths, with 270 barrels of sperm oil; and the Jan, spoke the Clarkstone, out nine months, with 150¶ bairels-of sperm-oil. EyGiANIo.-The lmnrmion -entered outwards a; oindoni on the 14th of November-for Sydney. ' The China entered outwards for loading it London ..on the 14th of November-for Sydney. <Loading at London for Sydney :-T'he a 111cxberoughi Ljvingstone, the Potter, Hawthorne, and tilhe Brea rnbury, Burnett. The Coromandel, French, was loading for Sydney and New Zealand. Loading at Londob-for Hobart Town :The Sii 7 eor-e Arthur, Currie, and: the Montrywres;Gibbs The Elila, Mann, and the Morley, Evans, west loading at London for South Australia. -atPo Ptihe2T7 e ship Rajasthan from Lon -n tief27th~ October and South Australia the 26th o.oFebrnary, arrl ed on 'the 9th of ftlarch. -T~ahe' barque ; ies; Todd, sailed on the 2nd oh Rlarch for Lontn,'wihh 500 bales of Voul, ant .2462 letters and newspapers! . The Charlotte and the Fox had arrived from Laun. <ceston. The William Mitcalfe, Philltpson, sailed -on the .9th of March for Madras and Calcitta, in ballast. ihe Columbian, Wakemnfrom Liverpool, was to sail about the 13th of March for Sydney. - HoARrT Tows.-The West Indian, from L ondon, Sith hierchandise, arnived'on the l2tn of M1 arch. The Eudora, from Calcutta, arrived on the 12th of S-March. The'&Mary-Ann, Stevenson, from the Mauritius, - arrived on the 14th of March.