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CATTLE STEALING. Tnn exten:ttowlich this crime has been carried in ,the interior : seems absolutely incredible. iOwing to the ,exertions of. Henry:. O'Brien, Esqr., 3, P.,: of Yass, all the ramifications of the system have been laid open to the public as they exist in the' neighbourhood of Murrumbidge'e, and Monaroo; 'and we'd oubt not if equal' exertiona were made it. would be = found that its is carried on to an equal amount :in other parts of the coloriy. Some idea of its exteilt in thatneigh Sibourhood may be ;formed 'from the fact, that in :':tlhe herds of Messrs. H. and C. O'Brien, which rn: together at the Miurnimbidgee, ther'e.was an actually deficiency in the gross amount. between t:he muster of 1834: aid; that of:1835,- of ip wards of 300 le:ad;' leaving the increase which ought to have taken ' ilace duiring that period :out of the question altog?ether. Tle exertions of 'Ir. O'Brien, aimd'- the, number' of depredators wvho have through :means: of him-hbeen brought to jiistice, will'[ che ck, if ihey' do not altogether put Da ? itop to the :sys'tem. Those who have managed to escape will, we doubt not, be more careful how they commit themselves in future, and :::the examples ~which have been made, will,.we trust, .deter others from enterng:on or persevering in such a' daingeious course. "Our thanks, .as well as the thanks of the community, aire due to Mr. '?,Biien for the :coqduct which at the cost of his :~vn time, and to the injury of his own'interests, as well as'at the risk of his own salety, he, has so- nobly' pursued.' The settlers in the districts o6f Muirrumbidgee Monaroo, Yass, and Goulburn, Ywho have so. matei'ially -benefitted from his exer tions cannot;:we think?,i justice to tihemselves re frain from coming forward to mark their sense of 1r. O'Brien's -'services in* a manner which will show to the world; that they know acid dppreciat e Stli:beriefits thV hlave derived, from his successful exertions. , We are sorry to learn that our old friend Dr. Lhotsky, who we understand has been employed for some time past by Mr. Francis Stephen, Mr. Nicol Allan, and Mr. John T'homas Wilson, in getting up a pamphlet against Dr. Lang, has been seized with a pulmonary affection, which renders it necessary for him to seek a warmer climate. He has accordingly solicited permission from the government to reside at Moreton Bay, and some appointment of a scientific character to enable him to render his talents of use to the colony. We shall be most happy to find Dr. L.'s application successful; for we have always considered him as a man possessed of abilities that   might be turned to a good account in the public ser- vice in this colony, and who had sadly mistaken his own *forte* when he commenced writing on colonial politics. As the situation of Colonial Botanist is at present unoccupied, through the lamented death of the unfortunate Mr. Cunningham, might not such a situation as Botanical Collector for the northern settlement or be created *pro tempore* for Dr. Lhotsky?     .The remarks;on the: Rev, Mr.;Ullathorne's 'letter, inserted in our last. nunber,' were written before we r~eceived the' cop'ybf the letter which' iwas published .., our .paper, and it had escapied our :observation :until after the. paper had gone to press, that t?e allu :sion'to Fendlon inr the copies 1 ublislied in The MVTnitor aud-The Australia,; was not contained ini the copy Sforwarded to:us.'. M?r. U.:would, of course, account : for our noticing ithe allusion in" the way we :have mentioned, although it would, doubtless, seem strange to those who had-only read the letter in this:jour nal, :i? al " ? ' / "" •" :i. . i- :" • i.