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Local Intelligence.

It is with much regret wé again report the decease of another old and respected member of our community, in the person of SAMUEL MOORE, Esq., a member of the Legislative Council and Justice of the Peace. Mr. Moore had been unwell for some considerable time with a disease of

the heart, which gradually increased until he was released from his suffering on Wed nesday morning, about 3 o'clock by death. The funeral takes place this morning at 8 o'clock, the place of interment being the Middle Swanj-cemetry. By this melan- choly event, the non-official members of the Legislative Comicheare reduced to one; but a hskoÇ gentlemen qualified to fill the office, having several months since been transmitted to the Home Government, for the approval of Her Majesty, we may therefore expect that previous to the next session, the vacancies will be filled up, and the Council be restored to an equality, so! far at least as regards the numbers of of-

ficial, and non-official members. ,'l'i,u «

The loading of the Merope has, with the return of fine weather, been again resumed, and in all probability another week will fit her foi* sea, when wc shall furnish pur read-' ers with a list of the cargo. '

The Waterlilly, is expected to sail for Singapore about "Wednesday next; this vessel will of course convey an overland maií fot England. ' '

" .,t * _^_ ,."» .

It is iritonded! immediately to ¡proceed

With the construction of a tower »'on the

top ofKEremantle Jail, something similar in appearance with the tower of Freman-

tle church, and intended to serve the two- fold, purpose/for a .clock: on the j»$ra side and a lantern on the seaftfrrd.

I The- Champion, weather permitting, will sail for S. Australia, V. D. Land and Syd- ney, on>Tuesday -next.; We cannot,say that i we regard with much favour, the in- tended' deportation of convicts to V. D.

Land ; surely our requirements in public ¡ works are not, so very, slight, that there is not some kind of labour to be found on

Avhich they- could be employed, and on Which then* labor would be sufficiently re- munerative to reimburse the commimity for the expense of their maintenance. In the case of the Parkhust lads, we consider

the step to be fräughi with berious evils, and, in all probability, will lead to the commission, of offences by others of the class, in order to obtain a similar result. They are well aware.that the present con- vict regulations of that Island, admit but of one course of treatment immediately on their arrival-they twill he set free on a ticket of leave! is this a .punishment ? the transportation of a convict from England, even under these circumstances, may per- haps be a punishment, but, let us ask, what sort of, punishment' fcan ' transportation from this colony to V. D. Land, He to a Parkhurst boy, who has no connection, no tie to cause regret on leaving the place ? "Wfe ' must, consider ! the step to be a lälöe one and adopted on mistaken 'grounds. If it be indeed intended as a punishment or as a warning to others of the same class, would not tluit end be more effectually serVed', by workirig- them in irons'on the vóáas1^' - '