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MASTER PICTURE NEWS John Barrymore wanted a rugged   adventurous and stirring tale in which to return to the screen after the dear during which he won international stage fame as the greatest '' Hamlet" of his generation Warner. Bros.   supplied the story, Herman Melvilles; Moby Dick," which became.." The Sea Beast" in film form, and Barry more his supplied screen history with     something that inspires tumultuous   enthusiasm. His characerisation of Ahab Cooley in this. picture is a Master Picture to be released soon. Laughter and tears are side by side in "'The, Last Laugh," ..a Master Picture due for eaily release, stariinc Eilm Jannings. .Jana ings' .graphic chsiracteriiation of. thed jys, and h as rows-the tragedy and' humanity of an old porter in: an opulent Berlin hotel Is alhuman document so &rue. so viial and so profound; that Ă½his audi encesare held.spellbound. T;he acting .iHself explanatory, not a moment ,of it being obscure. It was Norman Kerry who decided the career. of Itudolph Valiutino, star of," Cobrs," a Master Picture, to! be released at an early date,, cost'rring Nita Naldi in the name .part. ' lialen tino himself suggested that. Kerry, being tirediof business life,-at ack the movies, and hacing met with un expected success t.. as his ~turn to advise Valentino, and though he didn't act on the suggestion at the i omnent, later when business failed, he lnllonei it.tup His first job was an. ext a in Alimony." ,now he. is imnaking, his own pictures under the. Ititz-Carlton banner. . Roy Wilson, who plays the heavy lead in "The Hills of Hate," a Master Picture to be released shortly, was a professional fighter of note   before he entered the movies, and he was discovered by the director when the latter was at the stadium looking for suitable types. He took a great deal of persuading to seriously con sider the proposal that he enter the movies, and at last he consented, with the result that his work in this film surprises himself as well as his audience.