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(From thc Northern Argus.)

Pr.EUno ? Pneumonia.? A rumour has roached town that the above terrible disease has made its appearance among the cattle at Marlborough. It is certain that some fatal disoase has broken out, which is making snd ravages among the herds of tbe squatters in tho above locality, butwhether the malady which is raging lhere is tbe same fatal and insidious scourge which was so severely felt in Now Soulb AVales, is doubtful. To inspect tho diseased cattle nnd ascertain the true nature of the visitation Mr. Jardine, accompanied by Mr. Gregory, tbe veterinary surgeon, has started up to the sceuo of the calamity, and until his return we must bo content to remain in ignorance of tho full extent of the evil, nnd to hope that rumour, Indulging its proverbial proclivities, has exaggerated ; although, wo are sorry to say, that there is too good a foundation for the belief that it has uot spoken falsely. How- ever, it may turn out thero will be nothing lost in the endeavour lo direct public atten- tion to Ihe fatal consequences of tho disease ?its rapid spread, despite tho utmost care, and the singular obstinacy with which it defies tho power of all remedies which havo as yet been ¦ suggested cither for its preven- tion or cure. Tho,fatal effects of pleuro pneumonia in thc neighboring colonios are too fresh in public remembrance to re- quire citation. But wo would bid our friends tho squatters to take .warn- ing by tbe extent of ravngo com- mitted in New South AVales by thiB pastoral curse. Let them think of the devastating speed with which it spread ovor the land, and in its course well nigh de- cimated whole districts. There is still a doubt as to whether the disease which bas appeared nt Marlborough, is really pleuro pneumonia. Wo will hope thnt it is not; but, at the Bumo Hmo, wo know that the cattle are dying hy dozens there from "some cause or other, and- whatever the malady mny be thnt lins attacked them, it cannot be too soon checked. A\re would, therefore, Impress upon the public the necessity of furthering by every moana in their power the carrying out of whatever measures Mr. Jurdiuo may deem requisite. It will not do in n ouse like the present to bo swayed by individual self-interest. People must be pro pared to submit to some personal loss rathor than allow Hie infliction to grow from a private misadventure into a public calamity. Whatever measures may be deemed advi- sable by compotent judges, evon though two or three herds should suffer a wholesale massacre, we would urge compliance to the vory lotter upon our country friends,who, wo hope, are prepared to support nnd endorse nny proceeding our Police Magistrate may

deem most advisable to arrest the disease.

Gold from Peak Dowks.?Wo have just lind thc pleasure of inspecting dO ounces of Peak Downs gold, which is in ibo posses- sion of Messrs. Henriqncs nnd Co., nnd lins been purchased by those enterprising gentle- men from successful diggers lately nirived in town. From that source we learn that lhere, is plenty moro gold where tho abovn came from, as ot ihe present timo over 800 ounces are in tbe hands of the diggers nt Peak Downs, who number about two hun- dred. Tho above nows is, wo consider, amply sufficient to turn our hope respecting the success of tbe Peak Downs gold fields into a certainty, and it ts with unfeigned de- light that wo mnko public such incontro- vertible proof of tho mineral wealth of Northern Queensland. AVe cannot refrain from ndding a word or -to in praise of the energy and spirit displayed by tho Messrs. Honriqucs. Those gentlemen have infused into their 'actions no small portion of Ihe " go-a bend" spirit which proved tho genius of Victorian progress, nud which has raised that'colony to its present proud position in tho commercial world. It is superfluous, howover, to bestow commendation upou speculative and commercial wisdom. Tho Messrs. Henriques will find their best to- ward in tho results of their enterprising

course of action.