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MAT I.?'Wlllinnis, strainer. 240 tens, Captain Coote, from Sydney the 28t.h ultimo. Passengers ?Messrs. Jones, Uruiidell, Jackson,and one in tho steerage. .

Mny 2.?Clnrence, steamer, 400 tons, Cnptiini Cottier, from tho Northern Ports. Passengers? Mr. and Mrs. .Pigott and throe children; Miss Boyeo, Miss M'Kewin; Misses North (2)-'Miss Murray, Miss Water; JMrs. Croaker, Mrs. Pater- son, Mrs. and Miss Grnhnm, M"rs. mid Miss Clark, Messrs. J. C. Binstead, J. il. Llewellen, Ross, E. Gregory, J. Newbold, Clewitt, M'Fee, M'Donnld, J. Haynes, 13. P. Livermore, Vf. 3. Anderson. Murray, Jeffrey, J. P. B. Ramsay, E. Nnsmyth, H. Rochuld. J. Poss, Vf. Bartholeinew, Vf. Mae quccn, and 50 in the steerage. .

May 1.?Melanie, schooner, 136 tons, Captain Ijingmuir, from Sydney the 21st ultimo. H.

Towns nnd Co , agents.


Williams: 16 cases fruit, J. Brown; 1 trunk boots, 1 bale leather, R. Bailey ; 1 ease, Cribb mid Foote ¦, 20 bags flour. Euston "ami Robertson ; 2S4 gunnies sugar, E. B. Forrest; 1 case cabbage- tree lints, J. and G. Harris; 2 cases 1 truss, 2 2 bales woolpacks, lbalo paper, llendren ; 50 hags flour, Hassell and Ogg; 1 case drapery, Mrs. Harvey; 2 bundles scythes, 1 bundle handles, 1 case, T. H. Jones and Co.; 6 quarter-casks wine, 1 butt, C. Kummera* mid Co.; 2 casks tar, 4 kogs nails, 24 shasli-weight*?, 1 bundlo, shovels, J. Markwell ; 1 parcel, G. B. Mason; 1 parcel, R. C. Masters; 2 cases, C. Newton Brothers and Co. ; 60 hairs po'ntoes, Order; 5 cases sardines, 25 cases pickles. 10 bigs rico, 10 barrels currants, 5 chests 23 half-chests 8 quarter-chests tea, 14 mats sugar, 2 cases salad oil, 4 hogsheads rum, 5 cases stilt, 1 bale bags, 2 quarter-casks sherry, 1 bale limes, 1 case, 1 enso cocoa, R. Oliver; I parcel, T. P. Pugh; 2 casks tar, Perry Brothers; 1 case hats, Seises, ll. JL Reeve; 10 bags flour, E. W. Robin-on : 1 parcel, Stewart and nemmciit; 1 pneknffe harness, 1 cart, Vf. li. Tooth ; 50 bags dour. Wienholt, Walker, ami Co.; 5 hags polhtrd, T. Unmnck; 5 packages, Birley, Cocks, and Co.

Tho Telegraph will leave for Sydney at 6 p.m.

this dav.

Tho Williams left Sydney Heads at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the 28tb ultimo. Passed Smoky Cape nt 5 p.m. on Wednesday, nnd Cape Byron nt 9 a.m. the following day. On Thursd iy, nt 8.30 p.m. she rounded Cape Moreton, and anchored ut the bar nt 11.30 p.m. Crossed the bur nfc 6.30, and made fast nloiieside the A. S. N. Com- pany's wharf nt 8 a.m. yesterday. Experienced light variable winds, and a smooth" sea throughout the passage. The Yarra Yarra, bound south, was passed olf Growly Head nt 10 a.m. on Wednesday, nnd the Urara at ll a.m. on Thursday. The Queensland goinsr out, was passe 1 off the Pilot

Station, Moreton Island.

The Clarence left Rockhampton at 6.30 a.m. on Wednesday last, and arrived nfc Gladstone at 5 p.m. on that day. At 6.30 p.m. started for Mary- borough, and reached that port on Friday at'5 a.m. Resumed her pnssase nt 6 30 a.m. same day, and came alongside the Brisbane wharf nt 1 a.m. this day. 'Throughout the passage she ex- perienced fresh S.E. winds. Captain Cottier re- ports the arrival of the Balclutha, in company with tlie Clarence, on Monday, the 27th ultimo.' The. Eagle left Rockhampton for Port Denison on Tttesdny, the 2Sth, The Boomeramr, steamer was passed otT Curtis Island, on Wednesday, and Sporting Lass, from Rockhampton to Maryborough, in Hervey's liav, on Thursday morning. Tho Almeda, brigantine, for Sydney, laden lrt'flt timber, wns dropping down the Mary river nt the time of the Clarence's de pnrture. The Queensland, steamer, wai passed by the Clarence near the Fairway buoy, in Wide Riv at 8-30 a. m. on Friday, nnd nt 5' p.m. sam" -*--? the Prairie, brie, from Rneklia-**-'

The schooner Eliza.**-' '¦ ? t0 s,:,-j^*> Bookham!.*-- --<*%* takitU In ball* "lit

6 ^£ SS fi? W * to gffl-SSTi. 2*°-"* CoUr.Trh,^

^TteDunfdin barque,"; Civr.tnin Dyson sailed from Lytton yesterday. Ste i» hound for* ew castle to load with coal fur Melbourne or

The' Williams fer Maryborough, will leave nt ?There are now two lighters taking cargo ont of the Everton. The hull will be towed up to Bris- bane bv the Premier, in n day or two.

The "Bremer brought down 87 bales of pressed wool from Ipswich yesterday. The whole quantity ia Tor shipment by the Flying Cloud.

Another of those numerous cases of desertion from newly arrived vessels occurred on Thursday last. Six men belonging to the Warren Hastings effected their escape in one or tho ship's boati on that dav, and hive not since been heard of. Inspec- tor M'Donnld is in scrnch of the runaways.

The Bard's Legacy, schooner, Captain Cooney, sailed fo* Sydney on tho 23th ult., for Brisbane, with 360 bu-dnds maize, 10 tons flour, 2 tons limn, 13 ton hay, and 230 spokes.

The Antagonist shipped thirty-five horses yes- terday afternoon, for the Indiini market. She will probably sail for Calcutta to-dny. It is worthy of remark'that this vessel has been fitted with one of Dr. Normanby's condensers, to supply the stock with water during tho passage. We hope that the enterprise tims initiated by Towns and Co., mav be rewnrded with success.

?\t dato of Inst advices there were no vessels loading in Sydney for Brisbane; but for Rock- hampton the" schooner Colonist, was to have im-

mediate despatch.

Steamer for Ipswich.?The Brisbane will leave the A.S.N. Co.'s wharf, this dav, nt 8*30 a.m.