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Brisbane and Casino.

Leave Brisbane, Tuosday, B a.m., via Jimuoom

ba, Mundoolun, Nindooinbah, and Beau Desert; arrive ut Casino every Thursday 1 p.m.. Leave Casino, Friday 8 a.m., mid proceeded by tho sinnc route, arrive at Brisbane every Sunday nt 0 p.m.

Brisbane and Cleveland.

Leave Brisbane every Mowley at 1 p.m., and arrive at Cleveland same day at 5 p.m. Leave Cleveland every Tuesday at 2 p.m., and arrive nt Brisbane same day nt 6 p.m.

Brisbane and Moggill.

Leave Moggill every Saturday at G a.m., and arrive ut Brisbane ut 10 a.m. Leave Brisbane same day at 1 p.m., and arrive nt Moggill at

5 p.m.

Brisbane and Ipswich.

Leave Brisbane every day (Sunday excepted) nt 0 a.m. und 1 p.m., arriving atOxlev 7*20 a.m. and 2-20 p.m. j at Woogooroo 8 a.m. 'and 330 p.m., and nt Ipswich 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Leave Ipswich every day (Sunday excepted) at fl a.m. and 2 p.m., m-riving nt Woogooroo 730 a.m. and 3-30 p.m. j nt Oxley Creek 8-15 a.m. and 4-50 p.m., and at Brisbane IO a.m. and 0 p.m.

Irswicii, Toowoomba, and Drayton.

Leave Ipswich every Monday, Wednesday, mid Friday, at 4 a.m. via Seven-mile Creek and Laid- ley, and arrive at Toowoomba at 5 p.m., and Dray- ton 6 p.m., same days. Leave Drayton 4 a.m. and Toowoomba 5 a.m., every Tuosday, 'l'lnirday, and Saturday, by same route; arrive at Ipswich SiimodaysiitSp.m.

Toowoomba, Drayton, and Dalby.

Leave Toowoomba every Thursday .'nnd Sunday nt G a.m., and Drayton 7, and arrive ul Dalby same days at C p.m. Leave Dalby every Wednesday and Saturday ut G a.m., and ui-rivo nt Drayton simm days nt 5 p.m., and Toowoomba

G p.m.

? Dalby and Condamine.

Leave Dalby every Friday 8 a.m., via Daandine and Warra, mid in-rivo nt Chinchilla 8 p.m. Leave Chinchilla, Saturday G a.m., viuAVonibo, arrive at Condnniliio 4 Lcuvo Condamine every Monday nt noon, and proceeding by the same route, arrive at Chinchilla at 8 p.m., and Dalby, Tuesday 8 p.m.

* During Hocus Ibis mall to proceed via Daandine anil Wombo, crossing thc Condamiuo at Grcoubauk only.

Condamine and Taroom.

, Leave Condamine every Sunday 0, via Tieryboo, SValian, Jnandah, Boehedule, and arrive at Taroom Monday 6 p.m. Leave Taroom Friday nt 0 a.m., and proceeding by the same route, arrive at Condamine Saturday G p.m.

Taroom and Rockhampton.

Lcuyo Taroom every alternate Tuesday nt G a.m., via Cockatoo ; arrive nt Cracow G p.m. Leave Cracow Wednesday G a.m., via Camboon j arrive nt Walloon 6 p.m. Leave Walloon Thurs- day 6 a.m., vin Kianga; arrive ut Banana 2 p.m. and Binnies G p.m. Leave ltnnncs Friday G,, via j arrive at Westwood 6 p.m. Leave Westwood Saturday G a.m., and arrive nt Boult liainptoii 4 p.m. Leave Bockhnnipton eveiy alternate Tuesday 10 a.m., and arrive at West- wood G p.m. Leavo Westwood Wednesday G a.m. via Guliungnl; arrive ut Burnies G p.m. Leave Baillies Thursday G a.m.; arrive at Banana 2 p.m. and 'Chinga G p.m. Leave Kianga Friday G a.m., via Walloon -, arrive at Camboon G p.m. Leavo Camboon Saturday 6 o.m., via Cracow; arrive at Cockatoo G p.m. Leavo Cockatoo Sunduy G a.m.,

and arrive ut Taroom 2 p.m.

Taroom and Bungeworgorai.

Leavo Taroom every altei nate Tuesday at G a.m. via Kinnoul, Burombah, Coogarry, Burroondali, Mount Button, Myall Downs, Bawler's, Bassett's, aud arrive al Bungeworgorai, Thursday ut 4 p.m. Leave Bungeworgorai every alternate Tuesday nt noon, and proceeding by the same route, arrive ut Taroom, Thursday ut S p.m.

It-swicu and Warwick.

Leave Ipswich every Monday at 10-30 ami., and Thursday nt 1 p.m., via Flinders' l'euk, Fassifern, Clinton's (on Main Bange) .Maryvale, Glengallan, nnd arrive ut Warwick every Tuesday at noun, ami Friday ut 4 p.m. Leavo Warwick evory Wednes- day nt G a.m., and Saturday at noon, returning by the sante route, arrive at Ipswich on Thursday ut 8 and Sunday ut 2 p.m. >

Toowoomba, Drayton, Warwick, and Maryland.

Leave ToiAVJomba 4, nnd Drayton 5 a.m. on Thursday, via Baton Vale, Bilton, Allora, and ar- rive ut Warwick at 3 p.m. Leave Warwick -I p.m. and arrive at Murylund, Friday 10 a.m. Leave Maryland, .Monday 8 a.m., and arrive nt Warwick 2 p.m. Leave Warwick 3 p.m., and proceeding by the same route, arrive ut Allora 0 p.m. sanid day, and ut Drayton 4 p.m., nnd Toowoomba 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

t Ipswich and Nanango.

Leavo Ipswich, Wednesday 0 u.m., via Wiven- hoe, Mount Brisbane, Cressbrook, Colinton,'To romeo, and arrive at .Nanango Friday at noon. Leave Nanango, Saturday G, and proceeding by same route, arrive nt ipswich, Sunday 8 p.m.

t lu tlmu ol' tlooil tho liriabunu Uiver in nut lo hu crushed where it eau bo avoided.

Toowoomba, Drayton, Leyburn, and Goondi-


Leave Toowoomba ut 4 a.m., and Drayton 5 a.m., every Thursday; and arrive at Leyburn noon same day, mid at Goondiwindi 2 p.m. Satur- day. Leave Goondiwindi every Alonduy G a.m., and arrive nt Leyburn Tuesday, G p.m. Leave Leyburn on Wednesday at 4, and arrive nt Drayton o p.m., and ut Toowoomba G p.m. saino


I Warwick and Leyburn.

? Leavo Warwick every Thursday at 4 a.m., viii Toolburra utid Talgai; arrive ut Leyburn at noon. Leave Leyburn every Wednesday at 4 a.m., mid returning by same route, arrive ut Warwick at


Toowoomba, Drayton, and Nanango.

Leave 'Toowoomba every Thursday ut G a.m., and Drayton 7 a.m., via Tarong; arrive nt Na- nango, Friday at noon. Lemo Nanango overt Tuesday 3 p.m., returniiij by same route, arrive ut Drayton o p.m., und Toowoomba, Wednesday,

G p.m.

Condamine and Bungeworgorai.

Leave Condamine every Sunduy nt 8 a.m., via Dulacca, Bendemere, Wallumbilla and Blythe-' dale; urrivo at Bungeworgorai, Tuesday ll tun. Leave Condamine every Thursday 5 p.m., and returning by the sninc route, arrive at Bunge- worgorai, Saturday, 0 p.m.

Condamine and Surat.

Leavo Condamine every Sunday at G a.m., via Alderton, Warkon, Combarngo, "Xooroondou, mid arrive at Surat, Monday S p.m. Leave Surat every Friday G a.m., and returning by the same route, urrlvu ut Condamine every Saturday 8 p m.

Surat and Varawa.

Leave Surat every iiltcriinto Tuesday at noon, via Bombah ; arrive ut Nitidigunlly, Friday, and ut Vurawu, Saturday at noun. Leu ve Varawa every alternate Sunday at noon, and arrive at NinUigunlly, Monday, and at Surat, Thursday



Leave Bel rent every altui-iiate Sunday, and pro- ceeding vin Southwood, Couiucrltli, Toolbar, Bul iendine, arrive at Nindigtially on the Balonne Uiver on Thursday. Leave Nindigually every alternate Tuesday G a.m., or alter thu arrival ol' Varawa mail, and returning by the same route,

arrive at Betroat on Saturday.

Dalby, iu'treat, and Goondiwindi.

Leave Dalby everv Friday at G a.m., proceeding via St. lilith's, Cecil Plains, Western Cr, uk, Dun- more, mid Junction, arrive at Kcti-eub, Saturday, and Goondiwindi, Sunday, U p.m. heave Goondi- windi every Tuesday ut B, und reluming by the same route, arrive ut Betroat and at Dalby every Thursday 8 p.m.

Dalby and Auburn.

Leave Dalby every Friday at G a.m., proceeding vin Jimbour, llurrundowiin, noondoonia ami Cadarga, arrive at Auburn every Sunday ut noon. Leave Auburn, Sunday ut 1 p.m., ami returning by the sante route, arrive ut Dalby every Tuesday

8 p.m.

Gayndah and Nanango.

Leave Nanango every Friday 2 p.m., proceed- ing via Barambah, Boonara, Boombyjan, anil Bun Bau ; arrive at Gayndah every Saturday at 8 p.m. Leave Gayndah every .Monday nt G a.m., return- ing same route, arrive ut Nanango, Tuosday ut


Gayndah and banana.

Leavo Gayndah every Monday G a.m., vin Dal- gangal, Bawbelle, Cattlo Station, nnd liol uga 1; urrivo at Banana, Wednesday G p.m. U-avo Banana, Thursday, after the arrival ol' tho liock huinpton mall, und returning by same route, arrive at Gayndah, Sunday ut noon.

Gayndah, Auburn, and Taroom.

Leave Gayndah, Monday G a.m., and arrive at Coonambula. U-ave Coonambula, Tuesday ti a.m., via Dykehead ami Yen-ilia ; arrive nt Hawkwood. Leave Hawkwood, Wednesday, anil arrive at Auburn IO a.m., ami Bungaban G p.m. Leave Btingubau, Thursday at 5 a.m., and arrive at Taroom IO a.m. Leave* Taroom, Thursday ut noun, und returning by the same stages, arrive at Gayndah Sunday ul 2'p.ui.

Gayndah and Mauyhouougii.

I. save Gayndah, Monday and Thursday at V, a.m., arrive ut Degilbo at f p.m. same days, und at Maryborough, Tuesday uml Friday 2 p.m. Leave Maryborough, .Monday ul noo.-i, und arrive ut Degilbo, Tuesday at 1 p.m., uni: Gayndah ti p.m. Leave .Maryborough, Thursday at noun (or ul'liM* arrival ol' midi steamer); arrive at Degilbo, Friday 1 p.m. and Gayndah ti p.m.

Oay.sua'h and Waua.

Leave Gayndah everv Mondav, G a.m. vin

Jenda mid Tviiiiingeting'; arrive ut Wallu, Tuen-1

day noon. Leave Wulla every Wednesday (i, and returning by sallie' route, arrive ut Gayndah, Thursday 0 p.m.

Maryborough and Gladstone.

Leave Maryborough every Thursday, 6 a.m., arriving at Wulla same dav, 0 p.m. i Warroo, Friday j Rodd's liny, Saturday; and arrive nt Gladstone, Sunday, 10, Leave Gladstone, Sunday, 2 p.m., mid returning .same route, nrrivo nt AValla, Tuesday 0 p.m., mid Maryborough '¦? Wednesday.

Gladstone and Rockiiaiiiton.

Leavo Rockhampton every alternate Wednes- day G a.m., via Atherton ; urrivo at llaglau 0 p.m. Leave llaglau, Thursday, vin Mount Lar- combe, Calliope ; arrive at Gladstone sollie day. Leave Gladstone, Friday G a.m. (or after the arrival of the mail steamer)[ nnd returning by same route, arrive at Rockhampton, Saturday 5


Rockhampton, Yaamba, ano Marlborough.

Leave Rockhampton every Monday IO a.m. j arrive nt Yaamba G p.m. ]*,euve Yaamba G a.m. Tuesday, via Princhester, arrive nt A lari borough at 6 p.m. Leavo Marlborough every Wednesday nt 8 a.m., and arrive nt Yaamba 8 p.m. Leave Yaamba 8 o.m., and arrive at Hockhauipton 4 p.m. Thursday.

marlbonouoh, and creek (peak


Leave Marlborough every alternate Wednesday, 8 a.m., anti proceeding vin Apis Creel;, Columbia. Hoper's Creek, Girah, lidcombe, anti Police Bar- racks, arrive nt Theresa Crock, Sunday, 4 p.m. Leave Theresa Creek every alternate Friday, G a.m., and, returning by the same route, arrive nt Marlborough (in time for lioekhninpton mail) Tuesday, G p.m.

Marlborough And Fort Coowr.

Leave Marlborough every iilleniiilo Wednes- day 6 a.m., vin Tooloombn, Waverley, mid Colla- roy j arrive at Fort Cooper, Sunday 4 p.m. Leavo Fort Cooper every alternate Thursday fi a.m., mid returning by annie route, arrive at Marlborough,

Monday 6 p.m.

Westwood and Nulalbin.

Lenvc Westwood every alternate Wednesday nt 0, anti arrive nt Jlio. Leave llio" (i a.m. Thursday, via .Uoxhurgh, and arrive ut Nulalbin G p.m. Lnnve Nulalbin every alternate Thursday G, returning by same route, arrive nt West- wood, Friday, G p.m.


Leave Nimiilliin every alternate Friday ff a.m., mid arrive nt Dutton'.-.. Leave Dutton's C a.m. Saturday, via Cameron's, and nrrivo at Albinia Downs. Leave Albinia G a.m. Sunday, via Orion Downs, untl arrive ul Ituimrorlh G p.m. Leave Jlaimvortli every alternate Monday G, and returning by sumo route, arrive nt Nulalbin, Wed-

nesday 6 o.m.