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Royal Miiitary College. ANNUAL SPURTS. Trt. Commandant and Staff of the Royal Military Colle?ge, Duntroon, gave an At Hormie " on Saturday afternoon last wheni the second annual sports of t he Co'leg we?e c brouight to a successful conclusiou. Tbc weather was fine aud the cool westclly ind that was blow ing1 in no wire detracted frnom the en jI ymcnt of the proceedings. The pre liminarty heats had been disposed of duoling the afternoon of the past two neeks and the programme therefore coumprised only the finals which er Ianeed the interest attaching to the various events. The prizes were iu all instances tr ophies and were displayed in a tent adjacent to the sports arena. They were of a diversified character yet all were calculated to please those who should be the fortunate recipients. l'Poutinent amtongst the prizes were the lo-inch silver Hoomerang in its neat glass case, which the College staff has provided to be held each year by the winner of the College Championship, who also receives a minature replica of the trophy; and a silver cup for the team winning the tug of war. This cup is substantial in design and stands some six inches high from a wooden plinth, where on silver plates will bear the names of the winning teams. The championship this year was easily secured by N. Clowes, last year's runner up, and R. Donald, last year's winner, being second. Afternoon tea was served from tents erected on the ground, and the dainty edibles and excellent service was greatly appreciated by the guests. The prizes were presented to the winners by Mrs. Bridges at the con clusion of the sports. Following are the results: 100 Yards Handicap.- J. Chapman 1, Opie 2, Christie 3. Time, 10 15esec. 100 Yards Championship. - N. Oiowes 1, Donald 2, Kennedy 3. Time 10 1-5seos. 220 Yards Handicap.-Christie 1, Opie 2, Kennedy 3. Time 24secs. Broad Jump.-N. Clowes I, Donald 2, Jennings 3. Distance, 20ft. 4in." 120 Yards Hurdle Handicap.-Dale 1, C. A. Clowes 2, Ldpsoombe 3. Time 2lseos. High Jump.-N. Clowes 1, Dunlop 2, Steele 3. Height, 5t 8in. 440 Yards Handioap.-Thorne 1, Elliott 2, Steele 3. Time, 55 1.5secs. Three-Legged Race.-McCall & Boyle 1, Caldwell-Smith d Wilton 2, Forbes & Broadbent 3. 440 Yards Championship.-N. Clowes 1, Jennings 2, Kennedy 3. Time, 5iiecs. Obstacle Race.--Hxtable 1, Wilton 2, Follarlon 3. 120 Yards Hurdles Championship. N. Clowes 1, Donald 2, Dunlop 3. Time 18 1.Sseos. Half-Mile Handicap. -Biden 1, Broadbent 2, Goodwin 38. Time, 2miu. 16 3-5 sees. Novelty Event (teams. - Bryan, Haardy, C. A. Clowes, and Boyle 1. Tug,of War.-4th Class team beat 3rd Class. One Mile Cbampionshabip.-S;mith 1, Biden 2, Jennings 3. Time, 5mi,n. 32secs. Consolation Race.-Schrader 1, Gepp 2, Anderson 3. Time, 37 1.5secs. Dis tance, 220 yards.