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VELURE. Some time ago we had occasion to draw attention to the excellent qualities of "Velure" paint, an advertisement for which appears in another column. Since that date the local agent has been much en couraged by the inquiries received and the interest evoked as a result of that article. Further evidences are 'now to hand which add to the volume of voluntary testimony in favour .of this remarkable paint. There is an organisation in London, called by the imposing title' " In corporated Institute of Hygiene," which is about as close a corporation as could well be imagined. This institute, however, awarded its coveted certificate to Velure paint as complying with its stringent demands from the points of view' suggested by the Institute's 'title. We also pointed out that hospitals which were managed mainly by keen business men whose first ob ject was effective, economical work ing, were using Velure almost ex clusively, the reason being that to its superior qualities as paint is added 'a high sanitary' value, which enabled it to earn the certificate above referred to, and which the pub lic would do well to more generally appreciate. Its lasting qualities, and its beautiful finish are among its chief characteristics, and those who have studied the relative values of paints and have seen Velure well laid on, have been loud in its praises and unqualified in their approval. The agent, Mr.. Chas. B. Parker, desires us to state that he .will be pleased any information, either by correspondence, literature or. personal interview, in stibstantia tion of the claims made by this truly wonderful Velure paint.