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OK'the fourth page -of-to-day's issue will be

fouad all onr Commercial News.

YEBTEBDAT morning at the Fremantle Police Court,'Mary Lynch was sent to prison for three month« for vagrancy.

VEBTBBDAT, the English maila left Albany by the 8*30 train for Perth, and will conse- quently be delivered in Perth this afternoon.

MAILS for the Australian colonias for des- patch per railway to Albany and thense by contraot steamer, will close at the G.P.O., Perth, on Tuesday, 5th intt.

MB. TBATLEN'B lecture at Fremantle, on his journey from Albany to .London, baa barn unavoidably postponed to Monday evening


MAILS for Dongarra and Geraldton, will be mads up at the G.P.O. OB Wednesday, the Cth inst. at 2 p.m., for transmission by the s.S. Rob Roy.

UNDELIVERED telegrama an now lying at the Central Telegraph Office, addressed to : A. Hill, from Albany; W. Dawson, from Uralla, N.S.W.; and H. Lloyd, from Vittoria.

il C i i «le«

MAILS for the United Kingdom, and the Continent of Europe for despatch per rail* way to Albany, thence per contract steamer, will elote at the G.P.O., Perth, on the 7th ia»*- '.. *\

As showing the possibilities of the postal service between the Eastern Colonies and Western Auttnlia, it may be worthy of men- tion that the Adelaide Obtener of July 26th, waa delivered in Perth on the afternoon of Jaly Slat. '

THE business of Messrs. Geo. Roby Woods A Co. has been taken over by Maur«. WaUon A Co. of Perth, and Mr. Roby Wood« having joined the latter firm, it will for the future ' be carried OB under his management, tend under the name of Roby Woods, Wateoa «


A RUMOUR was circulated in Fremantle, yesterday, that the Mikado, lugger, which sailed from Fremantle several weeba ago, had been fonnd dismasted off one of the

adjaoent islands. The barbour authorities state that they have received no information of such discovery.

A TELEGRAM from our Melbourne corra spdndedt, in another ooldmn, mentions iban the 1871 Port Darwin cable waa fettered by the repairing steamer Sherard Osborne oat Wednesday evening, and that the Roebuck Bay cable will probably be restored on Friday.

A NOTICE baa been posted at the G.P.O. Perth, to the elf eet that the R.M.S Oruba ia expeased to arrive at King George'« Sound on the 7th inst, three days id advanoe of contrait time. Mails for the Australian oolenies, will conse- quently clase at the G P.O. at 11.30 a-m. ea Tuesday, Sth inst, in lieu ef the following Friday._ AT a parade of the Perth Artillery ,Volun toers, on Thursday evening last, -37 rank and file and 2 offioen were prêtent, oat of aa established «trength of 89 mea and 3 .officers. We hear also that the Army Sigaalling Sqaad, under -the' direction of Lieut.' Hobbs, ; ia making good progreta and that the corpa generally i« in a very-efficient condition. .

> ? t.T .-I ?< '

UNCDAiMED^ettera are'lying at the General Post Office addressed to Frank BlaetfJ'Miaa Connelly, -W Crook, Mm S Connolly.ïT Donohue, - Edgar, 'WEasbaett, MM FeUd. N Losbad, J Morrison, N M«lo*\'-B G Murray, D Milu», -O'Kenyora, John Nixon)

- Pascoe, A Stribbing, Mn G Simpson, Mn , Jane Smith, C C Stewart (2), A L Tow", Robt ; Woodcock, BCD Williams, Mra W Wilkies, M Webber, Aania Williami.

THBBB ia little newa-to report in «lection mattera. It ia understood that Mr. 8. Burt will be pat forward by bit friends for the Ashburton district, while it ia «tee believed that Mr. W. Paterson will stand for tho Mnrray. A good deal of uncertainty pre- vails with regard to aoma ef the pastoral dit trióte, bnt no donbt aomatbing ,will bo beard about them in the conree of another week. - .

THE Customs roceipta for the month ended' July 25 have been issued. The receipts for? Fremantle wen 49888 6» lid, at against' 49,8050s lOd for the preoediag month, a». inorease for July of 483 6s Id. The receipt«1 at the outporte were 43852 11s Cd, a« agaiaat;' 44,914 13s 3d for the preceding month, a deorease for July! of |41062 la 9d. Tho principal decreases at the outporte wets Albany 4503 6s 7d, Vasse 4140 12s Id,

Champion Bay 4107 18a 2d, and Cossack*

4284 9s 8d.

WE understand that with a view of expediting the construction of the Midland Railway, au '

early cargo of rails will be forwarded by , direct steamer. The rails antobe thippèd on the 16th of the present moath, and «bauld, therefore, arrive in the colony at the olote of September. Had they some by Bailing abip they wontd probably have been a couple of . montbi later. Thi« will materially help aa early »tarting of the works. It ia understood ' that the «hip In wUdi U>v wiU be Uouahfr'

out will be the a.s. Nairnähir*.

AT the Perth Police Court, yesterday. Thomas Seale waa charged with being draak in Wellington-street, on the Slat alt, aad waa ' also eharged with vagrancy. Prisoner bad' previously been oonvioted of drunkenness, and was tent to prison for 21 days on tke first charge, and one month'« imprisonment on the second. Thomas Blaine, who deaorib« ed himself at a school-teacher, waa eharged with drunkenness in James-straet, on > the 1st

inst Thi* was his first »Hence and be waa , diaoharged. Lot Leather waa eharged with permitting persons of bad ebaraotor OB hie licensed premises. Mr. R. S. Haynes defend- ed. The cate was adjourned till Monday, aa the constable could net prodnee the defea dant'a lioente. '

SOXBTHINO should be done without delay with regard to the Law Library, which ia now honied beaeath the rocf of the SupnaHT Court. It will be remembered that when the.

Law and Parliamentary Library waa broken') ¡up the legal books were transferred to tba Supreme Court. ?* But beyond the placing them on ' «helves,' nothing appears to have

been dont. No secretary or librarian hea¿ been appointed, aome of the booka which have baan borrowed from the'old library" have never been renamed, th«ra.ia no one to take note of any books which may be carried , away, and no book in wbieb to eater the names ef the borrower, while finally than ia" no index to gnide a reader. In short, tait' valuable collection ia in both a comparatively < useless and a hazardous condition. '

WITH regard to a paragraph in yesterday's issne, relative to a bnndnd labourera leiag telegraphed for to Melbourne, we ara aakeel to state that it it nat Mr. Keane who baa ordered the men, bat the contractors, Metan. Neil NeNeil A Co. We are alto desired t» mention that then it employment for .any number of good men at aeven «hilling« a day at the Waterworks. The men who have left, ar?. we understand, dissatisfied at reoeirjng »nly that sum, wbioh is stated to be tho" wages given for the same kind of work at> Melbourne A few hands, however, receive higher pay for certain skilled work, and for which they had to be specially imported, and it is alleged that the grievance ia that the «arno wagos aro not given to the unskilled tis to the skilled. * > \

TRB Fremantle Milling Compiny have re coived their new roller mill machinery by the Elderglte, and it is now being fitted as rapidly as possible on the premises in Fremantle. On the first floor there will be ten pain of rollen erected and one centrifugal, while onihO> floor above there will be two diamond part*. fiers, a set of three patent seive purifiers,, three centrifugals, and a complete set of patent rotarte«, six machines in all. In addi- tion to the above, there is a new set ef wheat cleaners of first-class qaality, while the mate- rial is conveyed to and fro by ten seta of elevators. On the upper floor thara ia alco'a large silk reel for dressing. The machinery is being ereoted under the superintendence of Mr. J. Turton, and will be in foil working

order in the course of a few weeka, when the., proprietors hope to torn out aa good flour aa:' any made in the Australasian colonies or the -, home mills. The warehouses of the mill an ' stocked with wheat, awaiting grinding by the r

roller process.

ACCORDING to the official meteorological* report for the 24 hours preceding 0 *.m,r yesterday, rain fell at the undermentioned observing stations to the extent specified :_ Carnarvon, .09; Hamelin Poel, -48; Don garra, -04; Greeneugh, .03: Bramer Bay, .01 ; Israelite Bay, -01 ; and Eyre, -12. jThe weather wa« overcast at Carnarvon, Carna- mah, New Norcia, Newcastle, Northam, and Guildford ; rain fell heavily at Hamelin Pool, and threatened at Geraldton, York, Perth, Fremantle, and Bnnbnry ; cloudy at Don-

garra, Berkshire, Gingin;-Tliijarrati-Jiair. - durah, Vasse, Isralite Bay, and Eyre; fine but cloudy at Greenough ; frosty-»- at Bridgetown ; and generally fine ,* at all _ other observing stations. The maximum temperature in the shade1 was. Derby, 87 ; Cossack, 75 ; Ashburton, 74 ; Carnarvon, 79 ; Geraldton, 69 ; York, 61 ; Perth, 66 ; Fremantle, 64 j Bnnbnry. 62; Albany, 55; Esperance Bay, 19. Inter-

colonial reports : Adelaide, 57 ( 55), aloudy . Melbourne, 59 (-15), overcast; Sydney. 55 022), fine and clear; Brisbane (03), Over.

cast. -. -

?THE land aale» held in the Crown Land» Omeo, yesterday morning, won very auooess ful indeed, The blddingSras, in most case», extremely brisk, and, as will be seen from tb» particulars given below, in a huge number of esses, the pripea.realiaed wera a considerable advanee upon the upset price. This was .specially notioeeble wita the Melville and Bnohl«nd Hill land which in several instanoes fetched mon than double the reserve. The following an the particulars -Buckland Bxll (»peet 410 per acra)-No. 6, la 3r 24p, 421 par acre. MelnUe (upset 410 per acre) N«. 74,2a 2r 32p, 417 per »ore ; No. 81,1» Sr 37p,i421 per acre; No. 98, 2a Or 21p, X14 par non ; No. 99, la Sr 20p, 421 per acre ; No: 75,2a lr, 427 per acre. Perth Suburban (.peat 410 par acre)-No. 317, Sa 2r 12p; No. 293,3 aerea ; No. 29«, 3a Or Sp ; No. 298, 5a If 4p; No. 299, 7a Or 4p; No. 300, 6 .acree j Ño" ¿[01, 6 acres {-all fesoheó\the np «et pria». Gresnniount Süíuroan-No 100, J7n 3r 37p (upset 41 per acre), 42 10s per aera ; No. 148,14a lr 4p (upset 41 per acre, 460 added for improvements),-fetched the upset priée. Southern Croe* (upset 420 eaob) -No. 16, 1 rood; No. 40,1 rood,-fetched

426 each.

yisrroBs to the Poblie Gardens may have Sotioed that a considerable inproremnnt baa

.an effected by the layhig down of path ways and the planting of a large number of additional, flower beds. The work of re arrangement, whioh hu been den» under the raperrhnoa of the head gardener, Mr. D. Feaks, baa been going on during the last twain months, and ia as yet incomplete. Au entirely new pathway haa been made from the pagine honan-along the outer edge of the garden on the north and west side, whioh will when completed, extend to opposite the 8uprems Court on the southside. Anew gravelled walk baa also been made on the east side'of the gardener's hont«, and lead» aaon- directly to the conservatory than the principal «atranca from St. George'a-terraoe. Four curved pacha have abo been out in the large1 > great »lot on «he north aide. With a view to reducing the damage to grass plots by {trespasser», Mr. Feaks intends to plant flower bordera where the precaution 1» con .Mend to ba neoessary. The work premises to add much to the beauty and usefulness of the garden» aa a place of pnblio resort, and it may ba hoped that in time funda will be available for patting a proper ornamental) inB border fono» along the edge ef the walha