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: To thb Bditob.

Sut,-Ai. the matter of. rewards' for the discovery of paysMs ^goldfields is still in abeyaneedn Weetara {Aastralia, on behalf of shs Phoenix Jprospeotiag Company will you kindly'allow' us, to challenge Mr. Michael .Toomey1«'claim 'as 'being' 'entitled to the re*' ward, if any. Thftj facts, aré simply these : I was engaged,by¡,íhe Pheonix Prospecting Company in charge of a party consisting of myseX'Samuel Faulkner« practieal miner, and Michael Toomey, bushman. > i For our servioee wa received paid'up shsree, and a salary, were fitted opt with hones,1 carts, and three months provisions,1 we' ' proceeded to "Golden Valley. After doing a lot of prospecting there we decided to pros- pect the gold belt for forty mile» southwara. We were told by a black boy " Gabbey never die Kookerdine," so we at once set out for Kookérdinc, led by this black boy. Mr. Charles Crossland accompanied us to Kooker- dine, but, to our disappsintmeat when we got there, Hunt's well was dry. Having no water we were obliged to return to Golden Valley that night, by the stars, keeping the Southern Cross to our back. That is the reason I namsd th« place Southern Cross. But whilst at Kookerdin« we

m the .range« some six miles distant. We all agreed that they were1 well worth prospecting as soon'as rain came. I waa obliged to come to" Perth to "register the olaim which we had' taken np "at, Golden Valley. I left instructions before leaving .that if rain carne during my absence, Faulkner and Toomey wera to take the earliest oppon. tunityto go and proapeet those hill«. We saw they did to iu oompaay with Mr. Parry, and that they brought some stone back. We crushed and panned off some of it, and got a fair prospect. I at once "took Mr. Toomey with me, and I placed the pegs, in the ground, measured off the claims, put up the notices for and on behalf of the Phoe- nix Prospecting Company, and at once ap- plied through our Chairman, Mr Jamei Morrison,F for the «ward, if any. A« the Phoenix Prospecting Company has laid out a lot of money, if the reward cernes our way it ia nothing but right that all shareholders

should anare it.

Yours, etc, i


I voaoh for th« above statement sa being

corrects i ' < '» > '«. *

* n. - -, -" s 'S. FAULKNER,

<'< ' ' ' Midland Railway.