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-í- !"?


JdlL'ip-fe- :


"The ordinary monthly meeting of th« Fre- mantle? CaaneUwaa held tost «v«ningr in the Genneil Chamber, Town HalL'tbé Mayor; Mr.

E. Soíc^órTi^tn thé^/. J < 'A ' 1

The foltowiiÄ-juambei^j^

Crs. 3aaw«, j; P«arto7^áal*y,,W. Johns, S.?ean«,j«Bl>t.JonfB.L "<\/t > } "

HONBTABT DimotrJX.tix8.r , |

The; MATOB, paid ihatf3tbp. lj$k mattor

;woul,d'bath«>aoopiroti,.but beforesjsjimittttf th«mha(woniaajB%.taeooane11lo^«topaaatii«m with the ressrvation that they boinia? over

until the Council has more funds in hand! At - présent tae'overdraf t was ever the «um they had a right to get, and bp did not think it waa adviss»lelto «farther until they get in more money. The aeoonnts might be passed,

and h«iba^«asn,4heoo)lent»r,, who said 'that'

before long he would* gee money in, «Bthi« w*«th« fir«tiraeàthof Ihéihalf year.

TheTowW'CLBBK' stated s «hat-to«-; over- draft wiè 49W- les.'«di, and the3 accounts for approval amounted ts 416812s. 2d. on general aoeçant. If these were paid jtwosld; make th«, overdraft 41,125 6s. 8d. ; and the authorised overdraft was 4800.

Cr. SAMSON thought it would be better if the reporters did not report the accounts, as peeple might think that the Council wa«' going to call a meeting of their oreditors. s , r The TOWN CLBBK «aid it waa time the matter'was roportod.'iso tnatr thel' ratepayer« might see.what position, tberrannieipality. wasto." ' ji i^iJ -iixnr*

The MATOR concurred.

Cr. JoHNraaid, that r ¡the difficulty was caused through rates'being colles ted in two instalmeata. > ,\ ¡ ' "} ¡ ;/"

"" Cr. SAMSON «aid that it would be bettor to

pay theíaeeouh£s, ano? against those who did not pay the ftft^to^tofigsfissne an execu-


¡uThe1MATOBr said) that positive instructions had been given to ^ the collector to get the moneyjin.' i J Í \üß '1

Several 'councillor« considered that the


Act and pointed ont that Aoeerdiag. to the- oíanse they could not a« anyrtitee et(>eed akoveriraft of 4800, and acpoiflittf to that«. ,tbey .could not pas« the

.J i. 1.. .X. ¡J J > i toi

. Cr. JOHN: Then w« must adjourn the m«*ti§g'fcv ft weetr, intiliaoney com«« in. *

Cr. SAMSON pointed out that the bill« in kand. were an good asjaonesi

The MATOB: Yes, nntil they are dishon- oured. (Laughter.)

Cr. SAMSON proposed that the accounts be

postponed until Monday night at 7 o'clock. | rThe M£TO».Müa"he*3roupJn^raign any

castro«* until the-sMmey- carne im*

Cr. JOHN seconded the motion.-which waa



r Alstt>r«iáatas^l^from Mr. H. Evan« ra ?igniaf his office, and on th« motion of Or.



ei ox




of sfa




bs be

"vUUBl, BJBjmBU^BUiyjQB?7QBBa?tBa?zVlguAtIUtt* "x wss accepted. ,

iUTh« Snaarfjajcafc/rH. Evans,submitted report :-.


Report on Jipalio works carried out¡ "Or reoommended'duVing the five months, ended' June 30th, 18Mf_by Howard Evans, Town Snrveyor.igrsBBaujja.' ^ " <

New¡^oadá/aya are finished, or in hand, in Essex Lane, Iforfolk Lane, Mouat-street,1 South' ¿-terrace i ^^oôtraet;, ¡' Lukin . road

iff*»**?»*. .^»TOIr^^^f^teSt'«?*/

and also stone, channelling in PackenhSfff. atreet.. x The -, total leagta- of these works is over one mile,_and total coat,-exclusive Of wort) required, arising ont'of, th o alterations in Paokenham-streat-amonnta to £760. ."

A portion of-Mouth Terrace, near the Institute,-nine ohaine in <le¥gtK«£Cjûi been done'by day labour, at á cost of'£46. ( |The width and'crown ara as1 directed hy'the Council. I have recommended that* the road be widened to the kerb on the.East side,oot of the £55 still remaining on the"estimates for thi»part of South Terrace. , ,(]

'New kerbing and. footpaths havebeen.'or are .being, laid in Newman-streetj. Norfolk Lane, Essex Lane, Mouat-strset, Leake-streèt, Cancpament'street, Cantonment Bond} Croka

street»' Henry-street, 'Point Lana,, Beach-J street;'-and Nairn-street.1 Total length over i mile. Tetar>costT8172. ¡

I founftfeve mile« of suburban roads, oom

aenoing at the Girls Government Sohaol^and ' inclcdrng South Terrace, Hampton Street? Hampton Road, Rockingham Road, past Ció ' piggery to.' the* southern ibonndary, and parts1 of South Street and-beyond Marmion Street.,'and also .the 'Perth,Road'from the Health Board's rubbish tip,' through North Fremantle and across the railway to j the' northern"boundary) m7a7vttry,bad condition (the bridge exceptad). After months of work and careful expenditure these roads bave" been made fairly passable: c A .- ?-". , ,

The.ÇerthBosd, at the sand drift, has been made/passable by the., removal Of eighteen months accumulation Of'sand drlfti ' f

The damage to j Marine Terraoe by* j the

great storm has been made good. ,

? A number of grant« in the-sandjärift frea have.bean and are jbeing .fenoall in with1 picket fénoing."" This outlay1 is recoverable.

yaTwomi». bave bewatrained wBAJgreat; oareferthe workj-who have now laid! tar* pavements in Monat StraatandHënry Street, which for durability. Is superior to anything

tatVekin#inthé$ony/< Tficqo ,

The first experimental jarrah block croa- ' ÍDgLhas been laid in .High¡.Street, "apdgOhal langes cntioism as tb^firqf work of Jbf_ kind

in Hie colony^being laid on the London and1 la Melbourneaystem. HUM y/a ..^A j £>iu th

The attentkm-of-the Council baa bean4 tri oalled to the bad ooadition of Marine Terraoe, Pi near the old-Custom House, snd the. only, 'permanent "and JcffioienV remedy3 hai1 been pointed out. *,,, ," T ^»fi TlThe 'trunking in Monat Street baa been* alasradioot, and ¡now runa iqr ,tbe#rse time fbir many years. < Anjirondeoria beinglplaced «verthe sea outlet to keep oat sea .weed. I

a. Stepsarebeingtakento stop'ithaleakage of'rsinia the clock tower,:to Bave tb»0look from being ruined. ' ' "s" ' ¡ '

The main and 'other _roofs of the Town Halt'ara in a deplorable condition. 'To render .thom'permanently water-tight1 w4uld cost at least "-6200"., Temporary remédies were in hand, but are riöw suspended. j

Thi Snparfeot nature of the lightning COB.». ¿nitor, ot the fire alarm arrangements, aad the danger to'life < from the dook weights falling, and the necessary remédies have bean pointed out, and are new in hand. ,

i iThp; attention of ' the Couuoil has been oalled to the fast that the whole of the frojit waKjtnd bay windows of Biok'a Hotel, North Jieuiautle;are an enoroaehmentimthe~publia highwayr^and.unless dealt ¡with the legal rights of the Municipality will be lost.«

-: The 'Building Act-so 'far aa it applies has been administered, and all new buildings have been duly inspected from time to time where nooesaary. 1; '

Specifications have been prepared for Pen- sioner Road East, and for High street from Qaeen Square to Ord street, dealing with the hill at Briggs' school. This formation of High street will necessitate an unexpected outlay, of £80 to £100 ia lowering and re. forming Ord street to the correct level Orel street was formed last year 4 feat above the proper level. i ' ¡ ~

Some hundreds, of loada of rubbish have been removed from the publie thoroughfares, including a large quantity ot sand from Point street. , ¡ ; , ( ,*,,;,< I

The prison party, bave been employed on the, Canning Road, Stirling street, and Hill atreet/and ahjojin removing heavy deposita of drift sand in Lord street, Grey street, and (Mandurah Bond, and also in covering Lord street with sea weed. '. ' ' * \

' The 'Health Offlcor for'Fremantle,1 Dr. J. W. Hope, has confirmed my objection to itho use of road scrapings on the ¡public footpaths which js new discontinued. I , ' The Surveyor's department, so far as cir- cumstances would allow,! has been'placed upon a footing similar in ita arrangements to those of a first Glass Munjoipal ornoo in Eng* land or the other colonies. vi.

, ."'¡'I ' < HOWARD EVANS,

-i ne > formerly Deputy Surveyor Of Salford

(120,000), and Borough Surveyor of BarroW-lB-FUrness (50,000). '

Western Australia.


TO TH« TOWH,SUBVBTOB,FBEKANTI.B. SIB,-Ia reply-to-y our communication of equal date, I beg to state that in my opinion it would be avbad plan to mako footpaths with the sweepings from the roads. '

The chief ,part,'¿í auoh would be^raanure, aad'inVour dry elimata,' rf would be pulverised andrplown,about by the wind, and thereby become a source of danger to health.

I have the honor-to be Sir,

' I'Yoar obedient servant,

(Signed)-JAMES W. HOPE.

' r- JH,<a*h- ft160"'

E With reference to tha1medioal aertifteate Cr. JONES thought it was a pieoe of «resump- tion on the partlof anyone to write to Dr. Hope on- the matter.' I They shouhfimind tbeir own business.' '1 - i <

The MAYOB said it waa a matter for the Health Board to consider. ,

The meeting afterwards adjourned." ' , ' T,/i J ? r j ~. iiiii i-'i