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A slight cross wind was blowing over the Fremantle Oval on Saturday after- noon, when the ball was bounced to com- mence the. first clash between East and

South Fremantle this season. Whatever   the weather the knowledge that these teams are opposing each other is suffi- cient to draw a crowd, but Saturday's match had more to offer. Curiosity re- garding new juniors, the fact that it was the first round of the season, the bril- liant weather, and the knowledge that new rules had been introduced into the game, all helped to make the crowd the large one it was. For the first match of a season, the game was not a bad one, but it was far from being good.   Perhaps it was the new out-of-bounds rule which caused the congestion, but whatever the reason, the players certain- ly packed the ball too much, and a game which might have been fast and open de- veloped to a certain extent into a scram- ble. East Fremantle, who certainly adapted themselves to the new conditions better than their opponents, won com- fortably, and their victory was due to   the fact that they kept their positions better than Souths. Souths were slight- ly superior in the, air but spoiled their   game by attempting too much running, and failed often to convert good chances through this fault. The new out-of- bounds rule, except in a few instances, did not appear to worry the players much, but several penalties were award- ed against hand-passing which was not punching, and it was in connection with this rule that Cassey, who umpired, miss- ed several offences. His exhibition of umpiring was not a bad one, though somewhat inclined to be slow with the whistle. East. Fremantle were skippered by G. Dolan and Souths were led on to the field by G. Tuxford, who was absent from the same last year. The notable absentees in the ranks of the blue and whites were "Nipper" Truscott, R. Mudie, B. Sheedv, and . H. Clark, and Souths were without the services of J. Callow   and. J. Miller. Both teams fielded several new players, who showed good promise, particularly J. Jones (in goals for East Fremantle), J. Calder and. C. Fitzgerald (for South Fremantle). T. Gallager's bag of six goals was the result of heady position play in the forward lines. On the winning side, Jarvis, in the back lines, played a cool and forceful game, and rarely failed to relieve the position if near the ball. He was well supported by Roche, whose marking was very good. Others who played well for the winners were Buchanan (playing both back and in half-forward lines instead of in his   usual, wing position). Parsons (who play- ed well on the wing until injured in the second quarter), Woods (whose kicking was a feature of the game), Curtis, Dolan (marking grandly), and Richards. Souths were best represented by J.Camp- bell (marking and kicking well), Mahon (very solid in back lines). Sunderland (somewhat uncertain when in possession of the ball, but shepherding well), and Edgar and Daly, (good throughout, but particularly so in the first half). Easts played seventeen men in the second half on account of Parsons' straining a muscle in his hip in the second quarter. The teams were:-               East Fremantle: Dolan, Cinoris, Bu-   chanan, Brown, Baird. Curtis, Coffey, Dunne, Gallager, Jennings, Jarvis, Jones,

Lewis, Parsons, Richards, Roche, Ryan, and Woods.             South Fremantle: Tuxford, Sunder- land, Campbell (2), Holmes, Staton, Fuhrmann, Dixon, Sheedy, Mahon, White, Edgar, Giles, Lawn, Fitzgerald, Hughes, Daly and Calder.       Souths were first away from a free to Tuxford, who sent well down, Easts relieved, and Dunne, from a snap, scored the maximum. Following another South   offensive, Easts attacked strongly, but   Mahon saved, and Sunderiand sent to Lawn, who scored a goal. for Souths. Passing from Parsons to Curtis resulted in the third goal of the match being re- gistered. Souths scored two behinds, and then some pretty work between Do- lan and Dunne put Gallager in posses- sion in front, but Mahon again saved.     At the other end, Staton scored a minor, and from the resultant kick-in Campbell booted South's second goal. The scores at the first bell were equal 2.2 all. Jen- nings, who after being awarded a free, matte a clever run, scored the first goal of the second quarter. Woods, in pass- ing to Gallager, made a fine kick, and Gallager rewarded the effort by adding another major. The same player soon   after notched another with a fine punt, and Jennings, just before the bell, scored yet another. In this quarter, Easts were far superior, and the opposing team only scored three points. Scores at the long interval read: East Fremantle, 6.5; South Fremantle. 2.5. After the interval the play, which before was fairly open, be- came more congested. Cinoris missed an easy chance, but, almost immediately received another chance, which he con- verted for a goal. Gallager, who was playing well received from Dunne, and added East's eighth goal. Souths then seemed to liven up, and Edgar, receiving from Hughes, scored a goal with a good kick. A pass from Richards to Woods in front looked dangerous, but the posi- tion was relieved until Cinoris pounced on the ball and sent to Gallager, who scored East's ninth major. Lawn missed   an easy chance of converting, but from the subsequent scrimmage, was reward- ed with a free and scored a goal. Scores at the lemon bell read: East Fremantle, 9.7; South Fremantle, 5.6. Easts took     charge during the last quarter, and added five goals to Souths two. Gallager was responsible for two of these. Woods, after a fine dash down the field, scored the maximum, and Calder and Giles,   after good play, registered majors. Bu- chanan and Curtis kicked East's other goals. The final scores were:- East Fremantle: 14 goals 9 behinds (93 points). South Fremantle: 7 goals 7 behinds (49   points).       The goal-kickers were: East Freman-   tle Gallager (6), Jennings, Curtis and Buchanan (2 each), Dunne and Cinoris. South Fremantle, Calder (2), Lawn (2), Campbell, Giles and Edgar.